While most people’s minds would immediately spring to German cars when asked about the best and most historic German brands out there, the country truly boasts an impressive portfolio of top-notch products that stood the test of time. 


Highlighting the innovative design and solid engineering that has become practically synonymous with German-made goods, the country’s market proudly carries everything from luxury watches and accessories; clothing and luggage; toys; beers; cars and cell phones, among other complex industries that rely on advanced technologies. Today, we discuss five industries where historic German brands are major market players. 


  • Cars: Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi


Even if you know just a little bit about cars, you certainly know that some of the most popular car manufacturers in the world come from Germany. Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi have always been staple names in the automotive world, with innovations that still impress until this day. They take their cars very seriously that there are car museum and factory tours in Germany for tourists who happen to be car enthusiasts. 


  • Watches: Braun, Zeppelin, Laco

Although the Swiss are globally renowned for their watch industry, German watches have solid market grounds because of the fact that they are simply timeless. Some of the most stunning German watches are courtesy of brands like Braun, Zeppelin and Laco, among others. German-made watches are unique and appealing because almost all of their pieces come in vintage and minimalist designs, meaning that they never actually go out of style. 

  • Clothes: Boss 

The meticulous nature of German manufacturing means that everything they make is pretty much flawless, and the clothing industry is no exception. Whether you’re a die-hard Fashionista or simply a moderate clothing enthusiast who likes to invest in good, well made items, you must be well acquainted with powerhouse Boss. The German luxury fashion brand – with labels HUGO and BOSS – caters to men, women, and children, and is globally synonymous with subtle elegance and class. 


  • Toys: Steiff 

The toy brand Steiff holds the historic claim to have created the original teddy bear, named after US President Theodore Roosevelt – Teddy! It’s worthy to note that the company till fabricates many of its products by hand, and their cuddly, highly coveted creations still bear the trademark Knopf im Ohr (“button in ear”) stamp of authenticity that’s been a hallmark since 1904. The plush toys at Steiff simply exist to be cherished mementos for generations to come. 


  • Industrial Manufacturing: Siemens


You may be familiar with the brand because of their household products such as telephones, kitchen appliances, washing machines, refrigerators, cell phones, and many more. In reality, Siemens is the largest industrial, manufacturing company in Europe with branch offices across all continents. The brand’s business activities are involved in industrial manufacturing, energy, healthcare, as well as infrastructure and cities. 

The German Machine 


We hope that this article shed some light on a few of the most iconic German brands. That said, we would need much more time to truly do justice to the dedication, efficiency and resilience of the country’s powerful industries, and the brands that make them stand out in any market. 



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