Gift bags are packages that can be made from different materials with the intention of placing gifts or presents in them to be given to friends, relatives, or even clients. Gift bags are always designed to look appealing to the receiver; therefore, much effort is put into designing and eventually producing them. What goes into the gift bag will normally be determined by whoever is making the gift bags, as well as the intended targeted individual, often for a special occasion. This is how you create the perfect gift bag for your guest at your next event:

Understand the Purpose of Your Event

It will be more meaningful to plan to create a gift bag that is relevant to the occasion being celebrated. For example, it wouldn’t be appropriate to gift your guests with a gift bag containing champagne at a memorial service. The relevance of the gift package to the event being celebrated is the first thing you should consider before coming up with the gift bag. It becomes easier and easier to pick the gifts to be packaged.

Plan the Dates

To be able to come up with a perfect gift package, you need to have time and resources available. You will have plenty of time to plan your gift packaging and to shop around for your gifts when you’ve set up the most appropriate dates for yourself and your guests alike for the event.

Know Your Guests

This does not mean only knowing your guests by name and appearance, but also by understanding what kind of guests you will be entertaining. Similarly, this involves understanding whether they will like and appreciate the gift package being offered. By understanding your guests, you can better design your gift bags and easily determine what gifts to put in them. An appropriate gift bag is likely to be more well received than a randomly given gift bag. This is well illustrated at Rocketbags.


The venue for the event, whether at home, in a social hall, or in an office setup, will also help determine the kind of gift package you will be giving your guests. You don’t want to bog your guests down with bulky, heavy gift packages, knowing very well the difficulty in transporting these packages to the venue. Similarly, the ease with which the venue can be accessed can determine the packaging and transportation logistics.

Know the Number of Expected Guests

You will be able to avoid a lot of embarrassment when only a few of your guests receive the gift bags while others miss out on them. If you plan in advance the number of guests you will invite to your event, you will then be able to weigh your options as to whether to issue all your guests with gift bags or just a select few.

Design, Acquire and Package Your Gift Bags

Once you’ve carried out all the above, then design the packages, purchase or make them, and get them ready for the event. A good design will always be appreciated by your guests, and could be a good brand strategy for your business.


Everybody appreciates a good gift once in a while, and giving out gift bags to your guests is a good initiative that goes a long way in securing strong partnerships, especially in business.










Paisley is located in Renfrewshire, Scotland, just a short distance away from the beautiful city of Glasgow. It’s well known for being the homeland of the paisley pattern and paisley shawl, both of which were popular in Victorian times. Today there are less working cotton mills, but in their place are beautiful luxury apartments that connect with the history of the town.

The cotton mills may have all but disappeared, but a lively and vibrant town still exists. Paisley benefits from its brilliant connections to Glasgow, which is only 6.9 miles away. House prices are also appealing with the average house costing approximately £138,000.

What to Expect from Living in Paisley

Church spires dominate the town centre. Paisley’s narrow streets are packed full of sandstone townhouses and terraces. There are many iconic period buildings around Paisley, with many of them being located in conservation areas.

As mentioned, Paisley is in close proximity to Glasgow, but you don’t need to hop on a bus to go shopping. The town centre boasts a large selection of both shops and entertainment venues. The shops in Paisley range from small local businesses to nationwide retailers. There are also a large selection of pubs, cafés, takeaways and restaurants nearby.

Paisley also offers its residents a piece of Scottish wilderness on their doorstep. The town is located on the edge of the Clyde Muirshiel Park and the Gleniffer Braes Country Park. If you’re worried that you’ll miss the hustle and bustle of city life, then Glasgow city centre can be reached by train within 10 minutes, or by car within 30 minutes, giving you the best of both worlds.

Where to Begin Your Search and What Properties are Available?

