Paisley Photographs, official Paisley website containing Photographs of Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland with some superb videos of Paisley and the town.

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New play area opens as part of £1million investment in Barshaw Park

New play area opens as part of £1million investment in Barshaw Park

The next stage of a multi-million investment in Renfrewshire’s parks has been completed as a new, dynamic play area opens in Barshaw Park.

Opening of new play park at Barshaw Park Paisley 31.8.17

The brand new play equipment installed at the park includes a new chute, see-saw, climbing frame, tyre swings, climbing wall and rope swing.

The new play area is part of a £2million investment in Barshaw and Robertson Park which has already seen improvements made to the pathways, roads and drainage systems.

Opening of new play park at Barshaw Park Paisley 31.8.17

A further £250,000 will be invested in five other neighbourhood parks to enhance the visitor experience for all who use Renfrewshire’s parks and open spaces.

Opening of new play park at Barshaw Park Paisley 31.8.17

Primary 2 pupils from Williamsburgh Primary completed a project on Barshaw Park during the last school year, visiting once a week to undertake inspect spotting, leaf identification and other related activities with the aim of learning how best to take care of the park.

Opening of new play park at Barshaw Park Paisley 31.8.17

Councillor Cathy McEwan, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, joined the pupils at the park yesterday as they got the first chance to test out the new equipment.

Councillor McEwan said: “I’m delighted that the new play equipment is now open as a further enhancement to the facilities available in Barshaw Park.

Opening of new play park at Barshaw Park Paisley 31.8.17

“The £1milllion investment will see families able to enjoy a safe, fun and inviting environment that they can bring their children to for years to come.

“We are committed to providing the best facilities we can for our communities and the further enhancements to Barshaw, alongside the improvements to Robertson Park and the five other smaller parks, will ensure that they provide a fantastic experience for every visitor.”

Installation of new play equipment at Robertson Park is due to be completed in the coming weeks with the improvements to the other neighbourhood parks set to begin shortly after.

For further information on parks in Renfrewshire visit

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Paisley YMCA launch digital entrepreneur sessions for young people

Renfrewshire’s young entrepreneurs of the future are being supported through the launch of Paisley YMCA’s  iEnterprise digital youth incubator programme.

teen business incubator at YMCA 21.8.17

The iEnterprise programme, which received funding from the Big Lottery Fund’s Young Start Fund, is a dedicated entrepreneurial space which aims to help young people furthest away from the employment market to find work or start up their own business.

The first session which recently took place saw 23 young people aged from 11 to 18 years come along to participate and learn more digital skills.

The principle behind iEnterprise is for young people to identify a need within their community, develop an idea to address that need through entrepreneurial thinking using digital technology to help develop and implement their ideas.

Over the next 40 weeks participants will be given access to software and hardware as well as training and certification to develop their ideas. They will also be encouraged to take on project management roles, set budgets, solve problems, set goals and work as a team to achieve their objective.

Darran Gillan, Youth and Community Development Manager, Paisley YMCA said: “Our aim is to support and develop young people in order to help them reach their full potential through digitally based cultural and educational projects and programmes that develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

“The £50,000 Young Start fund from the Big Lottery Scotland will support that transition for young people into the world of work over the next two years and enable them to be more attractive candidates to employers.”

In addition to equipping young people with valuable transferable skills the programme aims to improve young peoples’ digital literacy skills, further develop their problem solving and cognitive thinking abilities, gain increased confidence using digital technology in intuitive ways that makes sense to them and developing their knowledge to use technology as a problem-solving tool.

Using digital technology to help transform people’s lives by creating opportunities is a key aspect of Paisley’s bid to be UK City of Culture 2021.

Paisley 2021 Bid Director, Jean Cameron, said: “The iEnterprise programme is an excellent project which will help young people explore their creativity through digital channels. One of the main ambitions of the Paisley 2021 bid is to increase participation, raise aspirations and improve future prospects through culture and this programme looks to achieve all of these outcomes.

“The young people taking part in these sessions can use the skills they learn in a range of creative and interesting ways helping to broaden their horizons and open them up to the range of career opportunities. Projects like iEnterprise help demonstrate that culture is digital.”

