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Investigating differences in recovery from flooding that exist between Paisley and Kirkintilloch with relation to variation in socio-economic class.

Paisley food Festival
My name is Aimee Lavery and I am an honours student at The University of Glasgow in my third year of studies in the school of Geographical and Earth Sciences.

You are formally invited to take part in a research project regarding the effects that the flooding of The River Kelvin and White Cart Water has on surrounding areas. The project will also look at recovery from flooding in these areas and investigate how these effects are managed after flooding events.

Your participation is entirely voluntary. You can refuse or withdraw participation at any time.

What is required of participants? 
You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire which will feature a series of questions relating to flooding in your area and any personal impacts you may have experienced as a result. The questionnaire should take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time to complete.

How is information used? 
Information obtained in the questionnaires will be used to provide further information on the subject area which is absent in available secondary information sources. This method of primary research will provide information from multiple perspectives. The information collected will be used to aid the writing of an undergraduate dissertation due in December 2018.

In order to protect your information, your identity will remain anonymous throughout the process. In addition, I will be the only individual with access to personal data, and all data will be stored on a personal, password-protected computer in order to preserve information confidentiality. Information given through interview processes should be given willingly and therefore you are able to refuse questions if you do not wish to answer them.

Further information 
Please do not hesitate to contact myself at: 2205353L@student.gla.ac.uk, should you have any queries regarding the project.

Should you wish to obtain further information about the project, you can contact my advisor of studies, Dr. Martin Hurst at: Martin.Hurst@glasgow.ac.uk.

Should you have any concerns about how the research of the project was conducted, you can contact the College Ethics Committee through Dr. Emma Laurie at: Emma.Laurie@glasgow.ac.uk.