Getting Fit in Paisley, Scotland


As the fifth largest city in Scotland, Paisley is a city on the move. There’s a lot of good stuff going on here, with a vibrant energy infusing the core of this historic Renfrewshire town. If you’re a fitness buff, there’s even more reason to like Paisley. In this article, we’ll reveal the wealth of opportunities to get your sweat on in the midst of this Scottish heartland city.

Gyms in Paisley

Paisley is teeming with gyms. There are exclusive women’s gyms, CrossFit gyms, bodybuilding and powerlifting gyms and 24-hour general fitness gyms in abundance. Let’s take a look at the best of them . . .

Best Overall Gym: Iconic.Fitness

Iconic specialise in unparalleled lifestyle transformations. We are the best, we provide the best and we bring out the best in you. You will feel part of a fitness community and family. You will be much happier.

We have a portfolio of amazing results but we celebrate much more than weight loss success at iconic. We have thousands of “Off The Scale” victories. Our clients improvement in mental health and clarity is one of our biggest successes.

We have taken people off the couch and made them marathon runners. We have taken people from self deprecation to self confidence. We have taken inches off where they are no longer wanted and sculpted definition.

We have a full schedule of varied fitness classes including spin, yoga, bootcamp, running, walking and boxing plus many more.

We have amazing personal trainers to suit all fitness goals, a fitness cafe offering healthy options and an extremely popular fitness wear brand available in our shop.

The contact detail for Iconic Paisley are:

Lawn Street Gym 



0141 887 4777

General Fitness Gym: PureGym Paisley

PureGym is a 24-hour facility that caters to all your fitness needs. The are more than 150 PureGyms around the UK, and each of them is equipped with more 220 pieces of equipment. They also provide members with more than 75 exercises classes every week. You’ll find a full complement of free weight training gear, with dumbbells that go up to 50 kg and plenty of powerlifting equipment for heavy lifters.

PureGym is fully air conditioned and equipped with free Wifi. You’ll get a free initial induction when you turn up for your first visit. They also have personal trainers available.

The contact details for PureGym are . . .

Units 2 & 3

Paisley Retail Park.

Renfrew Road,


Ph. 443450133417


Best Gym with a Creche

Pro-Life Fitness Centre

The Pro-Life Fitness Centre is a unique type of fitness centre operating in the heart of Paisley. It provides top of the line trainers, a huge range of training gear along with fitness training options and dozens of classes each week. What makes them different from any other gym, however, is the fact that all profits achieved by the gym goes to local charities such as the Accord Hospice in Paisley and St. Vincent’s Hospice in Johnstone. They also support a range of local sporting talents with free training facilities and sponsorship.    

The gym is open from 4:30 am until 10:00 pm, Monday through Thursday; 4:30 am until 9:00 pm on Friday; 6:00 am until 6:00pm Saturday and Sunday.

The contact details for Pro-Life Gym are . . .

98 New Sneddon St

98 New Sneddon St, Paisley PA3 2BD

Ph. 0141 889 5027


Outdoor Fitness Centers in Paisley

Paisley Outdoor Exercise Gym

The Paisley Outdoor Exercise Gym is located at Barshaw Park. There you will find a series of exercise stations along with a fitness trail. You will also find some outdoor versions of the machines you’ll find at the local gym. There is also a horizontal bar to allow you to do your calisthenics training.

Personal Trainers in Paisley

Fiona Mclean Fitness

Fiona McLean is a personal trainer who operates in Paisley, Renfrewshire and Glasgow. She offers a range of personal training and nutrition packages specifically designed for you to ensure you reach your goals. Fiona will train you at home, at the park or in the gym. She also provides transition training packages that are specifically designed to take you step by step to where you need to be. There is also beginners guide to health, fitness, nutrition, fitness classes and the gym.

Get in touch with Fiona at Fiona@fionamcleanfitness.com or phone her on 07943550420.

X-Fit Gym Paisley

X-Fit Gym Paisley is a personal fitness training studio with superb facilities to cater for all your one-on-one training needs from powerlifting to fat loss. From functional body weight exercises to recent innovations such as TRX, the X-Fit Gym Paisley trainers are fully qualified to instruct you in all methods of training.

