A professional goals essay is an excellent addition to your CV, application to the grant, or study program. Almost everywhere, this essay will be a benefit. It doesn’t have a defined form, but it has some traits that are essential to make it work. It is your chance to show your passion and your determination to get this job or be enrolled in this program.


This is not a list of your demands to the company. Professional goals essay shows your personality, your ability to plan, and set goals that are realistic and accessible. You may show that you are really ready to work and learn, you need this place more than the others and – what is the most important – why you need this position and how you can be useful for the company or university in exchange for their services or salary.


Let’s see what the main six hacks that allow you to write a fascinating essay that will increase your chances to get your dream place are!


  1. Be sincere

Don’t try to look better than you actually are. This will become obvious right after your enrollment or in your working place and will stain your reputation a lot. If you don’t have enough knowledge in certain areas, say about it, show that you are ready to learn. The people you send the essays have seen lots of texts before, and they have the possibility to do fact-checking. But what they do value is sincerity, creativity, and passion.


It’s okay not to fulfill all the requirements, sometimes you may become an exception if you show enough determination. Just give yourself reasonable terms to learn whatever you need to qualify fully. This will be appreciated a lot unless this company (or university, or program organizers) isn’t interested in growing great specialists.


  1. Ask for advice

This is a true hack: people are more prone to react to the text that has a call to action. It may be a question, asking directly or anything else. Usually, in your Professional Goals essay, it is a question for the case in which you don’t qualify. You may ask the addressees about the subjects you need to learn to get into the desired place, about other programs or jobs you can apply for with your current skills, or, maybe, even about other people they know that you may write to.


This might give you a chance for a meeting even if your application was rejected or, at least for a letter. Using this chance is up to you, and there is no guarantee that your second letter or meeting in person will get you the place of your dream – but at least you will have time for the preparation.


  1. Organize your plans

Imagine that you are selling your startup project, but the project is you. You should explain why your “project” is worth investing in it. Write a short plan of your learning or working process, the skills you are ready to acquire, and the ways to do that. Give yourself enough time, be reasonable, and think about your work-life balance. Be ready to explain any term and any skill: why this one, why so long, and so on.


We don’t think that you will need these explanations, but they will give you inner confidence. Even if you don’t get the place, you’ll have a plan to achieve your goals. But in case of extra questions, you’ll show that you are prepared and know what to do and what to answer.


  1. Avoid cliches

You may find dozens of examples of the career goals essays on the Internet on free databases like just to see how it can be written – but don’t use them. They were sent to different companies with minor editions countless times. Even a paragraph or two for them will make your whole essay suspicious. It’s much better to write the whole text by yourself, even if it won’t look as smooth as an Internet one. People are looking for sincerity and creativity, remember?


It’s better to read the examples once or twice, then close them and write your own essay, still keeping them in mind. You will remember the structure and the main theses, but you will describe them with your own words.


  1. Don’t be afraid to be emotional

Work and study aren’t only about skills; it’s also about passion. Your essay isn’t a dry analysis of your possibilities; it is a reflection of your personality and traits, so be ready to show them. Let them know that you are eager to get this place, that it is your dream and your chance. We are social creatures, and empathy is our natural skill. Those who will read your essay will feel your emotions, whether they want it or not.


  1. Always leave yourself a second chance

Remember that you can’t always be a hundred percent responsible for getting what you want. The rejection of your essay doesn’t mean that there was something wrong with it. You may use it as a chance to correct something, but don’t rewrite it completely. You may use it very soon for another place – and be accepted there.



Writing your professional goals essay is easier than you think. The main thing is to be sincere and precise about your plan. Don’t try to be convenient. This essay is your chance to show yourself – use it fully!

Jason Hemmings

Independent financial advisers Cornerstone Asset Management have launched snapshot pensions, a free and easy to use pensions review service designed to help people better understand and take action on their pension planning. 

Anyone looking to find put more about their existing pension arrangements (excluding final salary schemes) can use the custom-built snapshot pensions website to access the service and receive a personalised pension report. 

The online service is information only, rather than full advice, but this means there is no need for a meeting or paperwork for people to start getting their pension planning in order. 

