The Best Holiday Spots For Nature Lovers

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Those that love nothing more than to be in the great outdoors will always see a holiday as an opportunity to get out in nature. Fortunately, you do not necessarily have to spend a fortune flying halfway around the world for this! There are many places throughout the UK that are perfect for nature lovers. After all, these islands are an incredible area of outstanding natural beauty with rolling hills, thick forests, dramatic coastlines and much more. Holiday’s spent on home turf in the UK gives you the choice of visiting the most beautiful natural areas. Plus, it will also be a great way to explore and recharge your batteries whether you are with that special someone, with your family or even travelling solo.


The Highlands


The Scottish Highlands encompassing northwest Scotland boast truly breathtaking and wild scenery, and it is one of the few places that you can find complete solitude. Getaways here are the ultimate escape, and there will be plenty to keep you entertained, such as trying to catch a glimpse of the mythical Loch Ness Monster, observing dolphins swimming at Chanonry Point or following the trails up Ben Nevis – the UK’s highest peak.




This vast moorland is a terrific example of England’s magnificent countryside with rolling hills, thick forests, huge lakes, wetlands and a craggy landscape. It is a superb place for a holiday as you can spend your time walking and taking in the mesmerising views or relaxing in the quaint and charming villages nearby.


Lake District


The Lake District in North West England is a popular holiday destination, and it is easy to see why with such picture-perfect scenery, impressive lakes, forests and mountains. If you are looking for somewhere special, you could always consider holiday lodges to buy Lake District which will give you somewhere to retreat to whenever you please. These holiday lodges are the perfect base for exploring or simply a lovely spot for taking in the views and breathing in the fresh air.


New Forest


The New Forest in southeast England is a beautiful spot with thick forests, heathland, unenclosed pasture land and charming villages. There are plenty of things to see and do in the New Forest, and it is a popular spot with families thanks to the wide range of adventurous activities with cycling being a particularly popular activity.




Those that love to be by the sea will adore Pembrokeshire in the southwest of Wales thanks to its dramatic coastline and beautiful beaches. It also boasts a national park, an abundance of rare wildlife and friendly towns. There is a peacefulness here which is hard to find anywhere else in the UK, and this makes it an ideal place for a relaxing holiday.


Nature lovers are spoilt for choice when looking at holiday spots in the UK, but the five above are a selection of the best destinations that showcase the great natural beauty found throughout these stunning islands. These holiday destinations are perfect for getting out into nature and they are sure to be both relaxing and rewarding holidays that you will always remember fondly.