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Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, is urging local people to come out in force to support Paisley Comic Con which is being held in the Paisley Town Hall on the 14th of April.

Last week, the Member of Paisley and Renfrewshire North, met with the organisers of the Paisley Comic Con – Alasdair Watson and Thom Wall – to find out what they have planned for this year’s event.

This is the second annual Paisley Comic Con and follows last year high successful event which saw over 2,000 people visit the town hall to meet with their favourite comic book stars.

Gavin Newlands, SNP MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North, said:

“It was good to meet with Alasdair and Thom to find out more about their plans for this year’s Paisley Comic Con.

“Over 2,000 people attended last year’s event and I know from meeting with the organisers that they have bigger and better plans to ensure that more people attend their follow-up event in the Paisley town hall.

“Paisley Comic Con is a great family day out and it’s good to see that they have a number of events on for small children. If you’re looking for something to do on Saturday 14th of April, I would recommend popping into the town hall for Paisley Comic Con.”

Paisley Comic Con, said:

“Our focus this year is really on making the event bigger, better, and more fun, as well as creating opportunities for people of all ages to get creative and tell their own stories. We’ve also expanded on the Festival of events around town, with fun activities throughout the Easter Holidays for young kids and grown-up kids alike!”

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Pirates are through to the SC Final after recovering from a 4 goal deficit in Aberdeen, to run out 9-7 aggregate winners in the Semi Final against Aberdeen Lynx

(image by Al Goold Photos)

Please see link below for further details

Post match interviews from Pirates v Aberdeen Lynx 24th March 2018, courtesy of George M Monaghan

STUDENTS who won an Apprentice-style challenge at intu Braehead have seen their business idea become a reality.

Pupils from Renfrew High School staged a Wipe Out Warrior event in Soar at intu Braehead at the weekend with profits being donated to the Classrooms for Malawi charity.

Visitors were given the chance to take part in a fun contest where two people sit on a giant pole facing each other above an inflatable landing pad and they try to knock each other off using a pillow.

And whoever stayed on the longest facing challengers went to the top of a leader board. Participants were asked to make a £1 donation to the pupils’ fundraising effort every time they had a go on Wipe Out Warrior. The students also organised for a busker to perform to provide entertainment to visitors to Soar during their event.

The Apprentice-style challenge was a joint initiative between Renfrew High and intu Braehead as part of the national Retail Matters Week campaign, last year.

And after the winning team was told “You’re Hired!” by intu Braehead’s operations manager, Paul Lucas, it was revealed that staff from the retail and leisure destination would help the teenagers put their business idea into action.

And yesterday’s event organised and run by the pupils was a hailed a success.
Paul Lucas said: “The students did a fantastic job from negotiating with the company, Maximillion Events for the hire of equipment; marketing, using leaflets, posters and social media; how the event would operate taking into account things like health and safety to attracting customers on the day and keeping financial records of sales.

“We were impressed when the students took part in the initial Apprentice-style challenge, but to see how they turned their idea into a reality – with a little help from ourselves – showed there are some budding entrepreneurs among the pupils that Lord Sugar would be proud of.”

Head teacher at Renfrew High, Billy Burke said: “We are very proud of the efforts of the S3 team involved inn the Business Partnership Project with intu Braehead.

“They had a great experience last year and were very excited to be delivering their idea for real.
“Thank you to everyone who came along and got involved on the day. We had great fun and lots of money was raised for an excellent charity.”

Royal National Mòd torchlight parade

Paisley will host the Royal National Mòd – the world’s largest celebration of Gaelic language and culture – in 2022, it was confirmed this evening.

Royal National Mòd torchlight parade paisley 2013

The announcement – made by organisers An Comunn Gàidhealach at their AGM in Inverness – will see the Mòd come to Paisley for only the second time, after a memorable debut in 2013 – held up as one of the best Mòds of recent years.

It has been confirmed last year that one of Paisley and Perth would host in 2021 and one in 2022, but the decision over which was delayed until now.

The news comes shortly after the launch of Paisley Is – the new destination brand and website for Paisley and Renfrewshire – which aims to sell the town as one of Scotland’s key destinations for visitors and events.

The Mòd 2022 will now form part of the expanded programme of events and festivals being rolled out across Renfrewshire over the next few years as part of the legacy of Paisley’s bid to be UK City of Culture 2021.

Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron – who sits on the local organising committee – said: “We are delighted the Royal National Mòd is coming back to Paisley in 2022.

“Paisley people are known as Buddies for a reason – a warm welcome for Gaels from across Scotland and beyond is guaranteed.

“The event’s one previous visit to Paisley – in 2013 – was the second-largest in its history, with 8,000 people over nine days, a £1.4m economic impact for the area, and a tremendous festival atmosphere around the town.

“Paisley’s bid to be UK City of Culture 2021 raised our profile as a key destination within Scotland. One of the ways we will build on that is by growing our already-successful events and festivals programme over the next few years – and the return of the Mòd will be a key date within that.”

John Morrison, chief executive of An Comunn Gàidhealach said: “We were in a unique position last year as to who would host the 2021 and 2022 Royal National Mòds.

“Both applications were extremely impressive, so the decision was made that each would become a host city, however, we would wait until the City of Culture announcement had been made before choosing which city would host which year.

“Paisley’s 2013 Royal National Mòd was widely perceived as one of the best in recent years by Mòd regulars, staff and competitors, so to be returning a second time will be fantastic.”

The Royal National Mòd 2018 begins on October 12 in Dunoon, running through to October 20, celebrating the best of Gaelic literature, music, singing, language and art, with competitions for all ages and abilities.

Every Renfrewshire community is being challenged to carry out a clean up of their area as Renfrewshire’s Big Spring Clean was launched today.

Launch of anti litter Initiative at Erskine Beach 16.3.18

Taking place across the weekend of 20-22 April, Renfrewshire’s Team Up to Clean Up campaign is aiming to host a clean up within every community to further enhance the environmental improvements which have taken place since the launch of the campaign.

Launch of anti litter Initiative at Erskine Beach 16.3.18

The initiative received renewed backing by Councillors when setting their budget recently as £2.5million was set aside for investment across the next five years – doubling the original £250,000 investment.

More than 50 community clean ups have taken place since the campaign launched with community groups across the area getting behind the initiative.

Launch of anti litter Initiative at Erskine Beach 16.3.18

The investment has also seen an increase in mechanical road sweeping to every two months, an improved programme of gully maintenance, an enhanced Rapid Response Team and six new litter pickers allocated across Renfrewshire.

Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, joined members of Erskine Community Garden and Renfrew White Cart River Bank Nature Spot to help launch the initiative.

Councillor McEwan said: “Since the Team Up to Clean Up campaign was launched, more than 50 community clean ups have taken place across Renfrew, Paisley, Erskine, Houston and many other areas including the villages.

“The community have shown a real willingness to come together and the Big Spring Clean will be our biggest event yet as we look to generate a real sense of togetherness within Renfrewshire as we tackle littering and fly tipping together.

“We are determined to improve the cleanliness of our streets which is why we have committed to investing an additional £500,000 every year for the next five years.

“This will allow the increased gully cleaning, road sweeping and litter picking to continue, while also allowing us to support the community in doing their bit to make their area a more attractive place to live.

“If you can arrange a clean up on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday then please do so and we’ll do all we can to help you. Otherwise, keep an eye on our website and Facebook page and join in with one of the others arranged over the weekend.”

Schools, businesses and community groups are all encouraged to organise a clean up in their area and the Team Up to Clean Up team will provide litter pickers, bags and tabards, as well as arranging to collect the gathered rubbish after the event is over.

The launch took place at Erskine Beach where Erskine Community Garden are set to follow up their Big Spring Clean activity with a beach clean up on 9 June.

Volunteer Heather Clisset said: “At Erskine Community Garden, we are delighted to be involved with the Team Up to Clean Up Big Spring Clean.

“Litter picks in our communities help us to make our towns and villages better places for ourselves, our neighbours and our wildlife. We would encourage anyone to get involved in a litter pick or spring clean activity as the end result is something to take pride in and get a feeling of accomplishment, seeing an area full of litter being transformed in a short time.

“Litter picks are a fantastic way to get outdoors, work as a team and make a difference. We always caution first time litter pickers, once you’ve done one litter pick; you will notice every single piece of litter everywhere else!

“So don’t leave it to someone else, join a team, or set up your own litter pick and support the Big Spring Clean.”

