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Gambling in a Nutshell


Gambling as an activity has been present since the earliest human civilizations. Some pieces of evidence date even back to Mesopotamia, where the earliest six-sided dice was discovered, and it’s estimated that it is around 5000 years old! Card games and dominoes were very popular in China in the 10th century and Japan in the 14th century. Poker, which can be considered as one of the most desirable games around the globe, dates back to 1600’s and it is considered that it evolved from its predecessor As-Nas, which was an ancient Persian game. So, as one can notice, gambling has always been one of the most popular secondary activities for all kinds of society members.

The first ever established casino on the European soil is known by the name of Ridotto. It was founded back in the 17th century in Venice, under the condition that it provides the services during the carnival season only. On the American continent playing for money emerged somewhere in the 19th century and it was performed in the establishments called saloons. In 20th century casino playing begun its legalization process in the United States, starting with the State of Nevada.

Technological improvements and discoveries didn’t bypass this industry. The progress in the IT industry led to the establishment of the first ever online casino back in 1994. This event turned the market literally upside-down. More and more people started turning towards online playing for real money, which led to further market development that has brought outstanding games offered by excellent online casinos, such as the BETAT Casino.

Online Betting in Europe

The year 1992 was important for the European market because that’s when the members of the EU had their first discussion about the regulations of these activities. However, the final decision was that there will be no forming of the special EU gambling sector that will pass legal acts to which each state will have to be obliged. Each state has the complete autonomy in the regulation of casino services.


The abbreviation EGBA stands for the European Gaming and Betting Association. This organization represents all EU licensed operators in the field of online casino playing and betting. It consists of seven online corporations and possesses three affiliates, which are, in fact, national associations such as the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association.

The main goal of the EGBA is to create and provide a secure and dependable online casino environment for the players. This is achieved through regulating consumer protection and offers brought by online casinos, which should be “attractive enough to appeal to the maximum number of players so as to channel them away from unregulated offers”.

National Jurisdictions

Europe is known for a large number of online jurisdictions, given the fact that countries have the autonomy when passing the legal acts. Before we continue further, let’s bring to mind a few facts about jurisdictions: jurisdictions represent certain regions in which the industry is being regulated through various legislations. Each jurisdiction usually possesses an organization that issues and regulates operating licenses. Well, Europe is home to a large number of jurisdictions. However, some of them can be considered as members of the EU, while the others are totally independent. The following jurisdictions are EU members: Alderney, Gibraltar, Isle of Man and Malta. Additional details about the jurisdictions in this industry can be found by visiting Gambling Sites.


Casino Services in the UK


All casino services in the United Kingdom are under the regulations of the Gambling Commission (UKGC), formed by the Gambling Act, which was passed back in 2005.

The Gambling Act had three main objectives to fulfill: to prevent gambling to become a source or to become associated with crime or disorder, to ensure fair casino services and to protect children and sensitive persons from this activity.

The act also brought the UK Gambling Commission, which became responsible for overseeing the market participants through issuing licenses to both land-based and online casinos. The UKGC doesn’t only issue licenses, it also revokes them and thoroughly monitors currently issued licenses just in order to ensure the whole industry is fair and secure for the players, as well as efficient.

Although the Gambling Act forbids services to all operators not licensed by the UKGC, there are several exceptions. The following jurisdictions are put on the whitelist and operators licensed by them can provide services to the UK customers: Alderney, EEA, Gibraltar, Antigua & Barbuda, Tasmania, and Isle of Man.


As one can notice, casino playing is a strictly regulated activity, mostly towards the player’s protection and safety. And all in order to provide a perfect environment for everyone to enjoy his favorite game!

A new customer service excellence training scheme has been launched to ensure Paisley is primed to welcome visitors to its events and attractions in the coming years.

Paisley Welcomes Event 23.5.18

Customer experience is a key part of any visitor’s impressions of a place and the new Paisley Welcomes programme will provide enhanced training to those coming into contact with visitors covering everyone from volunteers and hospitality and leisure workers to retail staff and taxi drivers.

The Paisley Welcomes project is a key pillar of the Renfrewshire Visitor Plan 2018-2021. The programme is an online module which covers both customer service training and information about Paisley and Renfrewshire. The training is open to individuals as well as businesses.