During our pilot programme which took place in 2016 local young people developed wrestling, graphic design and music events businesses.

iEnterprise will be open at Paisley YMCA on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 5pm – 8pm for the next 40 weeks.

For more information on iEnterprise contact

For more information on Paisley 2021 please visit:

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Paisley’s restored listed buildings show way forward for heritage properties

Two of Paisley town centre’s much-loved buildings are now off the national Buildings At Risk Register (BARR) thanks to their successful restorations.

The category A-listed Russell Institute and category B former Arnott’s store have both been removed from the register alongside the flats and ground floor shop at 14 Moss Street that have been restored by the owner and part funded by Renfrewshire Council’s Retail Improvement Grant.


RDC Council Leader Walkabout 14.7.17


Works on the former Hawkhead Hospital site will also see various listed buildings being renovated as homes, including the category A and B listed wards seven and eight.

There is even more good news as the second Townscape Heritage/Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (TH/CARS2) at the top of Paisley’s High Street – funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, Historic Environment Scotland and Renfrewshire Council – has three buildings deemed at risk that have been identified as potential priority projects.

The renovation works are expected to run until 2021 and will make significant changes to the look and feel of the area as part of plans to create a warm welcome for visitors that supports Paisley’s bid to be UK City of Culture 2021.

A total of 43 out of the 564 listed properties across Renfrewshire are currently on Buildings At Risk Register, including five that have restoration works in progress, four that have been granted planning permission, nine that will be targeted in the TH/CARS2 and three that are part of the wider masterplan.

The Council has taken a proactive approach to working with property owners of buildings at risk of becoming vacant, helping owners to find support early on and identifying those that need to be added to the national register.

Renfrewshire Council’s Convener of Communities, Housing and Planning, Councillor Marie McGurk, said: “Renfrewshire has a wealth of beautiful buildings and as part of wider regeneration plans for the area, we are working proactively with property owners to restore and bring their properties back into use.

“The successful restoration of the Russell Institute building and the renovation of the former Arnott’s store are two significant examples of bringing back heritage buildings into modern day use. Whether listed or unlisted, there are a number of positive restorations and repairs taking place across the area that will improve the condition of these buildings and see them being used as homes, office space or other facilities.

“As Paisley prepares to submit its final bid to the UK Government’s Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport at the end of September, it’s great to see our restored heritage buildings shining a light on the town and showing us the investment in infrastructure that lies ahead as part of a year of culture.”

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Renfrewshire’s Provost takes to the Clyde to maintain Renfrew’s historic fishing rights

Renfrew residents joined Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron on a historic trip down the River Clyde to preserve the town’s fishing rights on the river.

The boat set sail from Braehead Pier and travelled down the Clyde to the mouth of the River Leven.

There, Provost Cameron carried out the traditional act of casting the nets to retain the rights of salmon fishing on the Clyde.

While on board, guests were treated to a film about the history of salmon fishing on the Clyde as well as an enthralling talk by marine biologist Dr William Yeomans.

Provost Cameron said: “This historic tradition is one which I am proud to keep alive for the people of Renfrew.

“The casting of the nets has become a key part of the town’s history and it is important that we give it the status it deserves.

“It was a terrific day for the residents to experience and I look forward to repeating the ritual in three years time.”

The custom goes back as far as 1781 when the town failed to carry out the practice and lost the right to fish on parts of the Clyde as a result.

King Robert III had granted a charter to the community of Renfrew detailing the right to fish the River Clyde as far back as 1396.

However Renfrew Town Council failed to keep the rights on parts of the river owned by Sir Michael Stewart because they hadn’t fished those areas for some years.

Ever since they were regained, it has become practice to maintain the rights by having the Provost cast the nets into the river every three years.

The fishing equipment used on the day was kindly donated by Hooked on Fishing.

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Don’t miss your chance to look inside Renfrewshire’s historic landmarks

The ‘Porridge Bowl’, unique gargoyles and the home of Robert Burns’ compatriot are just a few of the intriguing sights and locations visitors to Renfrewshire can experience next weekend.

