Things You Should Never Forget in a Business Trip




Everything is so stressful when you’re getting ready for a trip. It involves waking up early, making your cup of coffee, and checking the time every 10 minutes among other stressful details. However, what can really drive you crazy is the non-stop nagging voice in your head that you start to hear once you leave your house, insisting that you forgot  something while packing your bag. You always feel like you have forgotten something, and it’s only worse when it’s a business trip because the process of packing your case must be more thorough. What if there’s a solution to this dilemma? Wouldn’t it be more relaxing to have a list of important things to take with you on a business trip? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here’s a list of the essentials you’ll need for your business trip. 

Type of Luggage

First of all, to plan everything properly, you need to have the right tools. These tools you need includes proper luggage for business travel; having a travel bag equipped with the right number of compartments and all types of bells and whistles that carry your everyday needs is the number one step to a well-planned trip. It helps save time and space. More importantly, everything will be organized in place.

Business Cards

Going on a business trip without business cards is like having peanut butter without jam; it just doesn’t work. The smaller the items are, the easier they will be forgotten. Running out of business cards is not a good idea. Always make sure you have extra in your suitcase. 

Extra Pens

It’s never a good sign when you ask for an extra pen in a meeting, as it just shows how careless you are. Don’t be embarrassed to tuck some extra pens with you just in case you need to sign some papers or write something. 

A USB or Hard drive

It’s really important to have either one with you because most of the time people don’t have the time to send you emails, or the files may be too big to send by email. It’s just easier to get a copy of everything you need on a USB or hard drive.

Checklist for the purpose of the trip

Business trips can have different goals, so it’s important that before you head out, you make a checklist of the things you may need for that particular trip. If you’re going to be giving a presentation, then it’s important that you have a portable projector and a presentation pointer to go with it. If you’re not going to be giving a presentation, then it’s important to make sure that you have all the necessary information you need, whether it be on your phone or your laptop.

Phone Charger 

Although it may seem almost impossible to forget your chargers, but unfortunately, we all do. Double check or leave a note to yourself to pack your chargers with you, as we all know how costly these things are in airports. You wouldn’t want to forget your laptop charger; besides being pricey, it’s almost impossible to find a laptop charger that is as good as your original one.



Socket Convertor

It wasn’t that popular a few years back. However, now, it makes everything a lot easier. You can check into any hotel now in any country without having to worry about power sockets as long as you have your convertor with you. There’s no harm in packing two extra ones in case one stops working for any reason. 

Dress Appropriately

Going on a business trip might mean meetings, dinners, or even social gatherings. This is why it’s important that you pack your outfits accordingly. This about what kind of events you might need to attend, because not all will require that you wear a suit. So be sure to take a smart-casual outfit, and also some evening wear in case you have a dinner to attend.

Breath Mints or Tic Tacs

A whole deal could go south just because the person in front of you can’t stand your breath or vice versa. Packing a pack of gum or some Tic Tacs is a perfect idea to keep the situation minty fresh 

There are many important items that you will need to take with you to have a stress free business trip. Being organized will certainly ease most of your stress, and by following this simple list, you are guaranteed a stress-free business trip and hopefully a successful one too. As much as it may seem unlikely to happen, here’s one last reminder: Don’t forget your passport and plane ticket. Have a safe flight!