If you are arranging a clean up, please contact wardens.es@renfrewshire.gov.uk or 0300 300 1375 and we will assist you as much as possible.

For more information on the Team Up to Clean Up campaign and how to get involved, visit www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/teamuptocleanup or like the Team Up to Clean Up Facebook page.

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A new initiative could see library books and services being delivered to the homes of people who are housebound and isolated.

Renfrewshire Leisure hopes to introduce a new service after consultation has taken place with organisations that provide supportive care to people who are unable to get out of their homes.
Tablets could be used to access the thousands of titles available in local libraries and books could be delivered by those who make regular home visits to the housebound.

This new service would be financed from the re-investment of the resources made through Renfrewshire’s mobile library service being taken off the road from April 27th.

The decline in people using the mobile library service, the aging fleet and rising costs does not present value for money and new technology can help a wider group of people who are housebound and can’t access either a local or mobile library due to a lack of disability access.

The number of visits to the mobile library has dropped by 65% per cent in the past 5 years from 9,344 to 3,277.

Chief executive of Renfrewshire Leisure – which operates the local library service – Joyce McKellar said: “Along with Renfrewshire Council we have been investing heavily in our library service and we want to make sure the benefits of this investment are available to everyone – even if they can’t get out of their homes to visit a library.

“The mobile library service no longer makes best use of the money and resources and if we can re-invest the money from the current service to bring books and other library services to the housebound, then that is a better use.

“We’re committed to our libraries and we’re providing people with a modern and up-to-date service that includes not just borrowing books, but things like community spaces, access to computers and the internet along with digital learning suites.”

derek mackay MSP

Don’t miss final chance to submit 2017/2018 student funding applications

Renfrewshire MSP Derek Mackay has joined Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) to remind any students who have not yet submitted their 2017/2018 funding application, to do so before the 31st March deadline.

With just a week to go until SAAS closes for this academic session there are still a number of students who have yet to apply.  If these students do not submit their applications and supporting evidence by 31 March 2018 they risk receiving no funding.

SNP MSP Derek Mackay said:

“The Scottish Government is committed to supporting students throughout their education.

“I would not want anyone to miss out on the funding and support they are entitled to. Therefore, anyone who has not applied for their 2017/2018 funding or tuition fees should do so now.”

SAAS Chief Executive, Paul Lowe, said:

“At SAAS we want to make sure that all students receive the funding and tuition fees that they’re entitled to.  I urge students to visit our website www.saas.gov.uk to submit their applications and supporting evidence as soon as possible. It is vital that fully completed applications for 2017-2018 are received by 31 March 2018, to ensure that all funding is paid.”

Paisley’s Tannahill Centre was a hub of affordable credit advice today (23 March) at an event held to benefit people who work with Renfrewshire residents who may be at risk of borrowing from high cost lenders.

The event was hosted by Renfrewshire’s Affordable Credit Group.

The Group came together in 2017 to work to improve the financial wellbeing of local residents by increasing access to, and spreading the word about, lower cost credit options.

Attendees came from organisations that offer financial advice to the community, such as housing associations, community organisations and charities.

Finance, Resources and Customer Services Convener, Councillor John Shaw said: “This event is all about raising awareness of the affordable credit options that are available across Renfrewshire.

“By encouraging practitioners to attend, we’ve effectively reached people who speak directly to residents in need of financial assistance.

“Attendees now have the latest insights into the many affordable credit options available, and can pass this information on to their clients to help them better manage their finances.Attendees now have the latest insights into the many affordable credit options available, and can pass this information on to their clients to help them better manage their finances.Attendees now have the latest insights into the many affordable credit options available, and can pass this information on to their clients to help them better manage their finances.There are also resources to help with financial issues like problem gambling such as at Be Gamble Aware (https://www.begambleaware.org/) and at Casumo(http://casumocares.com/)”.

“I congratulate the Affordable Credit Group for hosting events like these as they really do go a long way to helping Renfrewshire citizens gain access to affordable credit and prevent financial crisis.”

The information event included stalls from organisations promoting affordable credit options, and sessions including ‘Bank Account Myth Busting’, ‘Understanding Credit Unions’ and ‘Explaining Rental Exchange’.

Further information:


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