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Seeing the wild birds visiting your garden is always wonderful, especially when they stick around for a while. From sitting on the feeder to hopping across the patio, it’s lovely to have these little visitors and its beneficial for them too. Continue reading for some top tips on how to attract wild birds into your garden and how to help care for them at the same time.

Feeding Wild Birds

It may seem like a very obvious thing to do, but feeding the wild birds is always going to attract more to your garden. Throughout the year, gathering food can be difficult for wild birds with different challenges such as weather conditions and preparing for new seasons, so every little really helps. By placing some delicious seeds or mealworms in your garden, you will instantly attract the attention of the birds and have them visiting your garden in no time. You will find, however, that birds are creatures of habit and they may not visit your garden straight away. It may take them a few attempts before they’re confident enough to come and eat from the feeder you’ve added to the garden.

Choosing the Location

Feeding the birds is a really good thing to do, but you need to make sure that you’re feeding them in the right places. For feeders and bird tables, you want to ensure they’re positioned close to the bushes or trees in your garden, as you’ll find that many birds like to hop from place to place, keeping themselves safe and sheltered, so this will become a huge attraction to them if they have a bush or tree close by. Whilst saying this, it is also important to keep the feeders and bird tables clear from lower bushes that could hide unwanted predators such as cats, foxes and so on. Keeping the feeders high in the tree and positioning the table close but not too close is the perfect solution, you can also monitor this to make sure it’s working and if not, have a reshuffle to see what might work best.

Observing Your Visitors

When you start to leave food out for the birds that visit your garden, you’ll start to notice what gets eaten and what’s being left. As the weeks progress, try to observe what your visitors are actually enjoying, as this will ensure they come back for more. You’ll also notice a few common traits from the birds that visit your garden, such as time of day and where they like to go within the garden. Use this information to ensure you’re placing the feeders in the right space and filling the feeders for the right time.

Keeping it Clean

Having a clean and fresh space for your feathered visitors to go to is essential, both for their health and their visits. If you have a bird table in your garden, make sure it’s clean and fresh from day to day, as you don’t want the birds drinking stagnant water or eating dirt that isn’t going to be good for their health. If you have a fresh space for them to enjoy, you can guarantee they’ll keep coming back for more throughout the year!