Jason Hemmings

The service focuses on three key components of a pension plan, each of which can have a significant impact on how much money people might retire with. These are 

▪ the costs and charges, 

▪ the level of investment risk being taken with the pension funds and 

▪ the performance of the pension funds. 

These are also the elements that people tend not to fully understand and snapshot aims to inform in a simple and engaging manner, leaving the user in a more informed position and with choices regarding what they do next. 

How it works: The user enters contact details and some basic information about their pension plan(s), and the Cornerstone team then gathers relevant information from the pension providers and prepares a personalised pension report, providing clarity around charges, investment risk and fund performance. It is then up to the snapshot user to decide what they do next. 

Cornerstone offers fee-based pension and retirement advice if required but there is absolutely no obligation to proceed to advice to use the service. 

A survey carried out by the Phoenix Group in 2019 found that the average Generation X person in the UK (born between 1966 and 1980) has 11 different employers in their lifetime. This could mean 11 different pensions held with 11 different companies. Organising those pensions can make a big difference to a person’s final retirement pot. 

There are many reasons why people put off organising old pensions, including lack of time, lack of knowledge or not being able to find or fund any professional help. snapshot pensions aims to remove these hurdles and make assistance with pensions available to people who would not normally have access. Cornerstone also hope that snapshot’s simple one-page form and ease of use will encourage people to face a task that they may have been putting off for a long time. 

A pre-launch trial generated the following user feedback: “The content is clear and very well phrased. It avoids jargon and explains the service in detail without being either over-lengthy or patronising in tone. Whoever wrote the content could give lessons to many other organisations !!” Andrew Baldwin, retired IT consultant. 

Cornerstone founding partner Jason Hemmings says: snapshot pensions helps us reach out and support potentially thousands of people who want to know more about their pension plans. A greater understanding of how pensions work is a key step on the journey to successfully planning for retirement.” 

“There are a growing number of services that allow people to transfer their pensions via an app or a website without advice however, we firmly believe that getting to know and understand your existing pensions should come first and that’s exactly what snapshot is designed to do.” 

“We naturally encourage snapshot users to take advice, which can be seamlessly offered by the advisory team at Cornerstone. However, we are also confident that the information that snapshot pensions provides will make the user much better equipped to deal with what can be a complex area of financial planning, even if they choose to make changes directly themselves.” 

The website can be accessed here: 

A photograph of Jason Hemmings is available on request. 

For further information please contact: For more information, please contact Rebecca Kowalski, Compliance Officer at Cornerstone on 07914 391 829, or at

About Cornerstone With offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Cornerstone Asset Management is an award-winning firm focused on wealth management and personal and corporate financial planning. 

Cornerstone was formed in February 2011 by Jason Hemmings, Alan Reid and Laurie Dempster. 

Scottish Book Trust, the national charity changing lives through reading and writing, will host online celebrations this year for Bookbug Week​, which runs from Monday 18 May – Sunday 24 May. As the Bookbug programme has been running since 2010, the charity will mark the ten year milestone with #HappyBirthdayBookbug, encouraging families across Scotland to send Bookbug their birthday wishes.

book trust

Bookbug Week is an annual celebration of Scotland’s national book-gifting programme and Song and Rhyme Sessions. There will be many ways for families to join in the fun at home, such as a daily drawalong with Bookbug’s creator Debi Gliori, to learn how to draw Bookbug and friends. There will also be a special film with Debi, which explains how she created Bookbug ten years ago.


The popular live Bookbug Session on Facebook will run on Friday 22 May at 10am, for everyone to join in and sing happy birthday to Bookbug. The first live Bookbug Session was a great success with over 20,000 views. For those that cannot join the live session, there will be an option to watch later, or the option of acelebratory Bookbug Session for families to try at home themselves.

Scottish Book Trust’s home activities hub will be packed with more themed ideas to try at home, from making a party hat to colouring in sheets of Bookbug. All through the week, there will also be competitions on the charity’s website and social media. Scottish Book Trust will also be asking for families’ memories of their child’s Bookbug Bags and Bookbug Sessions with their little ones.

