As winter beckons upon us, many activities present themselves each year for you to experience all of the joys this season brings.

One of the best ways to enjoy winter is through the exploration of nature, especially for your children’s benefit.

It’s one of the best ways to allow them to foster a sense of wonder and curiosity, whilst connecting to the natural world.

Whether your child is exploring during their time at a Grandir nursery, or you decide to take them out to discover nature one day, here are some of the benefits and how to keep your children entertained.

What are the benefits of Winter exploration?

  • Learning opportunities

Exploring nature during the winter provides countless educational opportunities for your children, as they can learn about the effects of the cold on plants, different animal tracks, and the science of snowflakes, for example.

Your children can come back from their exploration with some newfound knowledge and be wanting to explore more!

  • Physical activity

Another great part of the colder seasons is that it opens the availability for plenty of wintery-themed sports activities, including sledding and ice skating.

All of these activities provide an excellent source of physical exercise for children to help them stay active and healthy during these months.

  • Enhanced senses

Becoming closer to nature also allows your children to develop a better understanding of their senses, as they’re open to the crisp, cold air and the potential crunching of snow beneath their feet.

With many more senses to explore, your children can discover the world in a brand-new way!

What can you do?

With these benefits of nature exploration for your child, the only thing left to look at is what you can get up to during winter with your little ones:

  • Nature crafts

To let your children’s creative side run wild, you can take your little ones to collect materials, including pine cones and twigs to create winter-themed crafts at home.

There’s plenty they can create, including ornaments or bird feeders, so they can also observe the wildlife that this time of the year brings.

  • Explore national parks

If you want to show your children the magic of the UK during Winter, a great thing to organise is to take them to a variety of National Parks within the country.

Of course, they may be too young to hike, but that’s a misconception about visiting these places – they serve as a great place for your children’s discovery and learning experiences.

There are plenty of things to get up to including scavenger hunts and trying out new arts and crafts – the options are endless!

  • Winter walks

Wherever you decide to venture with your little ones, winter walks can be that extra bit more exciting, especially if you can catch some snow along the way.

Your children can make snow angels and have snowball fights along the way – as long as they’re wrapped up warm, the fun will never end!

Exploring nature in the winter is a wonderful experience, so why not share the festive magic with your little ones this year?