Why South America is the Hot New Destination

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Every year, a new country takes off in popularity due to its local style, cultural cuisine, or breathtaking landscapes. From Iceland to Ireland, Japan to Sudan, the world

has something to offer on every continent.

Why South America is the Hot New Destination Travelers often plan their vacations in advance, taking advantage of up and coming regions, and eagerly reporting back to their friends and family about just how magical their time away was. 2017 marks the year of South America; vivacious nightlife, timeless sightseeing opportunities, and unforgettably delectable dishes are only a few of the reasons why your next trip will be to the countries just south of the Panama Canal.

Argentina’s Charm and Flair is Addictive
Ever visited a country that is equal parts captivating cities, staggering architecture, flowing rivers, snow-capped mountains and lush forests? Booking a trip to Argentina is the multi-faceted choice, covering everything the country has to offer. Buenos Aires is the seductive capital, exuding romance and creative expression to all who visit.

Just northeast, the Tigre Delta entices travelers to sail the gentle waterways via catamaran along twisting vegetation and floating homes.

Bariloche is an alpine wonderland, complete with incredible slopes for snowboarders and skiers to frolic upon. After a long day of outdoor adventure, unwind with a steaming hot espresso in one of the many local coffeehouses. Then top the day off with South America’s finest, locally produced chocolates. For travelers looking for even more Alpine scenery, head to the Seven Lakes, a route that extends between San Martín de los Andes and Villa La Angostura, featuring views of expansive mountains and forest.

It’s perfect for a moment of calm in your busy schedule.

Colombia is Hip to the Coffee Culture

If there’s one thing that never goes out of style, it’s coffee. Around the world, humans have enjoyed their cup of joe for centuries, and the deep mocha colored magic drink has remained mostly unchanged from its origins. Did you know that every 2 out of 10 cups of coffee comes from Colombia? In Colombia, the coffee cherry is grown at high altitudes in small crops with a gentle, wet process that results in unique flavor combinations. If you’re looking for the pinnacle coffee experience, plan a Colombia tour.


If you don’t know in which region of Colombia your favorite bean is grown, you will after your trip. Locals are keen to share what makes their favorite variety more bright, rich, or creamy (depending on their taste). However, avoid anything called ‘tinto’ on a menu; this means it’s basic coffee that can be prepared any way without the care and process that a premium cup of Colombian java traditionally has.

Wine and Dine Like Never Before in Santiago de Chile
Truly a destination for the senses, Santiago boasts a rich coastline fragrant with vineyards and wineries, dedicated to producing the world’s most flavorful wines. Just outside the city is Casablanca Valley, where you’ll be delighted with various wine tastings and tours to pique your interest in the country’s most loved variety: Carménère. To complement the fine wine, indulge in fresh Chilean cuisine, an entirely new culinary experience for vacationers.

Authentic recipes are cooked with gentle spices like bay leaf and ginger and can be easily paired with a glass of your choice.

Complete your Chilean experience with a meal at El Huerto, uniting vegetarian alternatives with classic dishes in an innovative way. Savor fresh quesadillas stuffed with sauteed vegetables, brown rice dishes covered with sweet pumpkin and tomatoes, and desserts such as creamy panna cottas or a fluffy mousse.

While most trends change, the magic and intrigue of Chile, Peru, Brazil and other countries will continue to dazzle the locals and travelers who stay there. Join in on the fun and create the experience of a lifetime by booking a South America tour that’s customized to perfection, highlighting your interests and preferences.