Interested parties can register for the online module. The first 2,000 people to sign up will be able to complete it free of charge as Renfrewshire Council and Scottish Enterprise are helping to fund the scheme. A wide range of users can benefit from taking part – from school leavers wishing to develop their skills through to front of house staff who are often the first point of contact for visitor questions.

The overall aim is to create a consistent customer experience, but it will also encourage cross-selling leading to visitors staying longer and spending more, and create repeat visitation.

Leader of Renfrewshire Council, Councillor Iain Nicolson, said: “The Paisley Welcomes skills development project offers a great opportunity for individuals and businesses to showcase the very best of Paisley and Renfrewshire and is one of the pillars of the Visitor Plan. The project will also support the delivery of a number of key strategic priorities over the next three years – including the Paisley 2021 Legacy Plan and the Renfrewshire Events Strategy.

“It is a great opportunity for businesses to enhance their customer offer and I would encourage all interested parties to register for the project and take advantage of the first 2,000 free training places subsidised by the council and Scottish Enterprise.”

Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive, Bob Grant, said: “This is a great opportunity for businesses in Renfrewshire to get involved to provide the best experience possible for visitors while helping upskill staff in the area. We know that businesses want help to improve their services and customer offer and this is a fantastic opportunity to put our best foot forward.”

The programme is based on the well-established Glasgow Welcomes best practice, which all of the Commonwealth Games volunteers went through. It supports the drive for destination development but also supports the new focus on the wider Glasgow City Region development.

A number of local businesses have already voiced their support for the project and have pledged to sign up for the module.

The Glynhill Hotel and Leisure Club General Manager, Graeme Gibson, said “We will be putting our staff through the Paisley Welcomes training. The more economically vibrant the area is the greater the opportunities are for us as a business. It will enable us to engage with other businesses as well as upskill our team which will in turn help grow the local economy and we will benefit as a natural result of that.”

Local restauranteur, Colette Cardosi, said: “Our staff are passionate about Paisley and about their service. Paisley Welcomes will help enhance the skills our staff already have and enable them to provide an enhanced level of excellent service so that customers feel welcome and well looked-after whenever they come into any of our establishments.

“Another major benefit of Paisley Welcomes is that is enhances consistency and excellence across the board and encourages a more collaborative, partnership approach to local businesses working together.”

There is consistency and passion across the board. Working in partnership with other local businesses – joining businesses up collaborative approach with other business owners all about community and reaching out Welcomes enhances that consistency with other local businesses.

The town’s UK City of Culture 2021 bid generated profile and positivity and established the idea that Paisley can harness the power of our culture and heritage assets to transform the area’s future.

The new destination brand will continue the work to transform place perceptions by signposting residents and visitors to everything Paisley and Renfrewshire has to offer. This can only work if the whole area works together to do so.

To find out more or to sign up please visit:

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Launching a start up is an enormous moment and one which will fill any entrepreneur with great pride whether it is their first company or they have started a few. It can also be a scary time as there is a huge amount of work to be done and you also hear many horror stories of start ups falling flat straight out the gate, but this does not have to be your experience provided you follow good advice and work hard. There are a few helpful tips and tricks that any experienced entrepreneur will use when first launching the company and these can help you to get off on the right foot:


Find A Gap In The Market


First, you need to know the market inside out so that you know how you can thrive. Carrying out thorough market research so that you can identify a gap in the market, who your target customer is and what your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses are will put you in a good position to succeed straight off the bat.


Utilise Internet Marketing


The biggest challenge that start ups face is getting noticed and especially when operating in a fiercely competitive industry with big names. This is where internet marketing is a secret weapon as it allows small businesses to boost their visibility online and compete with the biggest names in the industry. You will want to find an agency, like Click Intelligence, that offers SEO, paid search, paid social and similar services so that you can benefit from powerful long and short-term results. Additionally, you will need an expertly designed website that is clean, attractive, up to date and easy to navigate. This can all cost a fair sum, but it is money well spent for start ups looking to get noticed immediately.


Brand Identity


You will also need a strong brand identity if you are to succeed and particularly if your company provides similar products/services to the competition. Creating a strong brand identity that will appeal to your target audience will help your company by enticing the consumer to your brand and also helping your company to stick in their mind. Creating a strong brand identity will mean having a pleasing name, a great slogan, a high-quality logo and an appropriate personality for your industry.


