Festival Dates: 21st February – 1st March 2020
Contributor Proposal Deadline: 1st September 2019
Programme Deadline: 14th October 2019


Introducing the Paisley Book Festival
Paisley has always been filled with brilliant political thinkers and creatives. In 1820, The Paisley Radicals were agitating for better wages and conditions for workers and their form of activism led to the brave defiance of an oppressive government. They forced political reform and paved the way to the wider democracy we now enjoy, 200 years later.

We need radical voices and radical ideas more now than any time since 1820. Climate change, new political forces, striving for greater equality are challenging old ideas and ways of thinking. It is radicals who will help us create a more equal, sustainable future for the whole planet. We want to let their voices be heard. In celebration of their efforts, the new Paisley Book Festival will focus on grassroots rebellion, revolution and activism. It will also celebrate Paisley; a place where people value their unique rich history – while also looking forward with energy and creativity.


Renfrewshire Leisure’s Libraries and Arts Teams led a vital community consultation on the aims and contents of the Festival.
Local contributors said the Festival should:

●    Increase visitor numbers and make Paisley a destination
●    Be inclusive and accessible
●    Include family events, adult events, industry events
●    Develop local creative talent
●    Involve Paisley’s people

How can you get involved?

●    Be a venue – are you a local business owner with a space that could host some Paisley Book Festival events?

●    Be a group host/contributor – are you a local community and/or cultural organisation, project or initiative that has an idea for an event to be part of the Paisley Book Festival programme?
●    Be a professional contributor – are you a Scottish artist / creative / organisation with an idea or current strand of activity that fits the remit of the Paisley Book Festival as described above?

If so… read on book lover…

To make a proposal, please provide the following: Idea / Project Summary (300 words)
A biography of you/your group and what you do (500 words)

If you are interested in being a venue, then please let us know:
1.    Where you are
2.    What kind of business / space you are (if you are already a venue then please include opening hours and license information)
3.    If you already host events, what are they?
4.    What kind of programming do you think you would be interested in?
5.    Audience capacity

Please email completed proposals to
Deadline: 5pm on 1st September 2019


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