Renfrewshire Environmental Trust

The Renfrewshire Environmental Trust (RET) has been working hard to make the local area a brighter, greener place.

They promote community involvement in projects that enhance the local environment or public amenities and help volunteers and groups who want to improve and protect community gardens, wildlife habitats, play parks, sports facilities, listed buildings, cycle paths etc.

Recent projects they’ve been involved with include the Linwood Community Garden, which was cleared up and saw the planting of new flowers, shrubs, herbs and vegetables for locals to enjoy. As part of Scotrail’s ‘Adopt a Station’ initiative RET supported the Flower Planters at Johnstone Railway Station – visitors to the station are now met with a beautiful array of plants and flowers when they step off the train. The Johnstone area will also see the Blue Bell Woods returned to their natural beauty thanks to RET’s efforts with putting together a team to combat the ongoing problems of vandalism and fly-tipping.

Eco Grants

RET also runs a small grants scheme for local community projects. Any organisation or group which is not for profit, with a constitution and a bank account can apply for a grant of up to £5000.

Full details and an application pack can be found on their website:


RET are always keen to hear from people interested in volunteers. They have a wide range of Renfrewshire organisations that volunteers can donate some time to and make a real difference to the local and global environment through practical projects and influencing decision makers.

If you’d like to volunteer call 0141 587 2487 for more information.


RET even have a blog set up and running to make it quick and easy to share information and knowledge about environmental issues, news items of interest and upcoming events and opportunities. A recent entry on the Farmer’s Markets in Renfrewshire is a typical example of what you can find on the blog.

The blog can be found at:

Further information:
0141 587 2487