Out Of The Ordinary Student Jobs: Five Of The Best!

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Being a student can be financially tough and unless we are fortunate to have a wealthy family that can provide everything for you then you will need to be able to fund yourself through your studies as it’s increasingly expensive to go to university or college with free tuition and the existence of student grants being a thing of the past. This can be done via student loans and getting yourself a part-time job. Traditionally a student part-time job would be something like bar work, or a Saturday job in a shop, but here we look at some more out of the ordinary ways of making money as a student


Seat Filler


Did you know that for large televised events big production companies like these events to look successful? So much so that sometimes they are willing to pay people to sit in these otherwise empty seats. It’s not a regular way of getting work but is a bit out of the ordinary and you can easily register to be considered for something like this.


Freelance Work From Home


There are so many opportunities for young students to work remotely from home, or anywhere else for that matter, this is a new phenomenon with the rise of online life. There are so many things you can do as well, from writing, to design or maybe teaching or tutoring, the possibilities are almost limitless. This can allow you to set your own schedule, work around your studies and take on a heavy work-flow when it suits you and not so much when it doesn’t.




Why not consider using your looks to make some cash, pretty much anyone can be a model and if you are comfortable showing yourself off and being photographed then this can be a very good way to make money, again working around your schedule. If you want to find out what work is available for your then modelling agencies can help you find this out.


Medical Trials


You can be paid for being a participant in medical trials for new drugs and treatments and the pay can vary from small payments going right up to ones in the thousands for more complicated or risky trials. These trials are run by both the NHS and private drug companies, but no matter who conducts them they should be under obligation to fully disclose to you what is involved in terms of risks before you begin. You will find more opportunities in larger cities such as London but there are trials held over most of the country.


Brand Ambassador


One new and novel way of being paid is to be a brand ambassador. You will be responsible in many ways of simply promoting the brand of the company that employs you. If you have a strong social media, blog or YouTube presence then you demand more money for the influence you are essentially leasing out to the firm. So if you love being outgoing and promoting things then this could be for you.