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Remember this weekend see’s one of Paisley’s sporting and fun occasions happening on the streets of our fair town, yes its the Paisley 10k and 3000m Fun run.

31 August 2008
Start time for the 10K road race will be 10:00am and for the 3000M Fun Run it will be 12:00pm

Don’t forget you can still take part even on race day “small extra fee will be charged” if you want to take part then get running over “sorry couldn’t help myself” to and complete your entry and remember to smile when you pass the finishing line as you will be snapped by some very handsome looking photographers… alright I lied….. you might not finish lol

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We have designed and built a new website for Sma’ Shot cottages as their old website was in dire need of updating, so the website was redesigned and built giving them a much better web presence you can check out their new website by going to

The website was donated free of charge, we have also donated and installed a new computer into the Mill Museum as their computer was on its last legs, we are also helping them out with IT and will be designing them a website in the coming weeks. aim is to promote Paisley and to help organisations which have the same aim.

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Village Funday
Tweedie Hall, Linwood
Saturday 30th August 2008
11am- 4pm

There’s an incredible range of events and activities on offer for all the family at this FREE event, including a bouncy castle, £100 cash prize bingo, chocolate fountain, face paints, tattoos, hook a duck, adult & kids tombola, balloon modeller and a stage show by ‘Class Acts’.

The Renfrewshire Environmental Trust will also be there to run an event offering you the opportunity to have your say on the future of Linwood.

Further information can be found HERE.

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The SSPCA Race night is coming on Saturday 4th October in a fabulous we place called the Wallace Bowling club in Elderslie 7.30pm for 8pm start with cheap drink. If you haven’t already been then its a fun night with prizes, excitment and a lot of shouting at a screen and at other tables!!!

A small entry fee on the night and if would like to buy a wee horse then let me know they are £5  and the sooner you let me know the better as the horses go fast!!!!

submitted by Mhairi Heron.

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The doors open day is nearly upon us and it gives us all the chance to go into Paisley and Renfrewshire’s historic and interesting buildings once again, its also a photographic opportunity and this year will have a best picture competition. “more details to come”

the weekend of 13th and the 14th of September is the dates for this years event, for more information download our pdf which has all the information which is publicly available at the moment

click here to download paisley-doors-open-day-2008

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On the BBC page

Just a wee note on this, now this hits me hard, most people know that I am an ex soldier and had lost a good friend in Northern Ireland due to a Bomb at Musgrave park Hospital away in the early 90’s now as you can see from the headline above it has now happened to my younger brother who is serving in Afghanistan.

Today they were involved in an incident which killed a good friend of his and when we were told that my brother was fine and that he was deeply shocked and sounded traumatised my mother said “Get them out” to which I replied No “Give them our support”.

We don’t know what the intricacies of this conflict and why our Troops are over there but there is another death in our Forces which leaves a couple of kids without a father and people will be asking why we are over there. That is not the thing our troops want to hear they want to know that they are doing a worthwhile job and they all deserve our respect and support.

I wish all our troops the very best and I am sure most of our visitors would like every single one of them to come back safe and well.


Let me know your opinion in our message board

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SCO tour brings popular classics to life
Summer touring season brought to a close across central lowlands

Charismatic SCO Principal Maximiliano Martín takes centre stage with a performance of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto as part of the four-concert Autumn Classicstour across Central Scotland and Fife between 3-6 September 2008.

Following the success of the Orchestra’s tour across the central lowlands last year, the players will perform in Paisley Town Hall (Friday 5 September).

The programme will be directed by young Austrian conductor Aleksandar Markovic, who makes his SCO debut with this tour. It opens with Haydn’s rousing Symphony No 96 ‘Miracle’, with its lyrical writing for the wind section, the prominence of which was unusual for its time. Completed in 1791, the ‘Miracle’ nickname came about after a chandelier fell from the ceiling of the concert hall during the performance, narrowly missing the audience. However, it later turned out that this actually occurred during a performance of Haydn’s later symphony, No 102. But the name stuck.

Mozart’s popular concerto is the centre piece of the programme, and soloist Maximiliano Martín features on an SCO/Linn Records recording of the work on the highly acclaimed Mozart Wind Concertos CD, released in 2006. The concerts close with Beethoven’s Eighth Symphony, which is explosive from start to finish.

Maximiliano explained: “Performing as a soloist is always a special occasion and even more if it is with the SCO. I have played the Mozart Concerto many times but this concerto is always a challenge, it is so popular that basically it has to be perfect.”

SCO Concerts Director Judith Colman added:  “There was a great reception for our first tour of Central Scotland last year and we’re very much looking forward to bringing the SCO to the region again in September.  The full Orchestra will perform in Motherwell, Falkirk, Paisley and Dunfermline, with a popular programme bringing together some of the greatest Classical composers and featuring Mozart’s wonderful clarinet concerto with soloist Maximiliano Martín.”

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One of our visitors and regular contributers has wrote into express hi disgust at the state of the bonnie wee well, please read the following.

I’m appalled at the state of the bonnie wee well,  Which once crooned a laigh song tae pleasure itsel,  I’m sure Hugh McDonald would be terribly pained,  That the basin is filled only after its rained,    The love that he had for the spring on the brae,  Where the hare steals to drink in the gloamin sae grey,  It would sadly diminish if he rambled once more,  Dehydrated the hare cannot run like before

The wild moorland birds can no longer take wing,   If the lark wet its whistle it never would sing,  And his friends who once drank there in these bygone years,  Would stoop to its bosom and flood it with tears And silenced forever its low trickling voice,  Which he said he’d recall midst the turmoil and noise,  and the councils elected can all share the blame,  While the people of Paisley can all share the shame.


“here are pictures taken today of the Bonnie wee well, which shows how poor it looks these days, let us know your thoughts on this”


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To receive the full picture from today’s photographs a deposit to is required. Once the deposit has been received the full image will be emailed to the recipient.


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If you were photographed today at the filming in Paisley of Dear Green Place and would like the photo’s then visit our gallery. If you you would like the bigger version then we would appreciate a donation to keep the website going as soon as we receive a donation we shall send you the image of your choice..

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