Best Bar None Awards 44

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]20 local pubs, clubs and bars are celebrating after being recognised as the ‘best bar none’ in Renfrewshire.

Licensed premises across the area took part in the Best Bar None Awards 2015, a joint initiative from Renfrewshire Council and Police Scotland.

The scheme, introduced in 2012, recognises those premises providing locals with a safe place to enjoy a drink. Venues score gold, silver or bronze status and are then entitled to display their Best Bar None accreditation.

Best Bar None Awards 44

Eight of the premises involved will now compete in the national Best Bar None award scheme.

The biggest winners were WWCM Ltd who won four gold awards for their venues Kilty Kilty, Caffufals, Fantoosh and the Tartan Rose.

Claire Colquhoun, general manager of WWCM Ltd, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to have won four awards. Kilty Kilty has been part of the scheme from the start but this is the first year we’ve put as many as four venues forward, so to win gold awards for all four is something we’re very proud of.”

Best Bar None Awards 44

“We’re committed to making sure everyone who comes to our venues has a safe, enjoyable experience and it’s nice to be able to show that commitment through our Best Bar None accreditation.”

Councillor Eddie Devine, convener of Renfrewshire’s Environment Policy Board, said: “We had more entrants for the scheme than ever before this year and it’s hugely encouraging to see the quality of the applications rise year-on-year.

“Well-managed licensed premises play an important part in making our towns and villages more vibrant places. Our award winners all go above and beyond for their customers and their communities, and we’re happy to be able to recognise that through Best Bar None.”

Best Bar None Awards 44

Inspector Jane Harley of Police Scotland said: “We work closely with licensed premises throughout Renfrewshire to ensure the safety of their patrons and their wider communities.

“All of our award winners are doing great work to promote responsible drinking and community safety. I’d encourage other licensees to find out more about the scheme and get involved.”

Details of all award winners are available at

Best Bar None 2015 winners were:

Hotel Bar: Glynhill Hotel – Silver (Category Winner)

Independent Bar: Kilty Kilty – Gold (Category Winner); Caffufals – Gold; The Bankhouse – Gold; Bar Varia – Gold

Bar: Bishopton Inn Hotel – Bronze (Category Winner)

Independent Pub: The Ferry Inn – Gold (Category Winner); Hamishes’ Hoose – Gold; Tartan Rose – Gold; Old Swan Inn – Silver; Craigielea Bar – Silver

Pub: Lord of the Isles – Gold (Category Winner); The Flying Scotsman – Gold; Gabriels – Gold; Craig Dhu – Gold; The Last Post – Silver; The Trust Inn – Silver; Glenleven Inn – Silver

Night Club: Fantoosh – Gold (Category Winner)

Specialist Entertainment Venue: UWS Student’s Union – Gold (Category Winner)

Heart of the Community: Hamishes’ Hoose

Best Public Health Initiative: Caffufals

Best Use of Innovation: UWS Student’s Union[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Bull Inn Paisley

The Best Pubs in Paisley.

We recently asked our members on our Facebook Group what were their top 3 pubs in Paisley and we have compiled a list of those pubs below. Should you have a suggestion then please add it to our comments at the foot of the page, if you do not use Facebook then you can also send in your suggestion using our contact page.

There have been many changes over the last decade or so in Paisley, pubs have changed hands, closed down or moved away. Thankfully we still have a pretty decent pub and entertainment scene in town and most within walking distance of each other. It is a difficult financial climate for landlords to operate in and Scotland’s smoking ban, which has been in force since 2006, has meant that establishments have had to adapt to the challenges of bringing in new customers whilst keeping regular customers happy. (links below are not the responsibility of

In no particular order the best pubs in Paisley are..

      1. Paddy Malarky’s
      2. The Bull Inn
      3. The Tea Gardens Tavern
      4. The Wee Howff
      5. The Old Swan
      6. Hamishes’ Hoose
      7. Canal Station
      8. The Bungalow
      9. The Bankhouse
      10. Lord Loundsdale
      11. The Club Bar
      12. The Tile Bar
      13. Gabriels
      14. The Anchor Bar
      15. Wig n Pen
      16. Craig Dhu
      17. The Argyll Bar
      18. The Alamo
      19. The Abbey Bar
      20. Kilty Kilty
      21. Kennedys
      22. Cafe Borgia


One name that comes up whenever we discuss pubs in Paisley is Carnegie’s (old Tudor Arms). This popular pub and nightspot has lain empty for many years yet people still talk about it, which got me thinking. Is there such a place existing now that we may be talking about in years to come?

