Renfrewshire Graffiti Removal – Your Ideas

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This was sent into us by a local company Safe Bio Cleaning.


Renfrewshire People – We need your input
Where would you like to see Graffiti Removed in Renfrewshire?
I am looking to create a short demo video for the Bio Based Graffiti, Tar and Gun removal products that Bio Safe Cleaning supply and I would like input from residents of Renfrewshire or people who work in Renfrewshire on where we could record the demo DVD.

We would like the help of people of Renfrewshire to identify an area where we could remove graffiti that is unsightly, the best location would be somewhere that has Graffiti in a location with different surfaces covered with graffiti such as stone, plastics, metals etc. We are doing this as an exercise to promote the green product range that is 100% plant based and is much better for the environment than the other cleaners.

I do not want to upset Renfrewshire Council and will approach them to see if they are happy with us doing a Council or publicly owned area, is not we are happy to go to an area that is privately owned and we would be happy to donate the small charge to a chosen charity. If you think of anywhere that you would like to see clean of Graffiti then please feel free to post a comment on the SafeBioCleaning blog post or on one of the community websites such as Paisley.org.uk within the Renfrewshire Graffiti post.

I am happy to have requests from the Third and voluntary sector for removal of Graffiti from their building and simply not charge for the work in return for helping us promote the green products and help change from chemicals over to chemical free 100% plant based Graffiti removal.

Any feedback welcome (as long as it’s not offensive to anyone…) and I look forward to your ideas and images… One area that I noticed before was the Linwood Skate Park which had pretty offensive Graffiti that I was surprised had not been removed, but I am not sure if that would have to be through Renfrewshire Council. We understand that Graffiti removal has a cost associated to it and the people who are making the mess are not necessarily the ones who pay to get it removed through council tax etc and we are clear that the council has many priorities for communities… This is simply to showcase and highlight a product range that can change the process and make it safer to remove Graffiti, Gum and Tar from communities and areas of business and commerce.

Here is a link to the Renfrewshire Council Website about Graffiti and the effects it has on the surrounding community for your information

I look forward to your feedback and ideas…