As always, families can access Bookbug’s Song and Rhyme library, via Scottish Book Trust’s website, or on the free Bookbug app. Building on the increasing demand for modern nursery rhymes, Scottish Book Trust commissioned Sprog Rock to develop a brand new birthday song, which will launch on Wednesday 20 May. The new song was created through interactive nursery workshops earlier this year with Bucklyvie Nursery in Glasgow. The song centres around the theme of being ten years old, with nursery children contributing their imaginative thoughts about what that age means to them.



Minister for Children and Young People, Maree Todd said:


“I am delighted that we are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Bookbug programme in Scotland. To date, Bookbug has provided well over 6 million books to children and helped families across Scotland to take part in Bookbug activities and enjoy precious moments of reading, story-telling and singing together.


We know these are challenging times for families so it is heartening to see that the Bookbug online sessions are proving to be such a success. I am also pleased to see that this year’s celebrations will be packed with themed activity ideas for families to try at home.


I would like to thank Scottish Book Trust and everyone involved in delivering this wonderful programme and I hope that many families can join in the exciting virtual events and resources during the Bookbug week.”


Marc Lambert, CEO of Scottish Book Trust, said: 


“Scottish Book Trust is looking forward to celebrating Bookbug’s tenth birthday with families across Scotland through our website, social media channels and Bookbug app. We are extremely proud of the impact that the Bookbug programme has made in the last decade: from delivering free bags of books, to bringing communities together through Bookbug Sessions, to working with families at home who need our support to get started sharing stories and songs together.


“We’d like to thank all our colleagues from libraries, health, education, social care and the third sector for building Bookbug with us – it truly is a national partnership that shows how much we value books, and value children. We look forward to receiving everyone’s birthday messages for Bookbug and hope that families can join us to celebrate.”



Funded by the Scottish Government and Creative Scotland, Bookbug is Scottish Book Trust’s Early Years Programme. The Bookbug programme encourages mums, dads and carers to sing and share stories with their children from birth. It gives every child in Scotland four free bags of books in their first 5 years, gifting over 885,000 books every year. Bookbug also runs regular free story, song and rhyme events in libraries, shopping centres and other community venues which attracted audiences of over 720,000 parents and children in 2018-19.


Issued from the plant that we call “marijuana”, cannabis seeds, or hemp seeds, are part of

the list of the new superfoods!

Of vegetable origin, hemp seeds are often used for their high protein content, but their health

benefits are also attractive.


With the new regulations about CBD cannabis and other cannabis and hemp products in eh UK, you can safely buy weed seeds on Sensoryseeds, and discover all the properties of cannabis seeds.


In this article, let’s discover the hemp seed and explore all its virtues!


What is the hemp or cannabis seed?

Extracted from the marijuana plant, consuming hemp seeds can be scary. However, they are not concentrated in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and therefore do not contain psychoactive substances.


On the contrary, cannabis seeds are a superfood with many health benefits. With a lot of proteins and nutrients, cannabis seeds can be eaten without fear. Besides, in Chinese culture, they were used for a very long time as medicine and food.


In terms of flavour and texture, the hemp seed is crunchy and has a slightly nutty taste. 


What do cannabis seeds contain?

The nutritional properties of hemp seed are interesting. It is particularly rich in minerals and vitamins: calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin A, D, E are all nutrients found in hemp seeds.


These seeds are also rich in insoluble fibre. They also contain essential amino acids and polyunsaturated essential fatty acids, including omega-3 and 6.


5 different health benefits of hemp seed

Cannabis seeds are a concentrate of proper nutrients! They are also full of benefits! Here they are explained in detail.


  1. An excellent source of protein

Here is an advantage for vegetarians who are afraid of suffering from protein deficiencies! Hemp seed contains about 30% vegetable protein. Besides, these proteins contain essential amino acids that our body cannot produce on its own and that we are forced to find in our diet.


