7 Rules Of A Boys’ Night Out For A Great Time In Paisley

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A boys’ night out is something that every man needs from time to time. No matter what responsibilities they may have at home, sometimes it’s just fun to go out with likeminded males and run off some testosterone. In fact, spending time with people just like us is good for our health, studies have shown, and as long as these nights out are done sparingly so that everyone in and out of the home is happy, they can be wonderful ways to get together with friends, enjoy some male bonding, and have a chance to really let your hair down. If you want to socialise with your male friends in Paisley, here are some rules to follow to ensure it’s a great night out.


Drive Safely

Safety on a night out with the boys is of paramount importance, and driving is all a part of that. If you’re not going to share a taxi or use public transport, then you should always have a designated driver, and that person shouldn’t drink during the evening. If you have a friend who doesn’t drink anyway and is happy to take on the job whenever you go out then the ‘problem’ is easily solved, but if everyone wants to enjoy a beer or two, then you will need to work out in advance who is doing the driving.


It’s also important to ensure that you rotate this duty so that everyone gets a chance to have a drink on your nights out and everyone is the driver in turn. If you really can’t decide and no one wants to volunteer then organise your transport in advance so that you don’t get stuck somewhere and can’t get home.


Keep Everyone Together

It’s really easy to get lost on a night out, especially if drinking has been involved, so that means there is all the more reason to keep the group together and not let anyone wander off. Specific circumstances may mean that people do go and do their own thing; they might want to visit an escort which has its own set of rules, and you can read more here, for example. Even if this does happen, you still need to leave each venue as a group, so organise a central meeting place and don’t move on to the next place until everyone is there.


Avoid Trouble

When you go out with the boys you want to have fun and enjoy yourself, so why ruin it by looking for trouble? Keep to yourself and keep the peace and you’ll have a much better time. If there are volatile members of the group, then you simply need to stay away from places that might see a lot of testosterone flying around such as strip clubs and illegal raves. Don’t go anywhere or do anything that is against the law and enjoy one another’s company – doing this means you’ll all get home safely and happily, ready to do it again the next time an outing is arranged.


Watch The Money

Although you can’t really tell your friends what they can and can’t spend, try to ensure that everyone pays fairly rather than splitting the bill equally. If you know that one of your mates is less well off than the others, go for a cheaper venue and not an expensive restaurant that might make them uncomfortable and cause them problems when you come to pay. A cheap eatery is just as much fun as a pricey one when you’re all together again and enjoy one another’s company.


If you go somewhere that’s all about spending money, such as a casino, then it might be wise to set a limit – either time or cash. If anyone went broke during the evening and couldn’t carry on to the next venue, it would be a big shame, and it would potentially ruin everyone’s evening.


Watch The Photos

Taking photos of every little thing is standard these days thanks to smartphones, but make sure you check through them before leaving them on your phone. Photos don’t tell the full story, but the imagination can easily (and often wrongly) fill in the blanks, so don’t cause a family row and make sure there is nothing untoward on your phone. If you’ve had a drink and your friends have got hold of your phone for any length of time, make sure that your social media pages are still intact too – you never know what statuses they may have written for you, and the sooner you can fix it the better for everyone!


Don’t Add People

You’ve gone out as a group, and the best advice is not to add anyone to that group, no matter how funny or like you they might be. The important thing to remember is that you don’t know this person who happened to be sitting near you in the bar or buying the same kind of drink at the club, and they don’t know you. Adding them to your tight friendship group, even if it’s just for one drink, can easily cause disputes that someone is sure not to like the idea. Plus, because you don’t know them, you have no idea whether they can be trusted or not. Hopefully, they are perfectly normal individuals with no ill intent, but it’s impossible to tell, so it’s best just to smile and wave and walk away, back to your own set of friends.


Call Home

If you have someone at home who will worry about you until you get back, consider sending them a message. It means you’re loved and that someone cares for you. Care for them too by calling to let them know you’re okay. If you’re going to be late, check in to keep them up to date so that they don’t have to spend hours waiting up, getting more and more concerned. If you can keep your partner informed of what’s going on, they will be far less likely to grill you about it when you get home, and it will save any arguments too.