Making your website a lever for growth requires that it generate traffic so that it is visible. Whether to develop a commercial site (to sell), an informative site (to produce quality content and attract a demanding readership in its field) or simply a showcase site (to make visible its activity and to inform potential customers), the development of a natural referencing strategy is an essential lever for growth.

The amount of information available online readily gives the illusion of easy to acquire knowledge and easy methods to apply. However, natural referencing is not only a lever to operate: it is also all the machinery on which this lever is based, machinery eminently complex and precise. 

From the beginning, your website must be designed as “SEO friendly”, designed to attract Internet users (choice of keywords, quality content, optimization of site visibility), to keep them on your pages (technical quality of the website). site, ergonomics, ease of navigation) and finally to put them into action (ask for a quote, fill out a form, leave contact details, register, buy, etc.). So many specific points that require specialized skills.

What an SEO agency can do for you

An SEO agency is a structure made of SEO professionals (web developers, SEO consultants, web editors, graphic designers, marketing experts, etc.). An agency is mobile, adaptable: it will consider your needs and act accordingly, with adequate methods, because there is no model website or absolute SEO strategy that could apply to all companies and all activities. On the contrary: your SEO needs depend on the nature of your activity and the type of site you want.

That’s why an agency’s job starts with an SEO audit. Consider what Glasgow SEO agency offers in terms of auditing: his team will assess the general state of the site and each of its pages, check the technical foundations, uncover any obstacles that hinder your growth, determine the level optimization of each page, make a point on your visibility (your positioning on the search engines, the quality of incoming links). At the end of the SEO audit, the agency will define a set of specifications and draw up an action plan to improve all aspects of the site and attract more and better traffic.

The added value of an SEO agency is the transmission of knowledge. Being accompanied by an agency does not mean being totally dependent on its services. On the contrary, a quality service provider will work in complete transparency, tell you what he does and why he does it. SEO has no end in itself: there will always be more traffic to acquire, more prospects to target, more conversions to generate. The agency has finished its work when solid foundations have been laid, the walls are robust and the interior has been decorated: you, then, to lead your boat.

To be accompanied by an SEO agency: practical cases

Let’s imagine some practical cases of support by an SEO agency, depending on your type of activity and your needs.

I have a geographically restricted activity Because SEO is a growth driver that also adapts to local needs. This is called local SEO, and it aims to attract a clientele in the same neighborhood, the same city, the same community. It promotes its activity (showcase site) while positioning itself on a request including a type of activity or product and a geographical location (for example “Charenton dentist”), with the display on a map. You should know that 25% of queries on Google are local and that 80% of users looking for a service do so in their wider ecosystem.

My company already has a website, what to do with an agency?

The answer is simple: there is always work to be done, whether SEO or site ergonomics. The Internet world is volatile, it evolves day after day. The SEO experts are well aware of this, they practice a sharp vigil to know the changes that impact their profession. Does your site work very well today? Tomorrow, a Google update can hurt him, because his foundations are not perfectly solid. Your site acquires a good level of traffic, but why not aim higher? You can run for first place in search engine results, attract more and more users, and in short, unleash your e-commerce power and optimize your content to become an influencer in your field.

In short, being accompanied by an SEO agency always has certain advantages, whatever your business, the size of your business and your business needs.