If you’re looking for a piece of history, then consider looking at the former cotton mills. Many of these have been converted into luxury apartments. These apartments usually have one or two bedrooms and can range in prices depending on the finish you are looking for. If you are on a budget, then maybe you could consider buying a property that you can add your own stamp to. You could even add in some luxury touches, such as underfloor heating. If you’re considering underfloor heating, then Incognito Heat Co is the place to start. They provide underfloor heating in Scotland that combines your needs with their excellent expertise which in turn produces a unique and completely satisfactory result.

If you are looking for an already completed apartment, then consider looking at Thread Street. The Anchor Mill boasts one- and two-bedroom properties that benefit from full length windows. If you’re looking for that extra bit of luxury, then the penthouses could be perfect for you. Many of the penthouses on Thread street also have roof terraces, which provide you with the most stunning views over Paisley and the local area.

Slightly cheaper and less imposing properties are located in the Oakshaw Conservation area, which is close to the centre of town. Located at the base of the original settlement in the town, Oakshaw Conservation area boasts a range of generous sized four-bedroom townhouses. Most of these properties still contain the original features including cornicing, stained-glass windows and sweeping staircases.

The town centre, Charleston and Williamsburgh areas also offer some stunning properties including terraced houses and flats built out of blond and red sandstone.

Another sought after conservation area is Castlehead, with its wide choice of beautiful Victorian villas. For larger properties, take a peek at Main Road. It has a selection of four- and five-bedroom detached townhouses that have extensive gardens. Smaller properties can be found on Thistle Street. Thistle Street is made up of two-bedroom terraces with decent sized gardens.

Thornly Park is a conservation area that offers inter-war properties. It’s located just to the south of the town centre and has a range of houses, including Art Deco and mock Tudor style. Properties built post-war are generally found in the Foxbar, Glenburn, Gallowhill, Ferguslie Park and Hunterhill areas. These houses are perfect for families due to their size and location and generally offer large gardens.

If you’re looking for a modern property, then you may be better starting your search to the north of the town centre. Donaldswood Park is a modern development that offers both three- and four-bedroom semi-detached homes.

Getting Around the Local Area

If you’re looking to live in an area with good transport links, then Paisley could be perfect for you. There are many different transport options available to you in and around Paisley.

Ways to get around Paisley and the local area include:

  • By train – There are lots of train stations in Paisley, including stops at Gilmore Street, Canal and St James. All of these run services to Glasgow Central station with an approximate travel time of only 10 minutes! Trains are also available to Ayr, Ardrossan Harbour, Wemyss Bay and Largs from Gilmore Street station.
  • By car – By travelling north along the A726, you can jump onto the M8. From here you can head east to Glasgow or north towards Langbank by the River Clyde. The M8 also leads to other destinations including Kilmarnock and Hamilton.
  • By Air – If you fly often, then living close to an airport may be high on your wish list when looking for a property. The nearest airport is located a short ten-minute drive away from Paisley in Glasgow. Glasgow airport runs both European and domestic flights as well as a choice of some long-haul destinations including Orlando, New York and Vancouver.

Things to do in and Around Paisley

Cultural – Paisley boasts a selection of independent music venues. The Bungalow is one of the most popular of these due to it offering many free or reasonably priced events. Bands that have played here include The Quireboys and The Blockheads.

An annual art, music and comedy festival called The Spree runs for 9 days each year. It’s held in locations all around the town and it includes free workshops and regular performances throughout the day.

Paisley Arts Centre displays theatrical and musical performances. The venue holds just 158 people and offers a variety of acts including comedy shows, dance shows, jazz music and folk music.

History – Paisley museum is a great place to go if you want to learn about the history of the Paisley pattern. Inside the museum is a display of the finest Paisley shawls from around the world as well as a huge ceramics collection.

The Thomas Coats Observatory – This is the oldest public observatory in the UK. Built in 1883, it hosts a variety of telescopes where you can stargaze to your hearts content. Tours of the observatory are available at no extra cost and with no booking required. Don’t worry if the weather is cloudy, as there are still lots of things to do, including watching a show in the digital planetarium.

