The United Kingdom is the second most popular destination stop for foreign students all over the world. Every year, thousands of people looking to bag different degrees apply to several universities and colleges all over the countries. The reason for this massive yearly influx is as a result of the world-class educational system found in the UK. Apart from attracting students seeking specialization in various fields, a host of people migrate into the region to learn English. To this regard, many institutions have sprung up offering coaching on written and spoken English, such as letter writing and essays. 

In all tiers of education, from primary to tertiary, the United Kingdom stats show that over 500,000 students are attracted from over 80 countries in the world. College students make a predominantly large amount of student immigrants getting direct access to the wealth of knowledge deposited in the region. 

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As stated before, students from more than 80 different countries study in the UK, a vast majority of them from countries like China, Hong Kong, Canada, United States of America, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia. Revenue generated from these students from various destinations totals about €14billion pounds to the UK economy. 

Below, is a table showing the United Kingdom stats of the top ten countries with the highest number of student applicants in the UK from the years 2014-2017. 


Country 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017
China 89,540 91,215 95,090
India 18,320 16,745 16,550
USA 16,865 17,115 17,580
Hong Kong 16,215 16,745 16,680
Malaysia 17,060 17,405 16,370
Italy 10,525 12,135 13,455
France 11,955 12,525 13,560
Germany 13,675 13,425 13,735
Nigeria 17,920 16,100 12,665
Greece 10,130 9,790 10,045


What universities and colleges are mostly chosen? 

When it comes to choosing a school to study, most international students settle for schools having a high mix of different backgrounds to feel more at home. Below are some of the universities that fit this description. 

  1. Oxford University

When it comes to English-speaking countries, the University of Oxford ranks as the oldest with a high number of international students. Oxford University is best known for her performances in medicine and humanities. 

  1. Imperial College, London

Imperial College, London, with the presence of over 125 nationalities, is a distinctive hub for foreign students interested in attending business school. Formed as a result of a merger between three colleges in London, theirs is an institution that promotes internationality through the organization of activities such as day trips. Many famous and eminent influential policymakers in the world are products of this magnificent citadel. 

  1. University of Manchester

This university is renowned in the UK for having one of the most diversified backgrounds of foreign students as evidenced by statistics studying. 

  1. University of Cambridge

This ancient university was founded in 1204, making it the second oldest university in the English-speaking countries, next to Oxford. Most of the famous British scientists have been educated in Cambridge. Foreign students have some presence in this university; however, competition is very high and is strictly based on merit. 

  1. University College of London

It’s the main campus, situated in the central London area of Bloomsbury, was the first university to admit students regardless of race, religion, and class. The university is famed for the quality of its exceptional graduates in the fields of philosophy, politics, and economics. Almost half of the student population are international students from outside the UK. 

  1. London School of economics and political science (LSE)

As the name implies, this university is well-known for its strengths in economics, law, philosophy, history, and politics. Since these fields are part of the most studied things in the world, this institution boasts of having the highest number of foreign students. From studying statistics of institutions, students from other nationalities make up 70 percent of the entire population. Admission into this school is very competitive, and even more difficult for postgraduate students. 

Schooling in the UK doesn’t only afford you a certificate from some of the world’s prestigious universities, but it also helps you experience a vast wealth of culture and life of the English people. For further information about UK colleges, you can visit their websites online to get free tips that may help you secure admission.