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Top places to go on your night out in paisley

Paisley food Festival

Paisley has some fantastic nights out just waiting to be experienced. Whether you’re looking for food, drink or music you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for right here.

Saporito Wine Bar

Why not opt for adding a bit of class to your night out in Paisley? When you first walk in the décor is one of the first things you’ll notice. It’s very nicely done up with a sort of mix of old and new going on in the interior design. It feels both homey and classy. The second thing you’ll notice in the Saporito Wine bar is the amazing smell. The Saporito Wine Bar is first and foremost a bar, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be one of the best restaurants in Paisley. In here you’ll find excellent food and drinks for very decent prices. An even better thing to know is that they don’t skimp on the portions. Whereas in a lot of nice restaurants they tend to get good food and less off it, at the Saporito Wine Bar you’ll find that portions are the sort of size you want them to be when the food is that good. You’ll have an empty plate at the end of the night but you won’t be leaving hungry.

The Jam Jar

The Jam Jar is another bar/restaurant with excellent drinks and food. You’d be surprised how busy this place can get on the weekends, so don’t leave it too late to book a table if you plan on eating out. The Jam Jar is all about good quality, simple food and amazing cocktails. With an Italian and a Scottish owner you’ll find everything about the Jam Jar to best of great cultures, especially when it comes to the food. You can choose from simple, well cooked meals like burgers and pork chops, or choose from the more Italian side of the menu with one of their incredible pizzas or ciabatta sandwiches. It’s a modern, fun and laidback place to get a great meal for a good price and sip on one of the many, many cocktails from the menu to finish off the evening. The décor has that glitzy, fun-loving sort of quality. You’d almost expect there to be a line of slot machines in the corner, but alas everyone is playing slots online nowadays. Still, playing slots online just means that you don’t have
to leave the table and risk someone else stealing your delicious food. At the Jam Jar also get a good range of local beers and ales to choose from if you’re not a cocktail sort of person. It’s a great place for a night out with a little bit of something for everyone to enjoy.

Club 69

And the guardian even included Club 69 on their list of the best clubs in Glasgow (even though it technically isn’t in Glasgow). It is one of the coolest and one of the best hidden gems in Paisley, full of the young, wild and Techno crazy. In the 90s it was one of the best known dancefloors in Scotland was even one of the best small clubs in the UK for a while. However, there’s not a lot of time left to visit this national treasure. It’s been announced that on January 1 st 2017 Club 69 will close its doors for the last time. No details have been given as to why the club is closing, but it’s a serious blow to Paisley. If you want to experience one of the best nights out of your life and send Club 69 off with a band then you can attend their last ever party on New Year’s Eve.