Advice About Persuasive Essay. How to handle it

Students often get a task of persuasive essay writing.

Among the factors that students have to deal with include the element of academic writing. The writings that students have to do include to write persuasive essays.  Persuasive essays, which are also known as argumentative essays entail the use of reason and logic to prove the legitimacy of a point of view. Persuasive writing is used to expose clear arguments and support them through convincing reasoning, facts, and logic. Persuasive writing is viewed as necessary by the fact that it is used to communicate and argue ideas. accordingly, the understudy  explores the tips that are useful in writing and the determination of how persuasive writing is used to convincereaders to adapt to points of views of awriter.

Helpful tips for writing a successful persuasive essay

As a student, initially, I had someone write my essays for me. This is because I did not have the right skillsfor writing persuasive essays. However, following the determination of the importance of persuasive essay writing in academic writing, I decided to learn how to write the essays. In this case, I decided to explore the tips for writing a persuasive essay for the sake of perfecting the skill. Among the tips include conducting efficient research. It is essential to perform a significant amount of research on the topicbefore getting to the actual wring. Research is necessary by the fact that it helps the writer to familiarize themselves with the subject and have the knowledge that would be needed in writing. With enough research, the writer manages to gain significant confidence that would further improve their writing skills. Also, with the necessary amount of research the writer has the advantage of being able to explain and express themselves adequately. Research is expressed in persuasive analysis through being able to quote either great scholars or people with authority who have addressed an issue or topic. Through this element, the reader is convinced that the writer has an authentic background to support their arguments.  

Persuasive writing also requires knowledge and strict adherence to the structure that is meant for persuasive writing. The writer has the innate responsibility of identifying the structure that the writing has to take. For instance, in the case that they are writing a speech, then they have the responsibility of being undoubtedly aware of the structure that the speech should take. Further, they are required to observe strict adherence to this structure. The writer has the responsibility of determining the order of their points and words and project them in a way that they would make the most sense and appeal to the reasoning of the audience. With the mastery of the correct structure of writing, the points can flow in a manner that will convince to the reason of the audience to adapt to the point of view being projected.

The third tip on how to perfect persuasive essays writing is that the writer has to be concise. This points out that the writer should be able to identify the points that they intend to write on and strictly adhere to them. This explains that they should not bring in other irrelevant points in the course of their writing. Also, it means that the writer should be able to avoid mixing up of points as they write. The writer should be able to make a clear identification of the topics that they wish to express, introduce them, explain and illustrate without mixing up their ideas. Also, they should clearly state what they are talking about and avoid general terms and assumption. By being concise, the audience understands what the author intends to address. Also, by being concise, the writer manages to convince the audience that they are informed regarding their topic. Consequently, assuring the audience to adapt to an idea becomes easier than when the writer is vague and does not directly state their points.

The point of a persuasive essay is to convert your readers to your point of view

The main points that the writers seek to achieve are to convince the readers to adapt to their points of view. Consequently, the writer has to know how to write a persuasive essay in ways that assure the audience. For the writer to convert the point of view of the writers, it is necessary that they take a stance.  The writer should authoritatively state what they think about the issue they are writing on. Also, they should be able to indicate the side that they are on authoritatively. They should be able to point out and illustrate the conflicting arguments on the issue. The main agenda in doing this is demonstrating why their view is superior. Finally, it is necessary to provide resolutions and suggestions on the subject.

To convince the audience, it is necessary to determine the logic of the work. The writer should take a day off after writing their essays. After this, they should review the articles and reread them. At this point, they should be able to authentically asses if the pieces are convincing to them. This will help in determining if the essays will persuade the readers. At this time, they should decide if the article contains enough illustrations. From the illustrations, the audience can be convinced to adapt to the view of the writer.  


Persuasive essay writing forms part of the academy and general writing where the author has to convince the audience to subscribe to their viewpoints. It is a type of argumentative writing where the author may only be able to convince the audience based on how they present their arguments. For this reason, it is necessary that the author conducts enough research before starting the writing process, adhere to the format of writing and be concise in presenting their points. Also, the writer should take a stance and ensure logic as a way of convincing the audience.