“The best pubs in Paisley” list will be helpful when you come to visit one of the 15 best places to visit in Paisley, or kill two birds with one stone and visit one of the pubs that feature in our 15 best places to eat and drink in Paisley.

This is not an exhaustive list of all the pubs in Paisley but I do hope that it gets you thinking about what we still have in town.  We would encourage you to pop in and have a drink, something to eat and of course relax and enjoy yourself.

I would like to say thanks to all our contributors below..

Wilma Hendrie Steele, Allan Lindsay, Doug Hepburn, Angie Heaney, Allan Lindsay, Christina Pieraccini, Ronnie Townsend, Marie Connelly, Mark Anderson, George Cumming, Allan McClure, Willie Roberton, Jean-Marie Stewart, Brian Fraser, Frederic Charre, Barbara Happy Gilmour, Amanda Lewis, Martin Eaglesham, Graeme McIntyre, Kevin Doyle, Kirstie Porteous, Lynsey Moore, Lynne Morrow, Andy Campbell, Paul Halbert, Walter Hawthornthwaite, Mags MacGee, David Mitchell, Scott Manson, Duncan Deans, Lesley King, Billy Curr, Craig Sinclair, Kirsty McDonald and Allan Moore.

Paisley Pub Guide Photos from 2005:

I used to run the Paisley Pub Guide many years ago and took loads of photos for the website, unfortunately I do not have the high resolution images but you may still be able to see some changes and pubs that are no longer in the town.

Please note this was 2005 and not recent photographs.

We’re ale backing Paisley!

A CAMPAIGN is using thousands of beer mats to promote one of Scotland’s largest towns as the place to go for a good night out.

The drink mats featuring the words ‘Paisley is…havin’ a good time’ are part of a campaign to promote a positive message about Paisley and encourage more people to visit the town centre.

And with the message ‘Paisley is… saying drink sensibly’ on the flip side, the beer mats are being distributed around the town’s pubs and clubs.

Now the businessman behind the recent re-opening of a well-known Paisley pub is backing the campaign to promote the town.

David Davidson has recently revamped Corkers Bar, in Causeyside Street and all his customers are being given the ‘Paisley is…’ beer mats with their drinks.

David said: “There’s been a lot of positive activity going on in an around Paisley recently, especially with the success of The Mod and The Spree festival that took place in the town.

“Regeneration is the buzzword and there’s a bit of impetus in Paisley now.

“I think the town’s revival is on and it’s all about keeping that impetus going. There’s a feeling of positivity and we just need to keep our foot on the gas and move forward.”

David, who also owns the La Mesa Spanish restaurant, in New Street, Paisley added: “Paisley is a town with lots of potential and quite a few good small businesses have now opened in the town.

“We’re doing our wee bit for Paisley, but re-opening Corkers is a good business opportunity as well – we wouldn’t be doing it otherwise.

“The town centre should be a mix of leisure businesses, restaurants, shops and also people living in the town centre – it’s all about generating footfall.

“With more choice of quality cafes, bars and restaurants in Paisley offering good service then people will come back to the town centre.”

The Paisley Vision Board is behind the promotional beermats as part of their wider campaign to promote a more positive image of the town.

The ‘Paisley is…’ marketing initiative uses the letters ‘i’ and ‘s’ in the word Paisley to tee-up different positive messages about the town.

Its chairman, Renfrewshire Council leader, Mark Macmillan said: “Using beer mats is quite a unique way to get the message across that Paisley has a lot to offer when it comes to people’s leisure time.

“There are a lot of good business people in the town centre working hard to give people choices when it comes to having a night out.”

