Paisley and Glasgow may not be the size of Silicon Valley, but nevertheless, let it not be said that we can’t keep up in the field of technology. Developments are being made within the area, especially with regards to software development, security and 3D printing. Take a look for yourself, here are just a few notable companies that are doing great things in the tech industry.

Edge Testing Solutions

Based in Glasgow and Bellshill, Edge Testing Solutions provides an ideal first stop for any software developer, as it provides a place for them to test their software for free. They claim that they understand the challenges of their clients and even list the fields in which they have some expertise, which encompasses multiple businesses across both private and public sectors.

They credit their award-winning services and 53% in sales over the past three years to their commitment to integrity, flexibility, and professionalism. As a company that specialises in helping one of the fastest-growing fields with its job, Edge Testing Solutions is worth watching.

ECS Security

Also hailing from Glasgow, ECS Security is dedicated to providing security protection and consultation to big businesses at affordable prices. They strive to keep their clients up to date on the latest news and services available, which is no small feat, considering the intense regulations that govern their target client base.

They must be doing something right, since their sales growth has shot up a remarkable 86% in the last three years, and it can claim three of the UK’s five most prominent banks among its clients. With the wide range of services that ECS Security offers and their clear success thus far, they’re bound to continue rising among the ranks of technology stars in Scotland.

3D Print Works

The name of this company is self-explanatory; it’s exclusively about 3D printing. This niche involves the creation of a 3D object such as a drawing pen, from a digital file. With experience in plastics and practice serving clients in areas such as architecture, research, and design, 3D Print Works is quickly becoming a formidable force in its field.

The careful skill required for this type of technology has been carefully honed by this company’s employees, so much so that the majority of its customers’ reviews are highly positive. They’re eager to share their gifts with many more people, so keep your eye on them. Their growth could be stunning.

Small though the area may be, Paisley and Glasgow prove that you don’t have to travel far to find competent technology services.