The most important aspects of football betting

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Sports betting has become firmly established on the British market. After long efforts of many companies to reach the customer base in this country, there was an opening of the market in 2011. This made it possible from now on to legally offer and take up sports bets. Previously, this was only possible via foreign servers, not very easy to implement and also not quite legal. But that’s in the past. Currently, many millions of people are gratefully accepting the legal offer of betting in the sports sector, with a strong upward trend in the number of customers. The charming thing about sports betting is that it is a hobby where you can earn a little money on the side. Of course, these are not large sums of money with which one could afford the next apartment in Paris, but it is well known that “those who do not honour the cent are not worth the euro”. As a rule, amounts between three and ten euros are set. You don’t have to be an expert to successfully place sports bets. There are a few aspects to consider which will be explained in the following article.


In order to be able to explain the basics and most important terms of sports betting in more detail later in the article, it is advantageous to know exactly what sports bets are. A bet is an agreement between two or more persons about a particular event about which the opinions about the outcome or the result are different and on these opinions right is asserted. In order to give more strength to his opinion and conviction, an effort has been made since the beginning, as the Greeks and Romans did two thousand years ago. If you win the bet, you get your bet back completely and you also get the bet of your opponent. Sports betting in Britain has been regulated by the Gaming Act since legalisation. There are clear differences to common games of chance, such as roulette or poker, which are also explained later, but the British Gambling Comission sees the following justification for it. Gambling is defined as the performance of a bet on an event that lies in the future. It also says that the result of gambling depends on chance – but more about that later.


Sports betting offer

This is the definition of betting and gambling. Sports betting is a part of both. In the sports sector, bets are offered on the Internet on about forty different sports, including football, basketball, handball, golf, Formula 1, motorcycle racing and many more. The offer is as follows. You choose a sport, for example football. In the next step, the different countries including leagues as well as national and international competitions such as the Champions League, EM or the WM are displayed. You select a country, for example Britain, and can then select the first, second, third and fourth Bundesliga. Then the individual matches of all teams of this league are displayed, including betting options and odds. For example, a betting option is the winner of a game, the number of goals a player scores, whether a penalty is given, how many corner kicks, free kicks or fouls there will be per team. In short, there are numerous betting options, in football up to 40,000 options for a first division game. So the choice is huge. For the between thirty and fifty sports, there are the national and international competitions, usually the first three leagues, including all teams and countless betting options.


The different types of a bet

There are almost infinite possibilities of a bet. There are also different types of bets. The smallest measure of all bets is the single bet. This is a single bet on a single sporting event on which an amount is bet. A concrete example is a 1 Euro bet that team A will win against team B. The next stage of a bet is the so-called combination bet, which is a summary of several individual bets. One use for several sporting events is indicated. An example of this is that you put 10 Euros on team A winning against team B, team C losing against team D, team E playing against team F drawing and team G losing against team H. The advantage of a combination bet is that the risk is spread and the chances of winning increase. The background is that if a single bet is lost, the money is gone. However, if an event does not occur with a combination bet, you still make a profit if the other games run well. However, the goal is still to have all the individual betting options in a combination bet right. A system bet is a combination of several combination bets that exist on the same basis and have the same goal – more profit and less risk. For example, 10 euros on the match day of the first and second Bundesliga combined.


The importance of odds

When a bet is placed, the odds are revealed. A odds is the result of a statistical probability calculation with which the profit margin of a bet is ultimately calculated. The odds provide the first indication of how likely and risky a betting option is. If the number is low, the probability that the event will occur is high. An example is that the odds on the betting option that the first player in the table wins against the last player in the table are low. On the other hand, the odds that the outside will win the game are very high. The basis for the calculation of the quota are statistics, tables and current news.


The selection of a betting provider

The odds are not the same for every betting provider. For professional betting players, the average odds of a provider are an important decision criterion. The higher they are, the more players can win. Appropriately, Sportwetten.org offers a list of all licensed betting providers, including the most important details, tests and odds. The odds are of course not the only decisive factor in the selection. A serious betting provider needs a valid license for gambling, security certificates, competent customer service and a qualitative but also wide range of sports, competitions and betting options.


The basis for successful sports betting

The most important aspect of successful sports betting is knowledge of sport and the ability to identify a safe and profitable betting option. The knowledge comes from tables, statistics and general news, as well as from the calculation of a quota. This is where gambling and sports betting differ fundamentally. You can prepare for a bet by using existing information. Take as an example the bet on the sports event FC Bayern against Liverpool. After a short research it is clear who is the favourite and who will win the game with a high probability. That’s not possible in gambling. You can’t use information to predict how a cube will fall. There is always a share of luck and risk in sports betting, but this can be reduced to a minimum through research and responsible gambling, i.e. high risk betting omitted.