The Sma’ Shot Cottages – These cottages have been fully restored to what they would have looked like in the 1840’s. You can look around the cottages and find out all about how the families lived and worked there. You can also learn about Paisley’s cloth history.

Outdoors – The Gleniffer Braes Country Park is a stunning place to visit. It is made up of sections of woodland and moorland. This park covers 480 acres and offers its visitors lots of different walks. The park boasts lots of wildlife, including tawny owls, roe deer and wild orchids and flowers.

Fountain Gardens is Paisley’s oldest park. It was first established in 1797 and has wide walkways that lead to a stunning cast iron fountain in the centre of the park. Throughout the park are other iron decorations too, including a statue of Robert Burns.

The town of Paisley is best seen from the top of Saucelhill Park. Whilst on the summit of the steep hill, you will be able to admire the beautiful spires in the town centre and when the weather is nice you will be able to see the edge of the highlands. The highlands can also be viewed from Ferguslie Gardens. Ferguslie Gardens are beautiful manicured gardens filled with rare plants, woodlands and a lake.

Shopping – The are a variety of different shops available in Paisley from McDonalds to independent jewellery shops. Many of them are located on Well Street, High Street, Broomlands Street and New Street. If you are looking for high street shops and big-name stores, then the Piazza Shopping Centre or the Paisley Centre are the perfect places to begin. These shopping centres are the home of many well-known stores including Marks and Spencer’s and Boots.

Paisley also has a farmer’s market which is held twice a month. If you like local produce, then this is the perfect place for you. The market includes fish, cheese, meat and fruit and vegetable stalls.

Top Reasons to Live in Paisley

In conclusion, the top reasons to live in Paisley can be summarised as follows:

  • Close to Glasgow
  • Excellent choice of properties
  • Affordable housing
  • A range of parks and reserves to visit
  • Lots of shopping opportunities
  • Plenty of history

There are lots of other reasons why Paisley could be the perfect place to live for you and your family. No matter what you enjoy, Paisley has something to offer you. Why not have a look round and see what you think?


Travelling doesn’t always have to mean a pre-planned trip abroad. It can be anywhere, at any time, even within the local community, or within a new place that’s in the same country. Mostly, staying safe is about trusting your gut instinct and being sensible when it comes to your behaviour and possessions, and you should also pay attention to the following tips.

Ensure That You Know the Rules of the Road

Even if you’re travelling within the same country as your hometown, road rules can change depending on where you venture, especially if you are moving from a busy city to rural roads. New road layouts can be challenging, and it’s important to pay attention to any speed variations, as well as the big differences which come abroad such as driving on the opposite side of the road.

It’s also important to note that if you are renting a car during your travels, whether home or abroad, you may be provided with an automatic model. Especially for new drivers, this can be a tricky feature to get used to. It may be a good idea to take a refresher course with a qualified driving instructor before travelling to ensure that you feel confident and safe.

Check Your Emergency Contacts

You should always research a new place before travelling there, even if it’s local, in terms of relevant contacts. In your home country, you will already be aware of emergency numbers, but should anything happen to your mobile phone, you should scout out public telephone boxes or the local police station in advance.

When travelling abroad, you should always have emergency contact numbers saved in your phone, and be aware of how to inform relevant authorities in that country should the need arise.

Take Out Travel Insurance

This is vital if travelling abroad, as it ensures you are covered for any eventuality and that you are always protected against any accident or emergency. You should plan for appropriate cover before you travel based on the number of risk factors involved in your trip. For example, if you are planning on visiting many destinations and intend to take an activity-fuelled trip with many high-risk activities, then you will need insurance cover which accounts for that.

Plan Your Routes in Advance

A large appeal of travelling is being able to discover unique places spontaneously and explore hidden gems. There is nothing wrong with wandering off the beaten track should circumstances allow, and you won’t ever be able to plan for every eventuality, but having a designated route and plan set in advance is key to remaining safe.

