Hundreds of dedicated volunteers have carried out litter picks in support of Renfrewshire’s Big Spring Clean as they set out to make a positive difference to their community.


Across four weeks of action, more than 670 people, including local volunteers, community groups, schools and businesses, took part in litter picks that removed more than 2,200 bags of litter from the local environment.

As part of the event, council officers also carried out 28 school talks speaking to pupils about the importance of looking after the environment and the difference they can make to where they live, while stencils were sprayed at drains near schools with the messaging ‘The sea starts here’.

Claire MacGregor-Duncan is the Head Teacher at Lochfield Primary and is delighted to see the enthusiasm her pupils have for taking part in litter picks throughout the year.

Claire said: “Our pupils are so passionate about the local environment, and they love getting out into nature to take care of it.

“They love taking part in the Big Spring Clean, and Team Up to Clean Up all-year-round, and we’ll continue to encourage them to think about the difference they can make to where they live with their actions.”

During the event, the council’s Take the Lead campaign was launched to promote Responsible Dog Ownership and a mass dog walk in Barshaw Park saw more than 40 dogs and 80 owners take part and receive a new branded lead, dog poo bag dispenser and light for evening walks.

A lunchtime litter pilot was also launched which saw additional branded bins placed on a hotspot route near Johnstone High to encourage pupils to use the bins rather than throw it away. The bins will stay for a period of time before being moved to another hotspot route at another secondary school in Renfrewshire.

Councillor Michelle Campbell, Convener of Renfrewshire Council’s Infrastructure, Land and Environment Policy Board, said: “It’s fantastic to see the continued commitment of volunteers to make a positive difference to their communities and the campaign just continues to grow and grow each year.

“As a council, we’re working hard to enhance our own street cleaning, gulley clearing and litter picking as part of the campaign, while also providing support to volunteers that want to take part locally.

“It’s a prime example of what can be done when the council and community work together and I’m delighted to see how much cleaner our neighbourhoods are and the level of pride that local people are taking in where they live.”

The event is part of the award-winning Team Up to Clean Up campaign and saw litter picks take place across Renfrewshire’s towns and villages, with the Council supporting volunteers with equipment, health and safety advice and the removal of the collected litter.

The Big Spring Clean may be over, but the Team Up to Clean Up campaign runs all-year-round and new volunteers are always welcome to take part.

The council provides litter pickers, hoops and bags for anyone or any group wishing to take part in a litter pick, and the council’s StreetScene team will remove the bags of litter afterwards too from an agreed collection point.

To request equipment, call 0300 300 1375, email litterpicks@renfrewshire.gov.uk, join the Facebook group at www.facebook.com/groups/teamuptocleanup or visit the Council website at www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/teamuptocleanup.


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