  1. Ultra-nutritious seeds

On the nutritional side, cannabis seeds are a superfood. Among the vitamins, fibres and proteins, hemp seeds are beneficial to health. In terms of benefits, proteins are particularly suitable for muscles, fibres are excellent for digestion, and vitamin E is recognized for its crucial antioxidant power which helps fight against free radicals and prevent the appearance of certain cancers such as that of the prostate.


A tablespoon of hemp seeds covers the recommended daily intake of vitamin E.


  1. Ideal for the digestive system

Hemp seeds contain insoluble (80%) and soluble (20%) fibres. Soluble fibre helps prevent blood sugar spikes by delaying the absorption of glucose into the blood. 

As a result, insulin production is reduced. It is essential to prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes.


Besides, insoluble fibres are beneficial for better transit. Indeed, they prevent constipation,

accelerate transit and promote the activity of the intestine. In other words, hemp seed is effective in stimulating transit and getting a flat stomach.


  1. Useful for a quick feeling a satiety 

Cannabis seeds can be added to many savoury and sweet dishes: salads, soups, yoghurts, desserts … By incorporating them into your recipes, you can enjoy the effect of their insoluble fibres: once they reach the level of the stomach, they swell, creating a feeling of satiety. Thanks to this action, no more excess food!


  1. Your allies for cardiovascular health

Hemp seeds are a source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals, but above all, they have a perfect balance of omega-3 – omega-6. This ratio is beneficial for the health of the arteries and for lowering cholesterol levels.



FAQs about cannabis seeds and how to use them

Over the past few years, we have heard a lot of questions about cannabis and hemp seeds. To fully understand their virtues and how to use cannabis seeds daily, here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about cannabis seeds.


Are cannabis seeds suitable for the skin?

In addition to their health benefits, hemp seeds are also excellent for the skin. The moisturizing properties are particularly effective against dryness of the epidermis and itching.


Are hemp seeds effective for weight loss?

Despite their high caloric intake (568 kcal per 100 grams), hemp seeds can be incorporated into a slimming diet. It is due to their vegetable proteins which make it possible to slow digestion and prolong the feeling of satiety. 

Besides, their high fibre content makes it an excellent appetite suppressant, allowing less eating and limiting snacking.


Do cannabis seeds have

any side effects?

If you are sensitive to THC, start with a small amount of hemp seeds (the amount of THC present in these seeds varies from one brand to another, but also depending on the



What about children and pregnant


Children can consume hemp seed without fear (between 25 and 40 grams per day).


The various benefits of cannabis seeds contribute to the health of pregnant women. Consume, will bring Omega-3 and 6, essential for the visual and cerebral development of the fetus., as well as essential minerals.


How to consume this superfood?

The nutty taste of hemp seed goes very well with many dishes. These seeds can be eaten with or without their shell according to preferences. Besides, the seeds with their shell (or whole) contain more nutrients and vitamins than those without. 

On the other hand, they are much less practical to eat!


Depending on your desires, you can add hemp seed to your salads, soups, smoothies or even yoghurts. You can also prepare many recipes to feast on. 


Where to buy hemp seeds?

The virtues of hemp seed seduced you, and you would like to start collecting the best cannabis seed and get to discover a whole range of cannabis varieties? 


You can now buy cannabis seeds online, deliver to you in the UK, by selecting the best distributors in Europe such as It is essential to choose high-quality products and cannabis seeds to make sure you have the best products.


On Sensory Seeds website, you will also find a lot of information about cannabis and marijuana seeds in general, and get to know all the things you can do with your cannabis seeds. Once purchased, keep them in a cool, dry place.

stanley reservoir

During the lockdown, we have all been accustomed to life being on hold whilst this virus is dealt with. Not for Paul, who has turned into a one-man army and decided that he will proceed with his plans to bring kayaking to the Stanley reservoir and let people get close to Stanely Castle.

Paul has started by clearing the woodlands around the perimeter, lifting literally thousands of empty cans, bags and bags (11 on the day I visited) with the help of locals who used their allocated exercise time to lend a hand. Scottish Water had said they had done a clean a couple of years back but I have seen with my own eyes rubbish that had been lying for years.

