Despite having a moderate population of 5 million, Republic of Ireland offers massive opportunities for higher education. With 7 of its public universities ranked at the top 700 in the QS world rankings, Ireland boasts the amenities to make it a hub for higher education. The courses are not confined to the STEM fields, they have a number of vocational programs in the field of hospitality, healthcare, pharmacy, textiles, mass communication and other marketing related fraternities. 5 of the country’s best universities are located in the capital city of Dublin. The state of the art campuses are enriched with the beautiful countryside and the historically rich culture. All these factors make Ireland an attractive destination to pursue post-graduation Here is a list of top universities in Ireland which comprise of finely crafted courses and top notch teaching faculties. 



  1. Trinity College Dublin – Republic of Ireland hosts one of the most ancient universities in the territory of the UK namely, Trinity College Dublin. It dates back to the time of 1952 and was modelled sometime after the universities of Cambridge and Oxford. It is considered to be the most ancient and prestigious higher education institute in Ireland consisting of over 17000 students in the departments like Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics and Health Sciences. Trinity provides its students with a personal tutor and an on campus Careers Advisory Service. 


  1. University College Dublin – It has a reputation for excellence in research in the humanities and sciences. In the medical field it is amongst the top universities worldwide. Rightly known as ‘Ireland’s global university’ it hosts thousands of international students, exchange programmes and has collaborated with imminent universities worldwide. Founded in 1854, UCD has its roots in the Catholic university of Ireland. It is a cluster of 5 colleges, 34 schools and 18 research institutes and centres. It has been the alma mater of some of the most notable alumni. To name a few writer James Joyce, actor Gabriel Byrne, director of Amnesty International Sean MacBride. 


  1. National University of Ireland- Its prestigious history spans almost a couple of centuries making it amongst the top 1% of universities across the world. NUI Galway offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and a wide range of part-time diplomas and degrees, as well as flexible learning, professional qualifications and online learning options. NUI Galway has five Colleges, 16 Schools and over 60 academic disciplines. As an institution of research and learning the university fosters and encourages strategic global engagement through engagements and partnerships. 96% undergraduates and 95% postgraduates are in employment or further studies within 6 months of graduation.


  1. University College Cork- The university was founded in 1845 as one of the three Queen’s colleges located in Belfast, Cork and Galway. It was named the Irish University of the year by the Sunday times in the year 2017 on five different occasions. University College Cork was the world’s first university to receive the international Green Flag for environmental sustainability in 2010, and has received five QS Stars for its overall performance. To add to the list of achievements by the UCC, it received a funding of $96 million in 2016, which was a 21% increase and an all-time high in the 5 year period. UCC’s Office of technology transfer is dedicated to commercialise the research in numerous fields such as arts, technology, commerce, engineering, food sciences, medicine, law, Celtic studies, social studies, biomedicine and other relevant fraternities. It encourages the extracurricular acumen of students and has over a 100 active societies and 50 sports clubs, a majority of which are sponsored by the Bank of Ireland. University College Cork aims at enhancing research and innovation.


  1. Dublin City University-  Established in 1975, the Dublin City University gained its university status in 1989, making it one of the youngest institutions not only in Dublin but also Ireland. It has an impressive record in the field of research as it is acclaimed to bring in more research per faculty member than any other Irish university. The university has 5 stunning state of the art campuses which are the main campus, sports campus, St. Patrick’s campus, innovation campus and all hallows campus. DCU has extensive teaching and research facilities, including television and sound studios, computer laboratories and networking facilities, language and interpreting laboratories, a video-conferencing suite, and print and graphical laboratories. These are in addition to modern research and teaching laboratories in the areas of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering.


  1. The Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI)- The RCSI has been a renowned surgical college in Ireland since it was granted a royal charter in 1784. Royal College of Surgeons Ireland continues to be home to the National Surgical Training Centre and is responsible for delivering excellence in surgical education and training, setting and supporting the highest possible standards. It is religiously committed to solving the biggest challenges faced in modern healthcare. To do so it has several provisions in the field of research and innovation wherein they enhance patient treatment, informs policy and clinical practice and also improves the quality of education of the healthcare professionals. They understand the importance of a holistic development of all the stakeholders in the field of healthcare in order to construct a progressive environment for them which would steer away from potential obstacles. From the architecture of its campus to their incredible events, RCSI is a unique place to kick-start your career.


  1. Institute of Technology Carlow-  It is one of the largest technology colleges in Ireland. IT Carlow provides higher educational full-time programmes, along with research and enterprise development opportunities, through its centres in Carlow and Wexford. Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) is an integral part of IT Carlow’s activities and is a vital aspect of the interaction of the Institute with industry and other higher educational and research institutes, on both a national and international basis. Its collaborative RDI programmes have been variously funded by the Department of Agriculture Ireland, the European INTERREG Programme, the Higher Education Authority (HEA) PRTLI, the HEA Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF), EU Framework Programmes, Industry, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Irish Research Council for Science Engineering & Technology (IRCSET), the Technological Sector Research Programme (TSR, Department of Education and Science Ireland), Enterprise Ireland and Science Foundation Ireland. The Institute has a strategic collaborative relationship with Teagasc Oak Park Research Centre Carlow.



Conclusion: – 


Ireland provides the best of facilities both in terms of education and prospective job opportunities after graduation or post-graduation. The above given list of colleges have strong records in offering world class courses and programmes teamed with their research centres and foreign collaboration. This ensures that a meritorious student is able to produce extraordinary results with the right guidance and proper exposure. Choose whichever university checks all the parameters in your list and apply accordingly. 



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