Despite the political chaos and fractured nation due to Brexit, online gambling remains the UKs favourite pastime

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The popularity of online gambling in the UK is undisputed. One only has to look at the statistics to realise this. According to Statista, the gross gambling yield in Britain in 2018 was a total of £14.4 billion. That’s not the type of gross intake of a struggling industry – it’s that of a thriving one. Statista also tells us something interesting about the most searched for and most visible online gambling websites in the UK over the years. 

Using the very same resource (Statista), we can uncover a few tell-tale signs of how online gambling has grown in popularity in the UK over the years. Let’s compare 2015 to 2018, just to get an idea of the growth.

Gambling statistics 2015 2018
Number of active online gambling accounts in UK 21,78 million 33,58 million
Value of funds held in online gambling accounts in UK £533 million £784,78 million
Remote gambling totals in the UK £817 million (2009) £4,5 billion


We know that online gambling is wildly popular in the UK, but why? What has made online gambling grow at the rapid rate that it has? Why is there such a massive difference in the figures and stats in just 3 years (2015 to 2018)? If you take a close look at the market, you will find that there are several reasons why online casino revenues are booming and a lot of it comes down to trust. Let’s look at a few of the reasons (and how) the online gambling world has flourished in the United Kingdom…

Online Casino’s Spruce up Their Act

Casinos have taken the time to invest in improving the public’s perception of online gambling and as a result, they have come out on top. Gone are the days of the shady casinos – at least in the UK. Thanks to their strong social media games and all-around greater interaction with the public, the better known online casinos are flourishing. Leading casinos are viewed as fun, modern platforms offering adults a way to pass the time and potentially earn a bit of money at the same time.

One of the reasons why the UK online casino industry is booming is down to the fact that casino affiliate sites are informing would be casino players on where they can find the best online casinos for their needs. These affiliate sites point out to players the best strategies for winning money. For example, players can find out which slot games represent the best value for money – i.e. which online slots pay-out the most amount of money. Players can then choose which casino to sign up to depending on whether they offer these exceptionally good value slot games or not. The statistics prove that online players are winning more money when they have a choice of which casinos to pick from.


Other Possible Reasons Why Online Gambling in the UK is increasing…


As well as casinos stepping up their game here are a few more reasons why online gambling is becoming more popular, particularly in the UK:


  • Top online casinos in the UK are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, which ensures more transparency and instils a sense of trust.
  • Top paying casinos now offer advanced payment systems that are both convenient and secure. 
  • Leading online casinos now allow mobile play and have apps that are fully supported, making them more accessible.
  • Online gambling is made fun and entertaining with new immersive experiences. Just take adventure gambling, for instance. 


Slots Currently Spurring on the Popularity of Online Gambling in the UK

Not all online slots games or online casinos are made equal. It’s important to choose the right online casino as well as the best paying slots, if you want to win your share of the takings. To ensure that you increase your chances of winning, you can suss out the online casinos with the highest return to player. 

Some of the best paying slots currently spurring on the popularity of online gambling in the United Kingdom, include the following (these are our top 5):

  • Monopoly Big Event with a 99% return to players.
  • Mega Joker also with a 99% return to players.
  • Jackpot 6000 with a 98.8% return to players.
  • Joker Strike with a 98.11% return to players.
  • Blood Suckers with a 98% return to players.

You might be wondering how the RTP (return to players) percentage affects your wins in the long run. The RTP percentage lets you know how often players win when playing those slots. If the RTP is a high percentage, you have a higher chance of winning. If it is a low percentage, you have far less chance of winning.

The trick: check out the slots ‘return to players’ percentage before you start gambling.

Embrace the UK’s Online Gambling Scene

With the popularity of online gambling in the UK ever increasing, casinos only have to further improve the experience for the consumer to supply this ever-growing demand!