Images of what the paths and land looked like before Paul started:

Now I know that Paul isn’t getting an easy time of it from some residents and his plans to put kayaks on the water have not gone down well with some, but they think it’s going to be a permanent watersports place. The reality is, if Paul gets a booking he will bring his car and trailer with kayaks taking four people out with two instructors for safety. He has insurance in place, approval from Scottish Water and the appropriate licenses in place, there really is nothing stopping him just going ahead and doing it right now (apart from lockdown).

However, he wants to make a real difference to the surrounding land and is working tirelessly every day to clear up all the mess, glass, cans you name it, he is going more than the extra mile to ensure the place is clean and safe. I spoke to a couple who actually had come by for the first time and had seen the bluebells, deer and sound of singing birds and serenity. This is what Paul is aiming to enhance, improving the area for those who will appreciate it. If the community comes together, and slowly but surely it’s happening (social distancing and safety first) please help, please visit, speak to Paul.

Images after Paul and volunteers got stuck in to clean up the mess, so many bags it’s hard to count now:


Now the whole aim is just to take people in a safe manner onto the water and enjoy what we have locally in between two housing schemes. Its a beautiful place and is well used by fishermen, Paul has spoken to loads of them and they are being very supportive and taking their rubbish away with them. It’s refreshing to see such passion and enthusiasm from someone and the rubbish coming out of the woodlands is shocking.

So the facts are simply this:

  • All paperwork and insurance and safety certificates in place.
  • The Reservoir can be used under land access code.
  • Kayaking will be small in numbers and will be properly managed by qualified instructors.
  • The surrounding areas are being safely tidied up by Paul and other willing volunteers.
  • No compound or fixed structures will be in place spoiling the landscape
  • Anything built like seating areas is done by using broken trees, no trees are cut down.
  • Bird boxes, feeders, wildlife encouragement will be in place hence the cleanup.
  • Future upkeep of the site is part of the plan.

One of the things that is required at the moment, and again this is not an encouragement to break lockdown rules, but put your exercise hours to good use by going and helping, enter by the Glenburn side (across from Jet Garage) turn left and follow the trail, Paul will be around and will be extremely thankful of your support and help.


Dee Dental Paisley

We hope you are well and keeping safe in these unprecedented times.

Dee Dental Paisley

We wanted to let you know that while we haven’t been able to see you for routine appointments, we have nonetheless been thinking about Patient Care. With this in mind we are pleased to announce that we will be implementing a “Contactless Visit” at the practice: a way that you can still attend your dental appointments, but with peace of mind that all unnecessary points of contact have been removed. This includes your arrival and departure through reception, and we will be sending you some more information about this in the next few days.

Please remember that for dental emergencies you can contact the Practice, where we can advise you on the best course of action. For your complimentary virtual consultation contact us today for Invisalign, braces, facial aesthetics or smile makeovers!

Yours Sincerely,

Dee Dental Paisley

SMA SHOT 2019 Promotional image

Paisley’s annual Sma’ Shot day event will take place this year but not as you know it. For the first time a full programme of online events and activities will take place to celebrate this historical date in the town’s calendar.

This year’s online event will take place on Saturday 4 July – the time when the weavers and their families would traditionally always take their holidays.

SMA SHOT 2019 Promotional image

The move to take the event online for 2020 is in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure celebrations can still take place in adherence with social distancing rules and national guidance.

The traditional Sma’ Shot holiday in Paisley takes its name from a famous dispute between the local shawl weavers and manufacturers in the 19th century. In 1856, following a long dispute, the manufacturers backed down and an agreement was reached to pay for the Sma’ Shot, the invisible stitch which bound the Paisley shawls, with a new table of prices published on 1 July 1856.

This year’s event will not only mark this important date in the town’s history but will also celebrate our fantastic key workers.

The day will commence with a mass drum-off on Saturday 4 July where the community will be invited to come together and make noise to mark the start of the day’s celebrations which will include a range of activities from film, dance and music, to spoken word performances by members of the local community and online tutorials and workshops.

Aerial dance theatre company, All or Nothing, will be delivering a dance and music project called Connecting Threads, inspired by the background and history of Sma Shot. The group will be inviting local groups and individuals to get involved by setting creative tasks and asking people to submit videos for inclusion in a short film that will be published online on Sma Shot Day.