Knowing where you are going, the safest way to get there and the expected arrival time are good planning measures to stay on track. If you happen to make a safe stop off along the way or need to alter your course during the journey, there is nothing wrong with that – as long as your base safety measures are in place.

These days freelance writers are more active. They are getting work more as compared to the past few years. I’m working as a freelance writer for many years and suggest those who dislike 9-5 job that they step in this field if they have excellent writing skills.

Most people don’t like office jobs because of boring routine, workload, office politics and for many other reasons. Nowadays, freelancing offers them many options to earn a considerable amount of money. If anyone wants to earn extra money, he/she can work as a freelancer after office.

These days freelancers, especially freelance writers, are earning a big amount. The only thing you need for it is your writing skills. For example, most university and college students always seek professional help to complete their custom essays and assignments. They hire online writers for essay writing because most students have poor writing skills or sometimes they don’t manage to complete their writing task before the deadline. To get rid of these problems, they consider to hire online writers to submit their work on time.

Following are a few more paybacks of working as a freelance writer.


1.    Good Income

The first and most effective benefit that freelancing offer is the good income. When one works as a freelance writer, he/she gets more work and traffic. Most students hire freelance writers for essay writing, assignment writing, term papers, or final year research project. On the other side, digital marketers need freelance writers to write their products and services related content.

When a person works as a freelance writer, he/she doesn’t get the same or fixed amount of money. It is up to the work quantity and quality of the writer.

2.     Independency in Every Field

The second advantage freelancing provides is independency. When you work as a freelance writer, you have work independency you can choose workload according to your mood and daily routine. You are not even bound to write fixed numbers of articles. It depends on you to choose your writing workload. It not only provides you with work freedom but also offers workplace independency. Unlike an office job, you can sit in every corner of your home and write.


3.     No Boss, No Office Politics

Thanks to freelancing! Woking in a stressed environment is way too difficult. It affects your work quality and productivity. Like me, many other people cannot handle office politics, so they rely on sitting at home instead of working in an intense environment. When you work from home, you work without any restrictions. Working as a freelance writer gives you different opportunities and work experience without any politics.


4.     Freedom to Take Breaks

The most entertaining part of a freelance job is you always free to take breaks. When you feel tired, it affects the productivity of your work. To freshen up your mind, you can take power naps. You can eat while writing, you can go for a walk if you don’t feel good. In short, you’re free from following restriction and rules being in office.

InCube class of 2019

Gifted graduates of a Renfrewshire creative business programme will showcase their products and share their start-up experiences at a two-day exhibition later this month.

Renfrewshire Council’s InCube Creative programme enables entrepreneurs to turn their talents into a viable commercial business.

InCube class of 2019

Now the class of 2019 – seven creatives spanning jewellery making, textile design, art, millinery, ceramics and even knitting – will host an exhibition of their works at Paisley’s Piazza Shopping Centre.

I:MERGE takes place in the Piazza POP Space on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 October, from 12pm to 5pm.

“The exhibition is a celebration of the six months we’ve spent developing our creative businesses,” explains milliner Susie Rodgers.

“We will be showcasing our new work and will also be on hand to talk about our experiences in the business incubator programme, our inspirations and what it’s like to start your own business. I’ve learned so much through the InCube Creative programme which will be great for my business going forward and hopefully we can inspire other people to consider taking their talents to the next level.”

IMerge logo

InCube Creative has already helped 50 designers to commercialise their approach, providing free specialist support to build business acumen and bolster skills such as e-commerce and website development.

Cindy Robb, who co-ordinates the InCube creative programme said: “We’re very proud of all our graduates and the class of 2019 is no exception, being a fantastic example of the breadth and depth of creative talent on our doorstep. I would encourage everyone to take the time to call in, enjoy the exhibition and talk to the exhibitors to hear about their experiences.”

