It’s that time of year to remember our servicemen and women around the world that make the ultimate sacrifice to make sure we can enjoy our freedom, something that we take for granted.

This year and for many years beforehand you will have a chance to get a PoppyScotland poppy from many of the volunteer distributors in Renfrewshire. If you are in and around Braehead and Renfrew you will almost certainly be collecting your poppy from a Renfrew Rotarian, Rotaractor or Interactor.

The Rotary Club of Renfrew work tirelessly from mid October to Remembrance Day to ensure PoppyScotland poppies are available for the Renfrewshire public. Their generosity always seems to amaze us, on average we manage to raise in excess of £30k and this has not been affected by the economic difficulties over the last ten years.

So, if you’re in Braehead or Renfrew don’t be afraid to stop and chat to one of our volunteers, if you want to find out more about where your donation actually goes – sometimes they are there all day and it’s nice to chat and pass the time of day – after all we’re all living and working in the community with the aim to make the world a better place.

If you don’t get the time to talk why not visit our websites and find out more about Renfrew Rotary and PoppyScotland.


If you like what you see get in touch, who knows you might be able to help in some small way to preserving peace throughout the world.