Best Way to Run Contest on Instagram in 2020

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Digitalization has made it easier for businesses to communicate their brand message directly to their customers. However, more ease, higher is the competition. There are a number of companies out there on the Internet that possesses a huge appetite for customer acquisition. In such a case, if your brand is relatively new, you might want to do something extra that they are doing to reach out to your prospects and help them understand the uniqueness of your brand. Consider buying Instagram likes on your photos as this will increase your chances of reaching the targeted audience.

You can resort to the paid means to boost your posts and promote your Instagram business page. However, in this fiercely competitive world, this is not enough. You need to have something extra, like contests and campaigns. And If you’re only looking to grow organically then you can use popular hashtags for Instagram in your posts to get reached to a broader audience.

There are two types of contests that you can run on Instagram—organic and paid. Paid contests will help put forth your brand to a large mass during the contest period. As opposed to this, an organic contest will deliver slow results in terms of engagement, but it will show the outcome in the long-run.

Below are some of the best ways to run a contest on Instagram:

  1. Determine your Mission

Before laying out a plan, decide why you are so keen on running a contest. Ask yourself what is it that you wish to achieve for your brand. Your reason behind running a contest could range from brand awareness to increase the number of followers, and generating more leads for your business. If you have just made an appearance on Instagram, it is crucial for your brand to stick to the basic and begin with the objective of brand awareness.

  1. Layout a Plan

Once you have a crystal clear idea on what you want to achieve for your brand through a contest, match your resources and layout a plan. In this phase, you and your team will be brainstorming various ideas. If an idea strikes you, it is better that you recalibrate its potential to create brand awareness. Try and roll out as many ideas as you and your team can and then decide on the best possible idea. Chart out a plan on how you can execute the contest in the manner that involves the least use of resources and maximum gains.

  1. Set a Budget

You have to stick to the budget no matter what. Plan whether you are paying an influencer to talk about your brand or you will be running the contest from your brand’s page itself. Estimate the end-to-end cost of the contest and keep that amount aside. After the end of the contest, compare the cost with the outcome. This will help you perform better in your subsequent campaigns. If you are low on budget, you can easily buy cheap Instagram likes from InternetMarketingRocks.

  1. Make a Buzz Prior to the Contest

You see, before any election, the candidates occupy themselves with the election campaign to create a buzz around their candidature. On similar lines, have information about your contest posted on your Instagram account at least 15 days prior to the contest date. In addition, you can also post the contest details on other social media platforms. This way, you will be able to seamlessly navigate individuals from other social media platforms to your profile.

At the end of the contest, analyze your goals and match them to the outcome. It’s good if you were able to meet the outcome. If not, give some time on the aspects that worked against your contest and improve them next time.