Earlier this year Renfrewshire Council confirmed a new business development fund providing subsidised premise costs to encourage entrepreneurs to co-locate, collaborate and share services.

This enabled Up Hub Works to open its doors on Paisley High Street in September, with a showroom, workspace and shop dedicated to upcycling.

Renfrewshire Council Leader Iain Nicolson said: “Renfrewshire is renowned for its creative talents – with many local artists and designers now household names. We want to be the place of choice for creative companies and through business support programmes like InCube Creative and the creative hub development fund, we hope to attract more entrepreneurs to Renfrewshire.

“Our new economic strategy places a keen focus on growing the creative industry sector further and we will be working closely with local entrepreneurs to understand how we can support them to flourish.”

Find out more about InCube at


School life is a great time that everyone spends in their own way. Some simply kill time without doing anything at all, while others disappear into nightclubs and cafes. And for other people, free time for studies is used for great benefit.

You are a high school student, and it seems to you that school life only concerns studying and rare gatherings with friends, right? I hasten to assure you that it is actually quite different. Of course, you definitely want to diversify your life. As such, I believe this article will be useful for all students. Here are a few ideas on how to spend time in Paisley without focusing only on the learning process.

Participate in high school activities

It is no secret that the years spent at high school provide not only theoretical knowledge in many fields, but also practical skills in interacting with people, communicating, and forging connections. Participation in various events organized by the school (concerts, charity events, etc.) can help to get comfortable in the environment and make friends. In addition to participation, you can even join the team of organizers and provide assistance in the preparation of such projects.

If you want to have more free time for activities you like, but you have lots of homework to do, there is a way out. For example, you can pay for essay writing on writing services like Essay Bulls. In this way, you will save time significantly.

Find a job

Of course, this type of activity is more suitable for college or university students, but high school students manage to find jobs as well. If you are sure that you will be able to combine work and study without damage to your grades, then you are lucky. Who will refuse the extra money? In order to avoid spending a lot of time getting to work, we advise you to find a place located near your school or house. There are always many options.

Become a volunteer

In addition to the desire to study, altruism resonates with you, but you don’t know how to apply your desire to help people, do you? In Paisley, you can find different volunteer activities, like this one. Being a volunteer means that you offer your services for free in various projects to assist people in need, protect nature, take part in city events, and much more. Once again, you can choose the option you like.

Enroll in a school club

The staff of most schools understands that it is necessary to diversify the life of students. As such, numerous methods for self-expression are provided: clubs for sports, music, cinema, and literature lovers. The main thing is to find something suitable for you that will not leave you bored – otherwise, you will have to think more about what to do with yourself in your free time.

Take part in science

Some may find in themselves the talent (or rather, patience) to engage in scientific activities. It involves not only conducting research and writing articles, but also participating in conferences, competitions, and grants. Scientific research should only be done if you really have the potential to develop in this direction.

You have seen that studying in high school does not have to limit you and your aspirations. In any case, the total amount of ideas is not limited to the listed activities. The key to successful self-realization is not to be afraid to declare oneself! Therefore, if you feel that you want to get engaged in a certain occupation, take the opportunity to spend time for your own good.



What started with a few arcade games and a black-and-white screen, video games and online gaming has reached new heights currently. Today, you can enjoy the best visual effects, great storylines, top-quality gaming music and the best technology when it comes to gaming. Here we are exploring some of the latest advancements in technology and how it has affected gaming as we know it today.

The internet

No discussion of the current gaming advancement can begin without talking about the internet. The internet has revolutionised life as we know it today and it is the same with video games and gaming too. The internet is the reason why we have the ability to access a website to play casino games online. The convenience doesn’t just stop with casino games; today, we can play online slots, online bingo, table games and card games with a number of people from all across the world today. Additionally, the availability of mobile technology has made it possible for us to download and play countless games online or offline. Thus, the internet has totally changed the face of gaming and helped us totally get rid of the console for gaming.

