LEAP Energy is a newly established social enterprise venture which is part of the LEAP Charity (SC044019).  Having worked in the energy advice since 2010 we have seen an opportunity for Renfrewshire businesses to save money.  We are offering an exciting business switch programme to help save businesses money.


What makes LEAP different from all the other energy companies on the market you find yourself thinking? Well, that is the fact that unlike a commercial broker our aim is to help reduce fuel poverty in Renfrewshire and money raised goes back into the organisation to help the local people and communities in Renfrewshire. So really it’s a win, win situation, while your business saves money on its overheads we are able to help more people within Renfrewshire. We believe that there is a strong market for business switching and a need for businesses to switch providers, by looking at the energy market it is clear many businesses are paying far too much for their gas or electricity. We therefore guarantee to give your business the best price in comparison to you going to the market yourself or through a commercial broker.

We have seen many businesses struggling to find the best deal often paying more than necessary, broker fees can often be hidden and inflated, brokers do not always check the breadth of the market and energy switching can be time consuming and frustrating. Yes, there are savings to be had but many businesses do not have time to spend searching for deals.

Helen from the board of Brookfield Village Council is a recent business customer who saved money by using our services.  Helen confirmed that LEAP had facilitated a new quote for their electricity supply.  The contract would save £357.66 per annum.  A similar review of Gas supplier was due to take effect in February with a further saving.

Now let’s think about how LEAP Energy can help with these problems your business might be facing: as we work with our Social Enterprise Partners we have access to a breadth of suppliers on the market, we therefore do all the hard work for you and find the best deal for you, which helps to relieve your stress and allow you to concentrate on more pressing business matters.

We contact your supplier for you to find out where you are in your contract and if it’s not the best deal we can often help you get out of poor contract deals. We are offering this service as we feel that businesses are being overcharged and getting a poor service, we are taking our place on the market to help your business.

LEAP Energy

LEAP Energy do not claim to be able to predict the market, no one can! We simply find the best deal for you at the time you need it. We therefore believe the key benefit of using our business switch programme is that we provide an easy efficient solution to save money on your business overheads.

To find out how about a ‘brighter way to save time and money’ for your business please see contact us.

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