A team of young people are aiming to improve mental health services by leading a study, commissioned by the Scottish Government. This comes as part of the 10 year Mental Health Strategy launched last year.

Cllr Jim Paterson

In a partnership between the Scottish Government, Young Scot and the Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH), 22 members of the Youth Commission on Mental Health Services will begin work this week in an effort to reshape the support available.
The Youth Commission will work together to develop recommendations for ministers and service providers on how child and adolescent mental health services can be improved.
Mental health is a key theme of the Scottish Governments Year of Young People 2018.
Renfrewshire Council’s Convener of Education and Children’s services Cllr Jim Paterson has welcomed this progress:
“I am pleased to see that this Commission will begin work this week. This is the Year of Young People 2018 in Scotland and it is extremely encouraging to know that this study will give young people the chance to shape and develop their own strategies and ideas on the best ways to improve mental health services for them.”
 “This commission gives an opportunity to deliver real change, based on evidence and experience, and create a society and health service that better meets the mental and physical health needs of our children and young people.”
“Here in Renfrewshire, the SNP fully understand that young people should be involved in decisions that affect them. I am very proud that Renfrewshire was one of the first local authorities to have a young person put forward a motion to Council which will see young people in Renfrewshire involved in the development of the Personal, Social and Health Education.”
Vice Chair of the Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Integration Joint Board Cllr Jacqueline Cameron added:
“Improving mental health in young people is a key aim for the SNP group in Renfrewshire Council and it is encouraging to know that future policy can be built around work undertaken by young people themselves.”
“The Scottish Government have been very supportive in the innovative ways that we can improve the mental health needs of our younger generations. This commission is a step forward in improving the mental health of young people in Renfrewshire.”