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Paisley Pirates Christmas Offer for Local Groups!

paisley pirates

Paisley Pirates are entering into the spirit of Christmas by offering voluntary organisations the chance to come and see the club in action, at a much reduced admission cost.

“We know money is very tight for everyone,” explained secretary Jackie Turley. “We’re a voluntary group as well, and we know how hard it is to do all that we want to, when there’s so little cash around to do it with. Especially round about Christmas time, we know that clubs and groups are looking to do something a little special for their members, like an outing somewhere, but the money just won’t stretch to allow that to happen.”

She went on, “What we’re therefore offering to local groups, particularly those where there are a lot of children participating in their activity or interest, is the chance to come along as a group and watch the Paisley Pirates in action as their pre-Christmas treat. We’ve got two home games just before the big day, as we play Moray Tornados on Sunday 13 December, and Dundee Comets the following Sunday, both at 6pm, and we’re offering spectacular deals to encourage clubs and groups to come along and watch their local ice hockey team, for less than the price of a selection box a head, to either game.”

“We’re very conscious of the considerable local support we have within the community, so this is one of these times where we have the opportunity to put a little back into it and, in doing so, giving folk a night to remember at this time of year.”

“We’ve done this in previous years and it’s proved to have been popular with local clubs and organisations, so what we’re asking them to do is get in touch with us via the club’s website at paisleypirates.org, telling us who they are, where they can be contacted, how many they would like to come, etc and we’ll take it from there! We’ll be delighted to see them and we’re sure they’ll get a kick out of seeing the fastest team game in the world, and supporting their very own team, not to mention joining in with all the fun of the whole experience! All we’d say is, don’t take too long to get in touch, as we usually get a lot of enquiries at this time.”