James McHutchison

 James McHutchison

This section has been sent to me from Kate McHutchison who is descended from James McHutchison and makes very good reading so I have decided to include it all in the history section, to follow the story the links will be at the bottom of the page.

“I am descended from a Paisley weaver, James McHutchison, born about 1786. He had seven sons. Five emigrated to Victoria, Australia. William Brown McHutchison, a great-grandson of one of the sons remaining in Scotland spent many years studying the family. Fortunately I was contacted by the researcher’s son, David, who now also lives in Perth and he gave me a copy of his father’s work. This enabled to me to contact another descendent, John McHutchison of NSW who kindly sent more information. ” Kate McHutchison. Here are the results :


Here is the result of the report:

Letter to James’s son, William on leaving Paisley

James’s obituary from the Paisley and Renfrewshire Gazette, 1869