Current key positions: Marketing, Communications and new media

Every business venture out there is out to make profits.  And to achieve this, it is of great importance to create enough publicity for the goods and services they offer to their prospective clients and the general public. Such publicity, however, can mainly be achieved by adequate marketing and communication enough to generate sales leads.

How then do they achieve this?

Due to this generic need by all businesses, irrespective of the industry and area of specialization, there is a need to have professional personnel to handle these core business aspects. Such an individual must be able to effectively create marketing strategies, techniques and plans which when communicated to prospective clients, is capable of generating sales leads.

Marketing refers to all the aspects of promoting and selling the products and services offered by a business organization. It includes brand awareness, advertising, market research, etc. it is the process of effectively communicating the concepts of a good or service to potential customers and clients.

Communication refers to the process of ensuring information passes from one source to another through a means which is understood by both parties- the sender and the receiver. This means could be in the form of signs, symbols, sounds or graphics images depending on what needs to be communicated.

How do you become an employee in these key positions?

Going by the above explanation of what communication is, it is safe to conclude it is the second bedrock of marketing, right after understanding the product or service to be marketed. Therefore, an individual looking to occupy any of the trending positions in marketing, and communications, especially in countries like Italy, need to understand the concepts of marketing and effective marketing communication fully.

Such an individual must be able to carry out market researches, understand the employer’s product(s), identify prospective customers and clients, and effectively communicate all there is to them in a convincing manner such that they are convinced to make purchases. Only then can he be referred to as capable for such positions.

Employers, most times, prefer to see evidence of formal training in marketing and communications before employing applicants. Due to the high competition among applicants for the available job posts, it is more advisable to possess not just a Bachelor’s degree but a higher degree such as Master’s and others above it.

If you are a prospective applicant for such job positions in Italy, a Master in Marketing and Communication in Italy might be a good way to have an edge over others. Such a qualification will serve as evidence and proof to the employer that you are well trained enough to carry out the activities involved in carrying out your duties in such a position.

Other skills that might be fundamental in getting employed in such a post include public speaking, social media marketing, marketing tools and strategies, spreadsheet skills, data processing, analysis and interpretation and public relations among others.

In a nutshell, one of the key positions with high salaries, and opportunities is in marketing and communications and higher qualifications and possession of related skill sets will help in easily securing a place in there.