The Not so Bonnie Wee Well

Paisley food Festival

One of our visitors and regular contributers has wrote into express hi disgust at the state of the bonnie wee well, please read the following.

I’m appalled at the state of the bonnie wee well,  Which once crooned a laigh song tae pleasure itsel,  I’m sure Hugh McDonald would be terribly pained,  That the basin is filled only after its rained,    The love that he had for the spring on the brae,  Where the hare steals to drink in the gloamin sae grey,  It would sadly diminish if he rambled once more,  Dehydrated the hare cannot run like before

The wild moorland birds can no longer take wing,   If the lark wet its whistle it never would sing,  And his friends who once drank there in these bygone years,  Would stoop to its bosom and flood it with tears And silenced forever its low trickling voice,  Which he said he’d recall midst the turmoil and noise,  and the councils elected can all share the blame,  While the people of Paisley can all share the shame.


“here are pictures taken today of the Bonnie wee well, which shows how poor it looks these days, let us know your thoughts on this”