brown bin

Brown bin collections are back for 2013

Renfrewshire residents who have brown bins are being reminded that garden waste collections will start again at the beginning of March.

Around 55,000 Renfrewshire households have the bins, which are designed to hold waste including grass, leaves and branches.

brown binThe brown bins are collected every two weeks, on the same day as the blue household recycling bin.

Councillor Eddie Devine, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Environment Policy Board, said: “Your first brown bin collection of 2013 will be on the day your first blue bin collection of March is due.

“Residents should put the brown bin out with the blue one before 7am on the relevant dates.

“By using the brown bin to store garden waste which can be turned into compost, residents are being kind to the environment and helping the area meet its targets for recycling 50% of our waste.

“We appreciate all that Renfrewshire residents do to help the area achieve this.”

Brown bins can take grass cuttings, leaves and twigs, plants, small branches, leaves, hedge clippings and flowers.

But they should not be used for soil, stones, timber, food, pet waste or general rubbish. Crews will be unable to collect bins containing any of these items.

The garden waste collections will operate until the end of November.

Bin collection calendars can be downloaded at

More information about household waste is also available by calling the Greener Renfrewshire helpline on 0300 300 0300. or emailing