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Rapid Departure – Touring Theatre from Right Lines

SCOTTISH TOUR – 27TH Feb – 19th March 2016

RAPID DEPARTURE is an interactive comedy theatre show from Right Lines Productions, the Moray-based theatre company run by writers Euan Martin and Dave Smith.

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A freak flood has washed through the area and the locals are guided to the safety of the Village Hall, the designated Emergency Rest Centre.  Environmental calamities and extreme weather conditions are undoubtedly on the increase, but are we prepared and how would we cope? Plunged into the fraught world of the rural Rest Centre, the evacuees and officials grapple with the ever-deepening crisis both outside the Hall – and in!

Euan Martin commented:

“We are delighted to announce that Rapid Departure will be touring again in March 2016.  Following the very successful inaugural tour in May/June 2015, our sponsors SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) have provided funding to retour the show, with additional support from Creative Scotland.  For the majority of this tour, we are targeting small venues in South West Scotland, Dumfries & Galloway and the Borders and we are looking forward to bringing our unique brand of interactive comedy theatre to new audiences in those parts of the country.” 

Rapid Departure is very definitely a comedy, but there is a serious message: the issues we explore in the play – global warming, climate change, renewable energy, rewilding and the impact of flooding – are important matters for everyone and particularly relevant to some of the areas we visit where flooding has had such a devastating impact in recent months.”

Euan added:

We wrote Rapid Departure over a year ago and its inaugural tour in the summer of 2015 was very well received.”

As a piece of theatre, we hope the show will entertain audiences, but also inform people and help them consider how to be more prepared for a flood event.

Euan also works for The Moray Council and part of his job involves acting as a Rest Centre Manager.

He explained: “As such, I have had direct involvement in flooding events in Moray when people have been evacuated from their homes. Consequently, I am very, very aware of the trauma experienced by flood victims, hence the reason our play is not insensitive to, or indeed offensive towards, anyone in these terrible circumstances.”

Comedy is often an excellent way of communicating information and sparking serious discussion and that is the true spirit of the show.  If Rapid Departure can provide a good night out, but also contribute towards raising awareness of the relevant issues surrounding flooding, then we will have achieved our goal.”

Stewart Prodger, from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency ‘s (SEPA), Flood Unit said:
“Recent flooding hit several parts of Scotland and really tested the ability of communities to cope. They did though, and often humour played its part in getting people through some awful times.
“We’re proud to support this production as it really captures that sort of community spirit. It’s hugely entertaining but also makes people think about how flooding can impact lives, and what they can do to reduce that impact, which has never been more important.”

About SEPA – www.sepa.org.uk

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) is Scotland’s environmental regulator and national flood forecasting, flood warning and strategic flood risk management authority.