Local upcycled fashion innovators ReMode will be showing the public how they can take inspiration from workers of the past, present and future to design and create a costume to wear on the day to get fully immersed in the day’s events. The group will also be encouraging people to get crafty with pattern to create some fantastic displays to decorate their windows.

Local theatre company PACE will also be developing some exciting new work for Sma’ Shot Day as well delivering online drama workshops for young people.

Young people involved with CREATE will be collaborating with local musician Michael Cassidy to produce a piece of music to be included as part of a film showcasing music by young people from Paisley on the day.

In addition Renfrewshire Leisure and The Bungalow are partnering up for the Sma’sh Hits Sma’ Shot Special music event, showcasing a selection of local musicians.

There are still more events and activities taking place on Sma’ Shot Day still to be announced and there will be plenty of opportunities for people to get involved in the lead up to the event.

The change to this year’s event does unfortunately mean that the planned Colours of the Cart performance, supported by the Year of Coasts and Waters 2020 events fund, managed by EventScotland, is no longer able to take place.

Renfrewshire’s Provost, Lorraine Cameron, said: “Sma’ Shot Day is always one of the highlights of the annual events calendar, representing an important part of Paisley’s heritage. It’s excellent that we can still celebrate it this year albeit it in a different way.

“There is always a wonderful family atmosphere at the event and a real sense of community coming together – I’m sure this will continue this year when it has undoubtedly never been more important.

“The online programme will offer great opportunities for everyone to get creative and involved in celebrating this great day in a new way. I for one will be looking forward to logging on and getting involved in the fun.”

For the latest information on this event please visit


Unwanted hair is perhaps the single most troublesome part of growing up. For many youngsters crossing teenage, this is the most torturous part of adolescence. Other signs of the teens may wear off but unwanted hair is a genuine problem most of the time. Laser therapy has thankfully changed that.


How does one prepare for a laser treatment?

Before going under laser hair removal treatment, it would be a good idea to study its repercussions. What may seem as great to be free of the unwanted hair, it would also be important to understand how light is passed from the laser through the pigment present in the hair. Although this may seem permanent with just a few pin pricks, there are no real guarantees whether the unwanted hair will not return. However instant this may seem, lasers are administered through light beams and these actually burn the hair follicles. While this sounds great, there are a lot of measures you need to keep up with.

For starters you would need to stop all creams, scrubs, glycolic acid and retinol creams at least two days before the treatment. Dermatologists often mention the dos and don’ts to your skin prior the laser treatment. Importantly, you’ll need to avoid sunbathing and exposure to the sun as much as possible before and after treatment. In case you have been sporting a tan, you’ll need to get rid of it before the treatment, as it interferes with the laser results. Since most laser treatments are done in batches, the schedule for your next sitting may need to be monitored. This would mean all your holidays and important dates need to be discussed before the actual process starts.

Facts and Myths

There are several benefits to a laser treatment. However, you’ll need to bear in mind that most of these treatments come with several new routines that you will need to follow in a disciplined manner. The basic premise of a laser treatment is that once the hair is removed from a destroyed follicle, it will not grow back. However, follicles grow over a period of time. In case it had not grown completely, chances are that it has not been destroyed completely either. Simply put, these follicles once grown will bear some hair in them. So what may have revealed smooth on a patch of skin may have some growth of hair too? Only the targeted hair that has its follicle burnt will not grow again. 

Thus over some period of time, the hair follicles will greatly reduce, though not disappear completely. Interestingly, whether the hair grows again or not is dependent on numerous factors. Skin type, skin colour, the type of hair re-grown, and the proficiency of the doctor that has worked on you are all factors of a successful laser sitting. 

The good news though is that when the hair re-grows too, it is very negligible and less noticeable than before. This is perhaps because the laser that has damaged the follicle has stunted the hair growth even though not completely destroyed. So when the patch re-grows, you would need to go for your next sitting. Often the practical hazards of hair re-growth are the length of the hair. Short hair takes a while to re-grow, and sometimes the hair quality is too light for this removal method.


