Although only a medium sized town, paisley has a growing CBD marketplace. There are estimates that it is currently worth around £1million per year to the town. In fact Paisley accounts for about 60% of the total CBD based market in Renfrewshire as a whole!


We asked the CBD specialists at Reactive Plus to help us build a picture of what kind of an industry this could blossom into for our town and indeed the rest of Scotland. One of the first things we realised is that this is going to get big guys. Our friends at Reactive Plus think that Paisley’s Cannabidiol market will grow in line with the rest of Scotland and the UK’s and will become 5 times bigger by the year 2025. That is astonishing growth considering it has only been legal since around 2018.


What Are People In Paisley Buying?


According to our Reactive Plus sources the two biggest selling CBD Oil based products are Tincture oils and vape E liquids. The reason Tincture oil tops the list is because you can add the oil to anything food or drink wise as well as take it sublingually, under the tongue. Vaping is growing in popularity across the whole of Scotland as people look for alternatives to smoking. CBD E liquids are easy to take when being vaped, hence the popularity. Vaping i usually, it seems, used as a top up for other ways of taking the products, like the tinctures, for example. 


Capsules that contain CBD oil are growing in popularity and they seem to be very popular with the older generation, 60 + age groups. This is due to being very easy to take and be taken alongside any medication or other supplements.


How Are Paisley Customers Buying CBD Products?


The most common way is through the internet, online. Reactive Plus state that due to the UK wide acceptance of online shopping, they are able to cover effectively towns like Paisley with high quality products that would otherwise be unavailable to the populations there. With a quick delivery, it can be ever so easy for the consumer, however old they may be, to get hold of the best products on the market, rather than be restricted to often lower quality localised ones.


Should Customers Be wary?


There has been a lot of attention regarding rogue CBD traders selling oils, vape liquids and capsules with little to no Cannabidiol actually present. Likewise mis selling products as cures or treatments, which is actually illegal. 


Reactive Plus recommends customers only buy from outlets, (on or offline), who are associated with respectable Trade Associations, like cannapro-UK, for example. This way you have a place of contact if you find anyone selling inappropriately who is a member, (this would be unlikely in our experience). 


Likewise make sure you look for lab results for products you are going to buy. You will then see the breakdown of different cannabinoids, (these are explained here), as well as the makeup of the oils in the product you are buying. 


One main thing to be wary of is buying cheaper CBD products. They are mostly going to be very low in CBD if they actually have any in them at all. It is an expensive process to create even cheaper Distillate oils, so anything under £20 for 500Mg or less is likely to be a poor quality oil or Vape Liquid.