Jordan Stewart, Matthew Gibb and and Lisa Kowalski already have a few things in common. They are all talented and very hard working musicians who have been entertaining all ages at local charity, community and sports events for a number of years. They are also now linked together by the event they are organising and performing at in Paisley on 22nd April.

As part of Scotland‘s official national events programme to celebrate Scotland’s Year of Young People 2018, Jordan, Matthew and Lisa are hosting a Family Fun Day at the Wynd Centre in Paisley.

There will be music, dance displays and plenty of fun things for the kids to do. In addition, a number of local youth groups and organisations will be showcasing their activities. Confirmed so far are the YMCA, Active Communities, Music Broth, Jump Dance, PRIMA  and the local Scouts, with more still to come. The musical trio have obtained funding from the Create 18 events programme, a fund administered by a group of young people called Communic18, with support from Young Scot, on behalf of Event Scotland.

Jordan Stewart, the youngest of the group and driving force behind the idea, says:

Our aim for the event is to showcase local groups and organisations in our community that don’t charge a lot of money in order to get involved with them. There is free entry to the event and everyone is welcome”.

Jordan, Matthew and Lisa were all part of and benefited from the cultural activity and funding generated by the Paisley 2021 bid last year and each of them are keen to give back to the community and say thanks for all the support that they have received.  Jordan was honoured to perform at Paisley Abbey alongside esteemed local musician James Grant for last year’s Spree Festival and Lisa is ever grateful to the local people who took part in her Hearts of Gold music video, which has really helped showcase Paisley far and wide. Matthew has, thanks to the generosity of the Scottish public, been able to raise around £15,000 to date for charity through busking.

The Create18 fund has given young people an opportunity to support Year of Young People 2018 with an exciting event in the local area and the chance to generate better understanding and respect between the generations.

The event is taking place between 1 and 3 o clock on Sunday 22nd April and there is no need to pre-book.

For further details, please   see the following link:

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