Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50 To Transform Your Looks


When you hit your 50’s, you normally wonder what to do to make your image appear youthful, descent and not outmoded. Older women try various modern ways to remain admirable to everyone around them. One of those ways is turning to hairstyles for women over 50. These hairstyles never let them down as we are going to see in this article. They are a great way to make you look younger and playful.

Your old age shouldn’t stop you from being a beautiful and attractive woman, and your age shouldn’t dictate what hairstyle you should rock and the ones that you are supposed to wear. So, your age isn’t going to stop you from wearing what you like. So, your bobs, pixie and graduated cuts will remain with you, since they are some of the timeless haircuts Also, backed up with research and hairstylist recommendations, seeking online resources like this will guide you through which of these hairstyles will suit your look. You can find more reliable hair care advice on https://www.hairandmakeupgirl.com/. Another thing is that you will need to choose hairstyles for women over 50 that are less maintenance and easy to wear. Here is a classic collection for you.


  • Mid-Layered Cut.


This beautiful haircut with distinct layer and understated layers and honey highlights appears implausible on fair looks. To get this style, you must allow your hair to grow to the shoulder length, and then trim top layers shorter. Besides it being a great look, this hairstyle is also effortless to keep-complete this style with swoopy bangs and then style the ends using your favourite round brush.


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“You will still bloom in the way you were meant to, no matter who does or does not notice you.” – Morgan Harper Nichols

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  • Mid-Layered Haircut and Bangs.


Nowadays, there is no particular hairstyle for a particular age. You can choose any hairstyle that rocks your hair type, personality and face shape. However, less voluminous short and medium hairstyles for women over 50 look better compared to the sleek ones. This layered cut with sleek highlights is a good example.


  • Blonde Feathered Bob.


Most hairstyles for women over 50 incorporate use of feathered layers. They, however, look great when teased at the back to get a lift at the crown. Tell your stylist to add chin-length layers in the front and graduate it to a shorter length as she approaches the back, and then add some lengthy bangs. Blow dry your mane using a round brush and then give it some tease at the back and you will be right to go. 


  • Mid-White Blonde Feathered Style.


Medium hairstyles for women over 50 can be refreshed with perfectly cut layers. If you have thin or fine hair, feathery layers are the best way to add some volume and lift to your manes. This hairstyle, quite common for women over 50, helps you rejuvenate your youthful glow, and it is ridiculously easy to maintain.


  • Short Feathered Blonde and Red Hairstyle.


A blonde and red hue combo is not something easy to wear, but when you finally manage to pull off, the result is amazing. Medium haircuts with extended layers that feather in a swoopy motion appear best with two-toned colour because it adds dimension and allows you to reveal the hints of the shape.


  • Mid-Blonde Haircut with Drastic Layers.


The fact that you are past 50 years doesn’t imply that you cannot rock a hairstyle that is fun and playful. There is much you can do with mid-hairstyles for women over 50. For instance, you can incorporate highlights and beautiful layers. It is never too late to incorporate some brightness into your haircut!


  • The Textured Pixie.


You might have seen a textured pixie with some older people and you can agree that it is super hip. This look is easily created with either short or long pixie cut. You just need some pomade to improve texture and separate the pieces of hair.


  • Lob with Beautiful Swoopy Bangs.


When choosing hairstyles for women over 50, it is essential to go for something modern. A straight bob always looks cool and up-to-date, especially if you master how to take care of it. Use large curlers to come up with the refined and rounded bottom and complete your tresses with shine spray for extra shine.


  • Choppy Blonde Bob.


One of the most liked hairstyles for women over 50 who like to maintain a cropped haircut is a standard pixie style. A pixie cut is especially great for women with thick hair since it prevents their hair from appearing too poufy and uncontrollable.