Twinlakes water park tested after vomiting outbreak

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A popular theme park based in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, Twinlakes, is currently being tested for harmful microorganisms following an outbreak which led to dozens of children who attended the water park suffering from projectile vomiting and diarrhoea.


The water park, which is part of the Twinlakes theme park, is the area which is undergoing investigations by Public Health England. This has led to the entire park being shut down whilst tests are taking place to try to get to the root of the problem. 


What has led to the outbreak?


As tests are being carried out at the water park, an exact answer to this question remains unknown. However, suspicions have been raised as to the levels of cleanliness that were maintained, and whether this has led to the outbreak of illness amongst visitors at the park.


Another possible reason that may have led to the outbreak is the heatwave.  Microbiologists have said that it may well have been possible that Twin Lakes hygiene control measures may have been ‘overpowered’ as a result of more visitors attending the park due to the rising temperatures.


This could have affected control measures as large numbers of people could have ended up neutralising the chlorine in the park.


If this was the case, then the limited amount of chlorine in the pool could have meant that bacteria and viruses got into the water and potentially contaminated it.


How many people have been affected?


Exact numbers are not known yet, but dozens of people complained through the water park’s Facebook page, and to media organisations directly.


 It is estimated that approximately 30 children on one school trip fell ill after visiting on wednesday last week during the heatwave, with some adults also falling ill too.


In a statement released shortly after the outbreak was reported, Twinlakes said that it is ” working closely with the Health and Safety Executive to investigate and hope to be able to provide information about the re-opening of the Au Guang Dragon Water Park very soon.”


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