The contact details for X-Fit Gym Paisley are as follows:

23 Scotts Road

Hawkhead Industrial Estate




0141 887 1248

Kanga Ru Fitness

Kanga Ru Fitness is a popular personal training studio located in the heart of Paisley. Despite what the name may lead you to think it’s not staffed by Australians. Instead, the head trainer is a guy named Ru. Ru heads up a passionate team of trainers who will push you to be your very best. They’ve got a great facility with all the gear that you’ll need. Kanga Ru Fitness are open from 10 am until 11 pm daily.

Kanga Ru Fitness are located at:

Ellon Way, Paisley, Renfrewshire.

Contact them at 44 7432 081426

Ladies in Training

Ladies in Training is a personal training center exclusively for female fitness enthusiasts. The trainer, Mel, specialises in Women’s Health & Fitness, Pre & Post Natal Exercise, Pelvic Floor & Diastasis Recti Correction. She also features Holistic Health Restore. Programming is specifically aimed at Pelvic floor & Core Fitness for every woman at any phase of her life. No matter if you have just had a baby or if your baby is now at college, the Holistic Core Restore® range of programs will help bring back your control and a life full of movement. Programming is geared toward Pelvic floor & Core Fitness for every woman at any phase of her life.

Contact Mel for further enquiries.

Fitness Trails in Paisley

Paisley is blessed with some beautiful scenery and there are plenty of trails around the city that allow fitness enthusiasts to get the most out of them. The mapmywalk website provides details of the major walks that are on offer, along with maps and other key information.

Paisley also provides many running trails. These can be found on the mapmyrun website.

The Paisley Hillwalking Club is one of the oldest, largest and friendliest walking clubs in all of Scotland. While they don’t organise led walks, they will arrange trips and accommodation and suggest hills or ranges you might like to try. If you’re new to the hills, they we will look for suitable companions for you to get started.

Abbey Mill Fitness Club

Abbey Mill Fitness Club is a popular fitness centre in Paisley that offers general gym and personal training options. Since 2016 they have also been operating the Abbey Mill Run Club. They cater for all fitness running levels from couch to marathon runners. So, if running is your thing or you fancy giving it a go, there is no better place to be. The cost is £6 per run or £22 p/m for unlimited runs (includes gym membership, direct debit, no contract).

Contact details for Abbey Mill Fitness Club are:

Abbey Mill Business Centre

12 Seedhill Road





Bootcamps in Paisley

MissBikiniScotland Bootcamp

Miss Bikini Scotland are an exclusive bootcamp for the ladies that operate out of facilities on Blackstoun Road. The trainers there have gotten some great reviews, with lots of variety and plenty of ongoing challenges to keep you working intensely.

Contact them by phone at 44 7464 709286.

Harry McAdam Personal Training

Harry McAdam is a local personal trainer in Paisley who operates a regular boot camp in a local park. He is based at a fitness studio at 10 Lawn Street. Contact Harry about his bootcamp classes at 44 7585 977438.

The Home Training Option

As we’ve discovered, Paisley has plenty to offer in terms of fitness training facilities. But what if exercising in public is not your thing? Well, you’re not alone. A lot of people prefer to get their sweat on in the privacy of their own homes. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to set up your own gym at home.

Over the last few years, there has been a huge improvement in the quality of home fitness equipment being offered in the marketplace. The result is that setting up a home gym is now within the reach of people with even the most modest of budgets.

Here is what you will want to invest in to set yourself up with a fully functional personal gym at home:

  • Some form of cardio machine
    • We recommend a stair stepper or rowing machine
  • A power rack and barbell combo
    • Also recommend adding a weight bench as this combo will help cover 90% of resistance training
  • Adjustable dumbbells

If you’re got a more modest budget, and you’re just getting started with working out. Invest in some resistance bands for resistance training. Believe it or not, you can get in a fantastic workout with just using resistance bands and anchoring them against a doorway or something similar. Throw in a jump rope and you’ll have a great home workout for less than $100!