Paisley Abbey

Part of a worldwide event with over 50 countries taking part, Renfrewshire Doors Open Days is a celebration of the fantastic architecture and significant history of the region.

On Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 September, everyone will have the opportunity to experience a weekend of exploration around Renfrewshire as many venues not normally accessible to the public open their doors for a look inside.

Alison Christie with children at the Sma’ Shot Cottages

On Saturday, the home of Robert Tannahill, the ‘Weaver Poet’ who formed a close relationship with Robert Burns, will be open for visitors to see the extraordinary collection of memorabilia on display at what is now the home to one of the oldest Burns Clubs in the world.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to look inside the John Neilson Institute which, due to its distinctive roof, is nicknamed the Porridge Bowl and has become a distinct feature of Paisley’s skyline.

Sunday will see the Renfrew Victory Baths welcome visitors in on a guided tour of the striking Edwardian swimming pool  which was awarded Grade ‘B’ listed status in 1971, while Castle Semple in Lochwinnoch will offer tours of the lookout tower giving visitors to take in the spectacular views of the loch and Garnock Valley.

After the news Paisley has been shortlisted for UK City of Culture 2021, its High St location will open its doors on both days to give everyone a chance to find out more about what the bid means for the area, what it could do for you and what’s still to come in the next few months.

More than 50 buildings and locations will be open for the public across the weekend ensuring there is something to peak everyone’s interest.

Kids can collect their own Doors Open Days passport from participating buildings and Renfrewshire’s libraries which they can fill up over the weekend with stamps.

Collecting five stamps will see them rewarded with a certificate and a gift in yet another reason to get involved.

Renfrewshire’s Provost Lorraine Cameron will be joining members of the public in exploring the area and can’t wait to see what she discovers.

Provost Cameron said: “We are extremely fortunate to have so many beautiful, historic buildings in Renfrewshire but it is not often that we take the time to visit them.

“Venues from across the area will open their doors to let us inside next weekend and I can’t wait to take up the opportunity.

“I will be at the Council chambers from 10am until midday so I’d be delighted to see you while I’m also looking forward to visiting the Sma’ Shot Cottages as it is always fascinating to hear the volunteers speak on the history of the weavers.

“So if you’ve always meant to visit Paisley Abbey, or never had the time to walk around Castle Semple, this weekend is the perfect opportunity so don’t miss out and visit as many locations as you can.”

The Renfrewshire Doors Open Day programme is available from all Renfrewshire libraries.

An online version can be downloaded from

For a look forward to what’s coming up across Renfrewshire visit or

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Disability Committee Criticise Tory Austerity Cuts

mhari black
The UN committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities met with UK government officials over a two day period recently. The chair of the committee has slammed the welfare cuts to disabled people as a “human catastrophe”.
The austerity measures that have been implemented by the UK government since 2010 have had an impact on welfare benefits and since 2010 many people in receipt of disability benefits such as PIP, ESA and DLA have seen the standard of living they experience fall drastically. The committee have previously criticised the UK government for targeting disabled people with schemes such as the bedroom tax, the work programme and the benefit cap.
mhari black
Local MP Mhairi Black has praised the comments of the committee and said “this is yet another example that the austerity agenda the tories are inflicting on disabled people does not work”
“They target society’s most vulnerable with cut after cut while spending ridiculous amounts of money on things such as trident and repairing palaces, common sense would tell you that reducing disabled people’s standard of living is the wrong way for the UK treasury to balance the books”
“disabled people need support and the UK conservative government have proved they are incapable of providing it”
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Minister for Local Government and Housing celebrates opening of the iconic Russell Institute

Paisley’s iconic Russell Institute was officially opened this week as Kevin Stewart MSP, the Minister for Local Government and Housing, joined invited guests and Renfrewshire Council Leader Iain Nicolson to celebrate the occasion.

Guests who attended the event were given the opportunity to tour the category A-listed building in the heart of Paisley which has been transformed through a £5 million investment into a Skills & Employability Hub.

The completion of this project is one of a range of initiatives aimed at bolstering business and driving people back to the town centre. This is a fundamental aspect of the town’s bid for UK City of Culture 2021.