The Diane Mitchell Music School offers tuition and classes to all ages and walks of life, right now they are doing lots of live videos and one to one tuition over the internet, from babies up to pensioners. For adults who may wish to return to music practice or indeed start from scratch to learn new and life enhancing skills, there are groups and individual lessons in a wide range of instruments at our centres in Paisley at Brick Lane Studios and in the Life Church, and Barrhead at the Evangelical Church.


For young children, we offer a fun way to enjoy learning about music. Based on the Kodaly approach and using up to date teaching resources, we match the age and preferences of the child to their practice.

We will lead your child on a voyage of discovery in music, while providing useful skills for the future. As well as developing musical skills, Diane’s approach ensures that children also gain in confidence, concentration and social skills. We enable each child to reach his or her potential in music, becoming a successful learner, a confident individual, an effective contributor and a responsible citizen.

As well as offering graded exams (ABRSM and Trinity Rock & Pop), the Diane Mitchell Music School helps to prepare and motivate students to achieve their SQA exams and ultimately learn the skills required for a career in music teaching/performance.

Enrol here.

nik makeup artist

Nicola Keegan makeup artist

On graduating James Watt college in 2012 Nicola left with an HND in Makeup Artistry. Nicola stormed the industry and landed a coveted management position with renowned brand Smashbox Cosmetics. During which, she added to her makeup artist skill set, learning and growing as a makeup artist.

nik makeup artist

After a year Nicola embarked on her new team leader position with cult makeup brand Urban Decay.  Her career then excelled to the point she became a PRO freelance luxury makeup artist. “Working as manager for Urban Decay and Smashbox Cosmetics really gave me the experience on working with woman of all ages, all skin tones and skin types. Not to mention all the celebrity filled events that I organised and was a part of, it really set me up to be one of the best mobile makeup artists in Scotland”.

After leaving her Debenhams days behind Nicola went on to build a hugely successful freelance career in makeup. She covered all of Scotland and had bookings for makeup lessons, weddings, glam, halloween, prom and red carpet events in Renfrewshire, Glasgow, Ayrshire and Perthshire to name a few.  She was constantly networking and working with other suppliers and creatives in the industry, building up a fantastic reputation as she went.

Soon Nikmakeupartist was snapped up by a new Ayrshire salon to launch and build the makeup department. During which she learned a tremendous amount about all aspects of the business. Nicola was so over booked she trained up two assistants and after just six months the salon won an acclaimed Scottish Wedding Award for best regional hair and makeup salon.

After which Nicola’s makeup career went to new heights. She was so flattered to make the finals of one of Scotland’s biggest industry events, The Scottish hair and Beauty Awards (SHABA) 2017.

Later that year Nicola’s bridal work was published in a bridal magazine ‘To have and to hold Scotland’. Then in 2018 her work was published in an international premium artbook ‘Stríðsherra Fables’.

As well as being an internationally published, award winning, makeup artist Nicola has contacts in advertising, festivals and corporate events with companys such as Scottish Power and One Call Direct. She is regularly booked for fashion, editoral and avant garde photoshoots and has worked alongside photographers, fashion designers and models from Superior Model Management and Colours Agency.

Nicola is a maestro in the makeup world and is an extremely versatile artist. She finds time to give back and has worked with several charities including Darlinda’s charity for Renal Research, Milldale Day Opportunities (Linwood), YMCA (Renfrew), Carers pamper events (Paisley) and many more.

Nicola has been featured in several tabloids including, Paisley Daily Express, Weekend Evening Times (Glasgow), Greenock Telegraph, Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald.

With all this invaluable experience we are proud to present a celebrity style service to your desired location. Where every need is catered for. We have a team of assistants and hair and beauty experts on hand to indulge your every need. Eight years of makeup experience is used to conceptualise bespoke makeup designs for our clients. Offering clients help with styling, hair, makeup and skincare we certainly offer the full package. Our customer’s always leave feeling pampered and looking wonderfully stunning. Drop us a message to start your opulent experience today.


At the moment the best way to get in touch is to call 07470 470070