Get Involved In The Local Community


Having a strong presence online and being active across social media is important, but you shouldn’t forget about getting out and involved in the local community to increase brand awareness. This could include hosting a BBQ, supporting local causes, putting on lectures and generally getting involved with the public to paint your organisation in a positive light.


Follow the above advice and it will help your start up to hit the ground running and gain a large following. It can be very difficult for a new company to get noticed in a competitive marketplace, but with careful planning and smart use of money, you can stand out from the crowd and appeal to a huge base.

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Life can be incredibly expensive and unpredictable. There are times where you may need to quickly boost your income, and this could be to pay for an emergency repair, purchase a new car or simply to cover you for the month. This can be incredibly stressful and particularly when you do not have access to any savings, but there are a few options available to you. If you are suffering from restless nights and are keen to find ways to boost your income, read on for a few tips on how you can go about doing this.


Get Another Job


One way to boost your income is to take on a side job. This can be difficult and particularly if you are currently in full-time employment, but there are lots of great ways to enhance your income. Part-time jobs like bartending or driving for Uber can be good options, but you could also opt for various online jobs such as freelance writing, or web design, for example.


Ask For A Raise Or Look For Promotion


If you have been in the same position and on the same salary for a long time, you could ask your employer for a raise. This can be intimidating, but you will not receive one if you do not ask so strike up the courage and you could be pleasantly surprised. Alternatively, look to climb the ladder via a promotion to see if you could earn more money this way.


Take Out A Loan


If you need access to a large sum of money quickly, you might find that a loan is your best bet as these can be a fast and easy way to quickly boost your income. You can find loans with no guarantor if you would prefer and these can be highly flexible in the amount of money that you borrow and the repayment terms.


Sell Personal Items/Assets


It is now incredibly easy to head online to sell your personal items, and this can be a great way to improve your income whilst de-cluttering your house. If you need a large sum, you could consider selling assets like your car.


Rent Out A Room


The rise of sites like Airbnb has made it incredibly easy for people to rent out a spare room and this is a fantastic way to boost your monthly income provided that you do not mind sharing your home with someone on a short-term basis. If you have a holiday home, you could also rent this out as a way to bring more money in each month.


These are your main options if you want to boost your income. They are all effective, but particularly if you do them in combination with one another, as this may soon see your financial situation change for the better. Money can be a huge stress and particularly when you need to be earning more or if there is an unexpected expenditure, but there are always options available to you.

FANS of the ITV2 Love Island show can watch the series finale on Monday night on a big screen at their very own beach party.

The event is being hosted at the indoor beach that’s been created in Soar at intu Braehead this summer.
Everyone is invited to come along and have some fun as they watch the finale of the hugely-popular TV show.

There will be music, beach games and giveaways, food and drink sampling, sofas and pink flamingo pool floaties to sit on, as well as a photo booth.

The Summer Beach Party, on Monday, July 30, begins at 6pm with loads of fun activities until the show starts at 9pm.

Kellie Lauder, intu Braehead’s assistant marketing manager said: “Love Island is probably one of the most talked-about TV shows just now.

“And what better way to watch the series finale that to get some of your friends together and have a beach party, as we eagerly await to find out who this year’s winners are.”

The latest phase of Renfrewshire Council’s £1m investment in free public wifi internet has rolled out – with Renfrew town centre the latest place to get the service.

Visitors to Renfrew now have fast and easy access to internet from key outdoor areas in the heart of the town – as part of a wider push to make local town centres more attractive places to visit

The Renfrewshire Council free public wifi is active on High Street from the town hall to Queen St, and on Hairst Street/Canal Street between the junctions with Inchinnan Road and Station Road.

The service went live in the area around Johnstone High Street and Town Hall earlier this year, and will be switched on in key outdoor areas in Paisley town centre next month.

The free wifi can also be accessed within many public buildings around the area – including town halls, libraries, council offices and some children’s homes.

Renfrewshire Council’s deputy leader Jim Paterson visited Renfrew town centre to test it out for himself, and said: “The council made this investment in free public wifi across our three biggest town centres to make them more attractive places to visit and drive footfall to local businesses.

“We live in an increasingly-connected world and access to fast, reliable internet is now an everyday necessity for many.

“This service is already proving popular in Johnstone and we are delighted Renfrew town centre can now benefit too, with Paisley to follow soon.”

