Various Videos of Drone footage over Paisley

Prepare to be amazed and also stunned by seeing Paisley from a different and unique angle from the normal, only helicopter pilots (and birds of course) have ever been able to see, now with the advancement of drone photography the normal members of the public can get to see some pretty amazing places, from the centre of Paisley to the remote locations on Gleniffer Braes and water locked places such as Stanley Castle.

Thanks to every drone owner for allowing us to post the footage on the website for everyone to see..

Drone over the Hammills and Parts of Paisley

by Youtube user DigitalDave Photography

Drone over Craigielinn waterfall in Glen park

by Youtube user madhaggis1.

Gleniffer Braes to Stanely Castle

Also overlooking some parts of Glenburn.

Gleniffer Braes

Also taking in some of the reservoirs of Gleniffer Country Park and parts of Glenburn and over looking Paisley

Stanely Castle

Some stunning shots of the water locked Castle

Craigielinn waterfall in Glen park

Craigielinn waterfall in Glen park Paisley