Professor Tim Wildschut Projecting wellness speaker P&D u3a

Home movies often arouse nostalgic memories.  This feeling of wellbeing is what University of Southampton Professor Tim Wildschut explores further with Paisley & District u3a members on Thursday 20 May at 7pm.  He shares his research into nostalgia and explains how it impacts on wellbeing.  Historic footage produced by members of Paisley Camcorder Club will be shown.  This free event is part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, in collaboration with Renfrewshire Leisure and Paisley & District u3a.  Current or potential members can book via Eventbrite.

Professor Tim Wildschut Projecting wellness speaker P&D u3a

Said u3a chair, Kathy O’Donnell: “Given the pandemic’s effect on people’s mental health generally, we all welcome healthy feel-good factors to help us cope with Covid.  This ‘Projecting wellness’ talk is a timely event for us given it follows on from Mental Health awareness week.  There are three short home movies to watch and include ‘Doon the water’, ‘Burma during the war’ and ‘A lost relative’.  Afterwards we can share what memories these different films evoked.  It’s still a film night so bring popcorn if you want.”

Professor Tim Wildschut remarked: ““Nostalgia has suffered a bad reputation.  For centuries it was seen as a form of physical or mental dysfunction.  But over the past twenty years psychological research has rehabilitated the emotion, and it is now seen as an adaptive way of responding to, and bouncing back from, negative experiences.”

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