Amazing graphics

Today, video games are immensely intricate. Developers are stopping at nothing and are creating enormous new worlds for the entertainment of the players. Development in the graphics department is providing developers with advanced tools to perfect their gaming world and make them look as large as life. Even basic mobile devices like smartphones come with powerful graphics cards and capabilities to make it easy for players to access the said games in the simplest and the most convenient manner. Thus, the advanced technology currently available and the availability of gadgets with advanced capabilities are making us enjoy video games at a whole new level.

Virtual Reality is now a reality

One of the most popular ideas imagined by our previous generations is now available to us in the form of Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality headsets now allow for the most intense participation in gaming thanks to its immersion-experience. People now have the capability to walk through the gaming world and feel like they are actually experiencing it, thanks to Virtual Reality and 3D technology. VR headsets are now available in all price ranges so that they can be enjoyed by any and every gaming enthusiast.

Streaming games and eSports

One of the biggest results of the internet and innovation is the availability of streaming platforms for gaming. With platforms like Twitch, gamers and enthusiasts now have the ability to watch other gamers play video games! This has now elevated video games to the level of conventional sports; video game tournaments are now a reality and are popular under the name of eSports. Thousands of viewers flock to the events to see gamers contending with one and other and more watch from the convenience of their computers and mobile devices. Thus, these are some of the advancements in technology that has transformed gaming into what it is today.



Seeing that the vast majority of players like to bet on accumulators especially during the weekends, many bookmakers launched the “built a bet” option. It is an evolution of the combo bets that allows you to add more special markets from a single match. This way you can focus on one game and combine the most likely aspects of it in order to achieve better odds and a far larger profit. Shout out to the guys at Helpbet for this helpful guide.

Bet builder explained

What is a bet builder and how can it change the way you place your bets? First of all it can solve one of the bettors’ great dilemmas. Should you bet on a team win or should you instead seek better odds in goals? Imagine you are thinking of placing a bet on Liverpool against Bournemouth. You can put choose both a Liverpool win and an over 2.5 goals bet and while you’re at it you can add a total corners handicap, if Mo Salah will score (first or anytime scorer options are available) and build your bet. There really is no limit on what you can bet on as long as you are not getting carried away from thinking you can win a fortune on a single bet builder. 

How to build a bet 

The bet builder rules are actually quite simple. You pick a match from your sporstbook, select the build a bet or bet builder option and then just pick the special markets you are interested in. Following that you just pick your stake and you are done. Note that if you lose one leg, you unfortunately lose the entire bet, just like an accumulator. Also note that you must be careful when making your choices because some markets are offered as a European Handicap. If for example you choose the over 2 goals option and exactly two goals are scored, then your bet is lost and not counted as void. If you are a bet365 customer you should also know that there is a bet365 bet builder void. As mentioned in the Terms and Conditions if a market within a Bet Builder bet is void/pushed, then you will not lose your bet, but instead will only take into account the odds of any markets that won, provided that you have not lost any of your bet builder predictions 

Also remember that you can’t put more than 6 legs in your bet and you can not include markets from a different match in your bet builder. There is no such thing as a bet builder accumulator and also you can not request a bet builder cash out. Once you place a build-a-bet wager you will have to wait till the match is over. 

Bet builder strategy

The general idea of this type of bet is – as with accumulator bets – to increase your winnings by placing a small stake. So the real question is how much you are planning to wager and what potential profit will satisfy you. Βuild a bet tips and predictions can be described as filling a multiple choice test. You can’t go ahead picking random choices and expect to succeed. You need to “read” the match correctly before you press the confirm button. 

So if you are a somewhat consernative puntor, you just need three or maximum four picks. And you can also be conservative on which markets you pick. If for example you want to add the “how many yellow cards” option and the line is at 4.5 yellow cards, just take that. No need to choose the over 5.5 option, even if you think it’s quite possible. The idea is to maximize your profit with the minimum risk. In that manner you pick the rest of your choices and your bet is ready. 