Other local bars who have been given the beer mats as part of Paisley Vision Board’s campaign to promote the town include The Old Swan Inn, in Smithhills Street; Hamishes’ Hoose, in the High Street; The Last Post, County Square; The Bungalow Bar, Shuttle Street; The Abbey Bar, Lawn Street; Gabriel’s, Gauze Street and Paddy Malarkey’s, The Bull Inn and Cafuffals, all in New Street.

Paisley Pub Parties

Night life continues to rock in Paisley with the sweet sound of Republic of Soul. The band is a regular feature at the popular Hamishes Hoose, due to move premises next month.

“Who needs Glasgow when this local band always throws a great party?” asks our photographer Alex Kyle who was on hand when they last played in December. This Saturday, 26th, sees the return of this 8 piece band and it’s not the first time members of the audience have joined in creating a brilliant atmosphere.

Their eclectic mix of popular cover versions include: The Kinks, Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry and a splash of James Brown. Proving beyond doubt a night out in Paisley will make you feel good!

You can find out more on the Hamishes Hoose website or for more photographs visit Alex Kyles Facebook page here.


Paisley Photographs

Here are some cracking Paisley Photographs sent in by one of our visitors, Hugh Craig, You too can send in your photographs of Paisley to be seen by our thousands of daily visitors by sending them with a description to 

The photographs Hugh has sent in are as follows:

  • Gabriels gets a facelift. It’s the best pub in town.
  • Cloisters at The Abbey.
  • Arnott’s.
  • PaisleyTown Hall. The sun was behind the Clock Tower lighting up the skeleton of the scaffolding through the dust netting.

Paisley Townhall

In 1873 George A.Clark, a member of the famous thread family, left £20,000 in his will to build a Town Hall in his native Paisley.

A site was found next to the Abbey which was suitable under the terms of the will; the hall was to be in the New Town, east of the Cart, where George Clark had been born and where his family’s thread mills were.

The George A. Clark Town Hall was officially opened in January 1882 among great celebrations. A procession made its way through the decorated streets, and at night there was a firework display from the High Church steeple.

The impressive building became a landmark in Paisley. The taller of the two towers, with its sculptured figures representing the four seasons, housed a clock and a chime of bells which could play a different tune for every day of the month.

The many rooms of the Town Hall proved ideal for meetings and social events. By the 1980s, however, the chimes no longer worked and the halls and rooms were shabby and run-down. Plans for repair and modernization were drawn up.

By 1988, in time for the celebration of Paisley 500, the chiming mechanism in the bell-tower was restored. In 1990 work began on renovating the interior of the building, and as this continues we can see the Town Hall, over a hundred years old, ready to plan its full part again in Paisley life.

Sat 4th February

Domino Gumbo, Bringing a little Fais-Do-Do to ole’ Paisley
Every pot of gumbo starts with a roux – once you have that you can add just about anything to your pot of gumbo. Our roux is Fats Domino. His influence runs right though all the music we play. No-one has had a bigger influence on the music of South West Louisiana than Fats. This band plays all types of music from that wonderful place – R&B, Cajun, Zydeco, Swamp Pop – all mixed up together in a loving gumbo.

Hence – Domino Gumbo

Pounding piano and rolling saxes? Present. Downhome squeezebox? Indeed. Flailing frottoir? (the over the shoulder rub-board). Scotland’s No 1 washboard man is on-board.
Domino Gumbo is a seven piece band, featuring guys who have paid their dues and more. From soul to country; from folk to blues – these guys have been playing American Roots music long before it was remotely popular.

The band was founded in Spring 2010 when three founder members spent over a month in New Orleans and the adjacent swamplands, watching and learning first-hand from the acknowledged masters. Returning home they hunted high and low for the right players to create the big sound. Since then, it has been non-stop rehearsal and recording.
They are now ‘ready, willing and able’ to rock’n’roll all night.

This music was originally played for dancing – and to this day that is still the best response. This is not music for the head; this is music for the FEET. The band is particularly keen to play venues where folks can shimmy, shake and cut some rug.

Some of the songs are self-written but most are drawn from the great Louisiana common repertoire. These are NOT ‘covers’. This is real folk music and folks in New Orleans would think it daft that anyone can own a song; irrespective of who wrote it or played it first. Domino Gumbo are drawing from, and adding to, that tradition.
Bring your dancing shoes……..

Find out more at