paisley from drone

Just to prove that with the help of volunteers of this website we can help you unearth the past and help answer some questions realting to your family’s Genealogy. One such case is that of Russell who has managed to find the roots of his family from Paisley in the topic titled: Descendants of Thomas Reid and Agnes Walker

Russell wrote: Thanks to the site I have found three second cousins of my wife in Canada and between us we have sorted out all the missing families and generations including a few we didn’t know about. We have uncovered more in the last two months than my wife and I had in the preceeding two years.

We even found the youngest son of a big weaving family as an English teacher in the Grammar school !!!

So a big thanks to site moderators/admin and keep the good work going.
Thanks to Nancy for giving me the nod about

I just want to say thanks to all those volunteers from who helped Russell out on his quest.