The best Superbowl commercial ever accolade goes to Apple for their efforts in 1984. However, as successful as that was, it wasn’t all plain sailing, so what can we learn from it?


Communicate your Message


A commercial is short and so, you have to get your message across quickly. Therefore, you need the right people who can help you achieve this. Whether you are creating a TV commercial or you want an advert banner by UB, it has to have an impact and communicate your message almost instantly. 


Put Your All into it


If you are going to do something, then you have to fully commit. Even if it is not the best idea in the world, if you put everything into it, then it can become a success. If you only give 50% then this will be seen and that will only give the impression that you never give your all.


Ideas Have to Evolve


Sometimes it is not the first idea that works and it might not be the second idea but coming up with new ideas helps your work to evolve. It can also help to use some outside perspective here as they can help to bring new ideas that others might not see. 


There is Always a Risk


Creating a TV commercial is a big thing and with the costs involved, you have to get it right. However, when you do put yourself forward, you need to know that your job is at risk. Despite this, from risks come rewards and so, get it right and it could make you.


Not Everyone Will Love It


The truth is, when you are creating advertising, the ideas won’t resonate with everyone, even if you feel as though you have the finished idea. Even if the idea is disliked and the business owner or board are against it, it can still work.


Find the Decision Maker


If you want to give yourself the best chance of success, then you need to build relationships with those at the top. These are the people who make the decisions. If you can get them on board and liking your ideas then you are on your way to success.


Focus Groups Don’t Always Work


Commonly, ideas will be put to focus groups but even when they offer their negative opinions or criticism then it does not mean the end of the road. Remember that they consider how familiar an idea will be and not how big it will be.


Don’t Give it All Away


If you believe that you are onto something yet the results of say, a focus group do not work in your favour, then you don’t have to share them. While this could be considered to be a sly move, sometimes it is more about what you don’t share than what you do share.

Your Work Will Be Criticised


Your ideas will come to several dead ends, especially when it comes to those who don’t believe in it. However, you can choose to roll over or defend your work to the point you make it become a success. 


Sometimes You Need Luck


Sometimes it looks as though things are going against you and that failure is imminent. That is until something happens and there is light at the end of the tunnel. What you should do, is enjoy your success even if they happen by luck.


Recognition Follows


You won’t get any recognition for your efforts before the ad goes live. However, you will benefit from a lot of recognition if you get it right after. 


Everyone Will Want the Recognition


So, you have gained recognition for creating something brilliant which is great. However, those who were against it will come crawling back, looking for their slice of success and recognition.


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