Iain Kerr, operations manager of Braehead-based Boston Networks, the firm who installed and will maintain the new service, added: “We are delighted to have completed the latest phase of the project, which will see high speed wifi internet access rolled out throughout Renfrew town centre.

“As a Renfrewshire business, we’re thrilled to be working in close partnership with the council to design and deliver these fantastic new digital public services.

“This will not only provide free internet access for residents, but will deliver multiple benefits for local businesses; offering visitors to the town centre and public buildings fast and easy access to information on local services and events. “

The free outdoor public wifi will complement the internet connections already available inside buildings and private businesses, by extending coverage to outdoor areas.

Miro Tramita, manager of popular restaurant and bar Luna Rossa, which has outdoor seating within the wifi area, added: “It’s definitely going to help bring business into the town.

“More and more these days, people come into the restaurant and one of the first things they ask for is the wifi password and that’s especially the case if they have kids.”

The service is open to anyone with a wifi-enabled device within the coverage zone –  just find ‘Renfrewshire Public Wifi’ in your list of available networks and connect. First-time users will have to accept the terms and conditions but after that you will connect automatically.

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As much as you may try to minimise, push away, or even outright deny it, modern life comes with an ever-mounting amount of stress, no matter type of life you may lead. Whether you’re a stay at home parent or a busy corporate executive, there will always be stressful situations you have to face, but the only difference is what form these stresses take. One thing that is often misunderstood about stress is that it has as much to do with the body as it does with the mind and many approaches to coping only involve dealing with your headspace. The body is where you will physically carry stress and everything from what you eat to the amount of rest you get each day will drastically impact how much stress you are under and how well you deal with it. In this short guide, you will learn three ways of reducing stress in your body that are simple and easy to achieve on a day to day basis, so you can start seeing the results as soon as possible.

The role of diet

Your diet will impact everything you do in life because what you eat fuels every action and activity you will ever do. When it comes to dealing with the pressures and anxieties of life, what you eat can either help or hinder your ability to cope, so it is important to understand the ways diet can help to reduce stress. For example, when the body is stressed, it begins to need more protein than when you are calm. By making sure you eat between 0.7 to 1.8 grams of protein for every kilogram of body weight each day, it will help your system deal with the pressure. Similarly, avoiding things like excess sugar and caffeine will be beneficial, and it won’t add to the high blood pressure and palpitations that accompany the extremes of stress.

Regular exercise

There have been many reputable studies that prove exercise reduces stress. Therefore, a good idea is to start building some gentle exercise into your daily routine so you can get rid of excess adrenalin and clear your head, all while keeping healthy. One starting idea is to quit the bus (or car) and start either walking or cycling to work. This way, you don’t have to make any radical changes to your lifestyle but still can work in some invigorating physical activity every day.

Taking care of your body

Of course, taking care of your body doesn’t just mean that you need to eat better and get some exercise. One of the best things you can do when it comes to stress is to tackle the physical tension head-on by getting some professional help. One great idea is to book a body massage in Enfield which can aid in the relaxation of muscles and easing tension, all while giving your mind a break from worrying as you indulge in some ‘you time.’

Taking care of stress starts with taking care of your body, so what’s stopping you from starting right now?

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PayPal is a popular online financial service that is used to facilitate commercial transactions through a secure internet account. To open an account with this system, a user needs to add their account information such as their bank accounts, credit card or debit card details. Each time the user makes a payment, they are at liberty to choose any of their bank accounts, debit or credit cards to use. A PayPal account holder may set a default card which will be used unless otherwise chosen.   

This online payment system allows its users to complete a financial transaction from a vast number of online and high street stores including petrol stations, restaurants, and market traders. Other than facilitating payments, the service can also be used to receive money from other sources. For instance, any money that is received from other sources will sit in the user’s account and may be used to pay for goods. The funds may also be transferred to any of the assigned cards or accounts.

PayPal has made its way as a popular payment method in the online casino community. It is supported by the largest and most reputable casinos on the web. Players can gamble with this payment method at

A small levy is chargeable when money is received into your PayPal account. But this charge only applies in instances where the account is being credited. Most of the other transactions are free. For instance, a user can send money to a family member for free as long as no currency conversion is required during the transaction.

The payment system also has accounts designated for business owners. These accounts have specialized features that have been adapted to the dynamic nature of the business. Other company’s products include PayPal credit which allows users to pay for items without funds in their accounts.