Where to place the best bet builder

It goes without saying that the best bet builder site is bet365. It’s not just because they are the ones that came up with the idea of the bet builder. Bet 365 build a bet is the best when it comes to the given options due to their high odds and abundant markets. They initiated us in bet building in the 2018 World Cup and from the positive feedback they received, they realize that bet builder bet 365 was the next best thing in online betting. You might be wondering how to use bet builder on bet 365 and also make a quid or two. It’s quite simple actually. All you need to do is have some knowledge about the forthcoming match and an account on bet365. By registering an account on Bet365 you can also claim a 100% bonus that doubles your initial deposit up to €100. 

Best bet builder sites

As you probably can imagine many bookmakers followed the lead of bet365 and included the build a bet to their arsenal. After all online gambling is a very competitive industry and good ideas seldom stay hidden. Bwin build a bet for example is one of them. The high standards of this bookmaker is the ultimum guarantee that this type of bet will satisfy the customers. 1xbet bet builder is another solid choice. Based on their outstanding odds and the large variety of the offered options 1Xbet is another trustworthy choice if you are looking to build your way into profits. 

liam 2

TEENAGER Liam Scobie’s dream is to become a successful actor like Tom Cruise.

And the 16-year-old is already following in the footsteps of Hollywood’s Mission Impossible star by working as a paperboy for the Sinclair Barr newsagents, in Glasgow Road, Paisley.

liam 2

Tom Cruise famously had a newspaper round to earn extra cash from the age of 13, when he was growing up in Louisville, Kentucky and in interviews has often spoken of how it taught him the benefits and value of hard work.

Now fledgling actor Liam, from Hunterhill, in Paisley has been given a career boost after he was chosen to appear in the next Outlander TV series.

The Gleniffer High pupil has been filming in the popular time-travelling romantic adventure over several months along with stars, Caitriona Balfe, who plays Claire Fraser and Sam Heughman, as Jamie Fraser.

Liam won the part of a supporting actor in the series and plays a young soldier in Jamie Fraser’s militia. He has also been given a speaking part in several episodes.

liam and des

He was chosen after producers contacted casting agency, Real People, who represents Liam.

Outlander is produced by Starz – an American premium cable and satellite television network – and the show is hugely popular in the US as well as the UK. Liam will appear in Series 5 of Outlander, which is due to be shown in February next year.

Liam said: “My dream is to be a successful actor. And maybe it’s a good omen that Tom Cruise was a paperboy like me when he was a teenager!”

His newsagent boss, Des Barr said: “Liam is a very conscientious young man and he’s certainly taking the same view as Tom Cruise about the need to work hard to achieve things in life.

“I’m sure if Liam puts the same effort into his acting carer as he does being a paperboy, then he’ll end up making the news along with having delivered it.”

Liam, who discovered he had a love of acting when he joined the Razzamataz Theatre School, in Paisley when he was only six years old, can also be seen on our TV screens as he currently appears in The Demon Headmaster, children’s TV drama on CBBC.

But he admits that his opportunity to be in Outlander is a huge boost to his career and his chances of getting into the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland to study drama when he leaves school.

He says: “I’ve acted on stage many times through the years with Razzamataz and the Lourdes Theatre Group in Glasgow, but appearing on Outlander is definitely the biggest thing I’ve ever done.

“I’ve been on the set – both when it was filmed in the countryside, in Callander, in Stirlingshire and in a film studio, in Cambuslang – about 15 times this year and it was an amazing experience.

“I’ve spoken to both Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughman when I’ve been on set and they were very nice to me.

“I also spent a lot of time talking with Scottish actor, Mark Cox who plays Tam in Still Game.

“Mark’s plays the part of a minister in Outlander and he’s been very good with me giving advice on how to have a career in acting and encouraging me never to give up even when things aren’t going so well.”

