How to warm up your house this winter?

warm house

warm house

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As the winter season set in, it is time to take a look at the ways we may be wasting money through different inefficiencies in our homes. Before the winter season comes in, you need to make your home ready for winter. To warm up your home during this winter season, you need to go for some planning and process. Follow the guidelines to warm up your house:

Check your broiler or your furnace 

Early autumn is the best time to check the heating system of your home. After all, it may have been dormant for up to six months. Oil boilers maintenance should be done by certified technicians.  You can go for an annual fee option including pre-season checkups. If you have a forced-air furnace, you can check the filter to ensure that the air stays clean. Build up the sediment of your steam or water boiler can cause a reduced performance of it. Turn on this system and use for half an hour and check the radiator to see if there was any water leakage. You can replace the valves also. You can replace the boiler if it is too old.

warm house

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Use a central heating system with timer 

You need to program your boiler also to turn the heating component a little bit earlier. You can set the timer for at least 30 min before getting up in the morning. Change the timer of your central heating system as per your requirement. 

Winterize your air conditioner 

You need to remove the window AC as the cold sets in. central air conditioning units are very easy to maintain. You need to set a programmable thermostat to maintain the energy bill and also to keep the home warm during winter. 

Check the chimney and fireplace 

If you use the wood-burning fireplace, check the bricks or masonry for cracks. Check also the mechanical damper to check whether it is working properly. Have an annual chimney inspection. If you have an old, non-functioning wood fireplace, perhaps it is time to replace it with electric central heating.

Seal the Frigid air 

You can go for weather stripping or caulking to seal the frigid air from doors and windows. Caulking is quite a tough process and it needs to be done during the summer or spring. Some caulks can last even for 10 years or more. You can remodel it or can go for a new one.