PayPal Credit

This is a new service that allows PayPal users to access goods and pay for services even when they do not have funds in their accounts. The service acts as a brief loaning system where PayPal deducts the advanced credit once funds are credited in the user’s account. At the moment, the service holds a purchase interest rate of 17% per annum. However, the system will not charge any interest on purchases over 150 Euros within four months. If the advanced funds are paid back within the stipulated four months, the user will only pay the advanced funds without interests.

Trust: the Pillar to Success of this Payment System

The payment company collects information about:

  • Transaction and experience information
  • Participant Information
  • Registration and use information
  • Information about friends and contacts
  • Information about you from third parties
  • Information about if you transact as a guest
  • Information that is forfeited by the user

All this information is collected in a bid to make the service more convenient for the user. For instance, contacts list and friend’s lists which are usually linked to the user’s account help to improve the experience of the user.

The law requires that PayPal retains some personal data of clients for specific spans of time. The business may also choose to retain the data for analytical purposes. When such colossal information is left under the custody of a company, it might be difficult to operate without trust.

Legal reasons also compel the business to keep some data. It is for this reason that some services may not want to cooperate with them for fear of their illegal activities coming to light. An excellent example of this would be an online gambling establishment which is used to launder money. Of course, such an establishment will not want to work with PayPal. This is because they have a transparency policy when money can be traced back to its source. This is not good for business.

It also takes a substantial level of trust to allow all of the above-listed information to be submitted by the user. In this information age, power is driven by information and is, therefore, a fast-moving commodity.

In offering their credit services, this firm relies on the trust and goodwill of its users. If the users do not return the funds, then the financial company will collapse. The trust is a two-way street.  


PayPal users will have access to some perks because some store all over the world, offer deals and a special promotion that avail reduced interest rates.

The Benefits of this Payment System

  1. This system is one of the oldest financial services operating on the internet. This sustainable reputation has a connotation towards their service delivery. You will find many online stores casinos and other institutions that bear the pay by PayPal option.
  2. Sellers using this method are protected from buyers with bad faith. For example, if a buyer alleges that they have not received something that the seller sent by post yet they have proof that it was sent, they can keep the whole purchase price.
  3. Similarly, it protects the buyer if an item bought online is not what the buyer expected or is not delivered.
  4. It provides security for payments. This is because by using the service, a buyer does not divulge any personal information to the store. Instead, only a PayPal log-in and password is required to make the payment.

Final Comments

PayPal has been in operation for over a decade. In this period, it has made a name for itself in the financial world. However, like most online commercial transactions, there has to be trusted from both ends: the customer and the service provider.

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MSP George Adam

Zero Waste Scotland Holding Events To Gather Public Views

Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, has called on people across Paisley to get involved with the latest series of events to gather views on the proposed bottle deposit return scheme.

The Scottish Government is currently consulting on the scope of a deposit return scheme, to boost recycling and cut plastic waste – with the proposal being that customers would pay a deposit when they purchase a product, which would be refunded when the item is recycled. The scheme already operates in many other parts of Europe.

Zero Waste Scotland is now hosting a series of events across the country, including in Paisley, to give people across Scotland the chance to put forward their views on the scheme.

Commenting, George said:

“A deposit return scheme has huge potential to help us meet our recycling goals, as well as tackling the scourge of plastic litter and waste on our landscape.

“The issue of plastic pollution, particularly in our water, has become well known in recent months, as the impact of the problem was brought to light by Blue Planet last year.

“And it is of course an issue that affects us right here in Paisley – and the deposit return scheme can make a real difference.

“Zero Waste Scotland’s events across the country give us all a chance to give our views on the scheme, how it could work and how it can be implemented.

“We all have a stake in protecting and preserving our planet – and the bottle deposit return scheme is one small step we can take in the fight against plastic pollution.”

7 Tips for A Non-Stop Social Life That Still Allow You to Keep Your Monthly Savings


If you’re one of those guys or gals who have a nonstop social life, you may find that it has a serious negative impact on your finances. Granted, we all want to pay our bills and have a bit of money left over to put away for retirement—or perhaps a closer goal like an upcoming vacation—but you can’t always kill two squirrels with one bullet, which means you’ll often have to decide between allocating funds toward your savings, or for an upcoming party or pub crawl.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! That’s right, the quandary of where exactly to allocate your hard-earned pounds does not have to be so difficult. Here are seven great ways to maintain your active social life, and still have money left over for savings.