The work at the Institute was sparked by the passion of local volunteers in the Paisley Development Trust and was funded by the Council, Scottish Government’s Regeneration Capital Grant Fund and Historic Environment Scotland’s Building Repairs Grant.

The former health centre is now home to Skills Development Scotland and the Council’s Invest in Renfrewshire employability team.

It houses around 120 employees including careers and employability staff helping unemployed people across Renfrewshire and working closely with local businesses to create further jobs and grow the local economy.

Main contractors CBC Ltd were charged with ensuring the distinctive features of the Institute were retained, from its ornate sculptures on the outside of the building to its stunning staircase and balcony inside.

The Institute marked its 90th anniversary this year so the reopening of the building is just one reason to celebrate this iconic local landmark.

Minister for Local Government and Housing, Kevin Stewart said: “I’m delighted to have been invited to the official opening of the wonderfully restored Russell Institute in the heart of Paisley.

“Investing in community-led regeneration is a key part of our approach and I’d like to congratulate the Paisley Development Trust, the Council and the project team for securing the funding, including £2m from the Regeneration Capital Grant Fund, which has enabled the restoration of this iconic building back to its former glory.

“This is a great example of how we can use existing assets to regenerate our town centres and support local communities.”

Councillor Nicolson said: “It is fantastic to see the great work that has been done to refurbish this stunning building and bring it back into use.

“As a Skills and Employability Hub, the Russell Institute will provide an excellent environment in a central location to help generate new jobs and opportunities for the people of Renfrewshire.”

A spokesperson for Historic Environment Scotland said: “We’re delighted our funding is being used to help transform this prominent Paisley landmark. The project will bring the building back into use and created a first class facility providing a skills and employability hub which will benefit the local community now and in the years to come.”

The Russell Institute will be open to the public on 2 and 3 September as part of Doors Open Day.

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Paisley Got Talent Auditions at County Square tomorrow


there will be total of twelve acts performing with an age range of 8-38 years old. There is something for everyone ranging from singers, dancers, guitarists and even a ukulele player.

Get on down to County Square tomorrow where the fun will kick off from 11am when Tickles the Clown (Insert photo) will be there to entertain the younger buddies before the main attraction of the day – the second heat of Paisley’s Got Talent  where Big Al will be on stage to introduce the next twelve entrants to our competition.

Come along and show your support for our very own talented Paisley Buddies, all vying for the Paisley’s Got Talent trophy and Grand Final Prize of £1000 – still time to get your entries in for the final heat on 12th August!!


Buddie (Insert photo), the Paisley First Mascot will also be making appearances throughout the day to entertain the audience and provide photo opportunities. Kirsty will also be present between 12-3pm for face-painting and balloon modeling for all our younger little Buddies. The day will end with an acoustic set on stage until 4.30 pm.


Come on down to our Summer Spree, have some fun, and all for FREE!!!!

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Paisley Makes City of Culture 2021 BID shortlist

Paisley City of Culture 2021

Paisley has been shortlisted as the sole Scottish contender vying to become the UK City of Culture in 2021.

The Renfrewshire town is up against Coventry, Stoke, Sunderland and Swansea for the title, credited with attracting major investment to former winners.

The UK government’s department for digital, culture, media and sport will announce the winner at the end of the year.

Paisley City of Culture 2021

The Paisley2021 staff will now submit a second-stage bid for September, with the winner announced at the end of the year

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Fire on Clark Street Paisley Photographs.

NINE fire engines and more than 50 firefighters have rushed to an “ongoing incident” in Paisley near Glasgow Airport.

Bursting red and orange flames and plumes of thick black smoke rose over the city as police and fire services raced to a construction yard between Clark Street and McFarlane Street.


08/07/2017 at approximately 1900 hours a blaze was reported at clark street, paisley. Firefighters from all over Glasgow attended the fire at its height there were 11 appliances. Firefighters remained on scene into the wee small hours fighting small pockets for burning embers and to carry out damping down duties. The thick black smoke was drifted away from the scene it made for difficult conditions for both drivers locally and pilots departing from near by Glasgow Airport.


Photographs from Scottish Photography Productions.