Liam started going to Razzamataz because his sister, Kim was a member of the theatre group and his mum, Linda thought it would be a good idea for him to become involved as well.

He explains: “When I was six years old I was a quiet and shy wee boy. My mum thought the theatre group would cure my shyness and give me confidence.

“It certainly worked and I loved performing. When I was 14 I decided that acting was what I wanted to do as a living.

“The next stage for me is passing my Highers and getting a place in drama school at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland as well as building up as much experience by getting parts – no matter how small – in films and TV shows.”


Gamification has spread into varied fields and no matter which way we approach this, people often respond to similar catalysts and display comparable behaviour patterns which analysts work to identify and develop. By borrowing one of the central features of gamification, websites from universities and yacht clubs to social media and online casinos can introduce an appealing community atmosphere that provokes user engagement, by applying some kind of points or rewards system which is designed to increase a user’s reputation. This can happen either by providing useful advice to other members, by completing previously defined tasks designed by an administrator or moderator, or by being based on what is known as behavioural momentum. This term describes an observed tendency to fluidity in a person, as they are inclined to keep performing in an anticipated way, for which rewards can be tailored in advance.

This is particularly true when it comes to gambling, as each niche has its specific rules and techniques to master. In order to develop our skills to compete in our preferred game more effectively, we might do so by learning in a mock online scenario which borrows heavily from gamification in its method of regular encouragement and gradual teaching, or through seeking out hints and tips directly from other gamers for example by watching let’s plays or educational videos. To do so requires engaging with a medium, either by intaking the information by manually searching or by provoking a subsequent conversation between the members of a relative community. It is the core of every gamification attempt to create an active and loyal community of users who can be relied on to provide advice to new members. The next step is to develop a community by ensuring that recent additions are enticed to remain, with a view to themselves contributing more and nurturing new additions. Extra members and increased activity leads to increasing a user’s presence over time, a process described as acquire, retain and convert.

The future of online gambling

An increase in members, the rate of community collaboration and the number of available resources to both new and old users a gambling platform offers brings value and relevancy to that site, and adopting gamification components to reward and incentivise a membership is an essential tool in doing so. A range of loyalty points that can be exchanged for free spins, cash rewards and bonuses, access to otherwise restricted promotional offers once a specific level of loyalty has been attained and other preferential treatment initiatives are among the more favoured examples used by the customer relation management by operators. A sense of interactivity—or the definition of engagement, on the part of members is essential not just in encouraging their participation in a gambling community, but also in how traditional games such as slots are able to integrate this trend more deeply into their latest versions, so that they will appeal to a new generation of gamers for whom gamification is the norm.

There is an inevitability that online gambling must mimic eGaming as much as possible if it is to stay current, and it is equally inevitable that it must assimilate gamification into its own games to do so. According to CNBC, boutique market research firm Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, which focuses exclusively on the global gaming industry, has forecast that eSports fans will be betting $23.5 billion on its games and tournaments by 2020, with operators generating $1.8 billion in revenues. These same operators must be mindful of findings included in Badgeville’s report however, as it cites research from the National Institute of Mental Health, which demonstrates that people care more about social status, prestige and reputation than money or prizes. Clearly then the emotional rewards inherent in gamification are not to be downplayed, as these are strong factors in adding to a user’s sense of self and their subsequent belonging within a given community. So while eGaming has learned and borrowed from the online gambling industry, the latter must show its own flexibility by incorporating both the financial and emotional benefits of gamification into its own products and services.

Doing so will show that operators treat users as fully developed people with disparate needs and concerns to be catered to, rather than singular commodities with a sole motivation. Users of new casino sites and forums generally are, much like the workforces of our clients, are keen to advance their personal attributes and social development, whether by improving their gambling performance or increasing their standing in an online community. Gamification has been key in this respect, as it coaxes from its user base incremental behavioural and technical changes aimed at ultimately achieving a defined goal, while rewarding steady and measurable progression accordingly.