Go Local with Music…Go Free


If you like music, you may be one of those types that likes to grab a few friends and head off to a concert. Tickets can be pricey, and then, of course, all those ancillary expenses come up, like parking, food, drinks, and the obligatory on-tour t-shirt.


Have you considered ditching the expensive concert scene and opting in for some free and local entertainment? Chances are there are plenty of festivals, open-mics, and musical extravaganzas happening within a five-mile radius of your home at parks, restaurants, and pubs. These venues are often free, and the drinks and food will be cheaper too. You’ll also be able to sit closer to the stage and might even discover some new talent you really like!


Outdoor Fun


This one is a bit seasonal, or at least it would seem to be. Hiking, biking, team sports, and even walking are great ways to connect with friends in an active, healthy, and freeway. You can even participate in or organize a tournament that might end in a celebratory potluck or barbecue, extending the social enjoyment of the day without increasing the price of the outing.


Dinner Party Potluck


What better way to avoid all the costs associated with a night on the town (the usual three of parking, beer, and food) than having a social gathering right in the comfort of your own home! Usually hosting a dinner party could get pricey, between all the food and beverages you might feel obligated to serve, not to mention the decorations, if you’re a particularly detailed host that likes the idea of thematic content. But a potluck party lightens your financial obligations in the matter, and also allows you to have a great night out with friends.


Game Night


Everybody has a child at heart buried deep within their adult selves, even if they seem super uptight and business-like on the outside. Gather the friends together for a bottle of wine, an assortment of cheeses, and a game of Monopoly, Scrabble, or Parcheesi. Loosen the ties, roll up the sleeves, and gather around the table for some totally free entertainment that lasts for hours.


Museum Going


While attractions like the amusement park can come with a steep price tag, if you’re down for some one-on-one time with a special loved one or family member, museums can be a great alternative. Many times, they’re even free! The paintings, sculptures, and displays can stir up some interesting conversation, and usually the variety of collections is so extensive, you’ll have a free, or at the very least inexpensive, activity to do all afternoon. Most museums also have a reasonably priced cafe or restaurant on premises as well.


Book Clubs


This is a great activity that can often be found at your local library. You can buy you own copy of the book if you’d like, or you can just check it out from the library for free. It’s a great way to meet people, share ideas, and socialize in a structured context that won’t put a serious dent in your wallet, although it will increase your brain power. Even better, the opportunity to meet new people can yield fresh possibilities for socializing outside the contexts your normally familiar with, such as work, which is great news for people who like to try exciting new things.


Look for Deals


Despite these great, inexpensive or free options for socializing, sometimes you will still need to get out and do something special that can only be bought with a little more investment, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your monthly savings commitment in favor of having a little much needed fun. Check out websites like Groupon and their Groupon discount codes to see what coupons are being offered for local events in your area. Whether it’s taking the kids to the zoo, a special date to see the band that did that song you had your first dance to, or a short holiday to the beach, you can probably find a voucher or coupon that will take a serious chunk off the price.


MSP George Adam

Paisley’s MSP, George Adam, has called on people across Paisley to get involved with the latest series of events to gather views on the proposed bottle deposit return scheme.

The Scottish Government is currently consulting on the scope of a deposit return scheme, to boost recycling and cut plastic waste – with the proposal being that customers would pay a deposit when they purchase a product, which would be refunded when the item is recycled. The scheme already operates in many other parts of Europe.

Zero Waste Scotland is now hosting a series of events across the country, including in Paisley, to give people across Scotland the chance to put forward their views on the scheme.

Commenting, George said:

“A deposit return scheme has huge potential to help us meet our recycling goals, as well as tackling the scourge of plastic litter and waste on our landscape.

“The issue of plastic pollution, particularly in our water, has become well known in recent months, as the impact of the problem was brought to light by Blue Planet last year.

“And it is of course an issue that affects us right here in Paisley – and the deposit return scheme can make a real difference.

“Zero Waste Scotland’s events across the country give us all a chance to give our views on the scheme, how it could work and how it can be implemented.

“We all have a stake in protecting and preserving our planet – and the bottle deposit return scheme is one small step we can take in the fight against plastic pollution.”