The fight for justice and freedom has been a part of humanity since the beginning of time. From civil rights activists who have marched to bring an end to racial discrimination, to those who have fought for women’s suffrage and LGBTQ rights, and influential figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., who used his faith-based beliefs as a way to bring people together in times of turmoil.

Looking back, so much progress has been made to combat these issues, but it doesn’t mean that we can now stop, as there so much work that still needs to be done. We are still faced with the challenge of defending our basic liberties. Today, people in many parts of the world still suffer from oppressive governments and unethical leaders who deny them their rights and freedoms. And we can only watch in horror as people from parts of the world were subjected to tyranny by a foreign power, with no signs of an end in sight. A reminder that tyranny can arise at any time and place if left unchecked—and it is up to us all to pray for our country and ensure this does not happen.

How Does Oppression Work

Oppression has been a potent force throughout history and continues to affect society today. It occurs when strong men take advantage of their position to take more than their fair share to dominate those who are powerless. This can be interpreted in a variety of ways.


Being physically powerful gives some people the opportunity to simply take what they want from weak people. This behavior has been recounted in the Bible, when Cain murdered his brother because of envy.


As the backbone of fear, the threat of violence or the threat of repercussions for not pleasing the powerful can prevent the weak from leading, and they will simply follow orders. This was seen in the Bible when Pharaoh kept the children of Israel enslaved by increasing their workload.


With enough power, you may be able to construct frameworks to ensure that you remain in control or powerful. A common offset to this was government deceit. The role of government is to maintain order, promote economic growth, and protect citizens’ rights and safety. To wield such power, some government officials use it to benefit themselves to the detriment of the citizens.

The Power of Standing Up

Standing up against tyranny as a Christian is an act of courage and strength to speak out against injustice, particularly in the face of oppressive systems or rulers, in order to visit hope and inspiration to all people.

We can look back to Jesus Himself, who chose to stand up for what he believed despite the risk it posed to his safety. Jesus’ example of speaking truth to power shines a light on how we are called as believers today. No matter our situation, we must be courageous enough to call out wrongdoing, even when it might be dangerous.

Christians should never remain silent when faced with systemic injustices like racism, corruption, and authoritarianism that keep people down and away from God’s love and grace.

How to Make a Difference as a Christian

Living a life of faith as a Christian can be incredibly rewarding, but it is also filled with opportunities to make a difference in the world around us. But how can we make a significant difference against tyranny by professing our Christian beliefs?

Pray for the Oppressed

Take time to understand the plight of those who are facing oppression and injustice. Studying scripture and researching current events can help Christians gain insight into the struggles faced by their brothers and sisters around the world. This knowledge will serve as motivation when praying for these individuals or groups in need. 

Pray regularly with intentionality, that is, with clear goals in mind regarding what should happen as a result of your prayers.

Speak Out Against Injustice

By speaking up against injustice, we can help bring attention to issues that otherwise may not have been seen or heard.

When it comes to using our voices for good, there are many strategies we can employ as Christians. We can join together with other like-minded individuals and form advocacy groups that focus on addressing injustices in our society. We can also use social media outlets to spread awareness about important causes, mobilize people around those causes, and work together towards building a better future for all people regardless of differences in their backgrounds or beliefs.

Show Compassion & Care

Taking time out of your day to show love, kindness, and mercy to those around you is an invaluable way to demonstrate your faith.

From assisting those in need in your community to encouraging someone who is downcast or simply lending an ear when someone is in need, small acts of compassion can have long-term consequences for both parties involved. Even if it may not feel like much at first, they will remember that their worth was recognized and appreciated.

In addition, you can introduce some helpful resources to ensure they can handle their sadness during times of tragedy.

Be Ready to Defend Your Beliefs

Christians must have an understanding of their faith and be able to articulate it clearly when needed. This means being willing to discuss religious teachings with others, even if they may not agree with them.

However, the real challenge is getting others to see your viewpoint from behind the curtain, contending with the world on its scale, and being able to make other people understand your perspective.

Final Thoughts

As the world continues to increase the number of oppressive systems and regimes, Christians are often called upon to take a stand. Understanding the risks associated with this kind of action is essential for those who feel compelled by their faith to speak out against tyranny.

Today’s modern society may now enjoy certain freedoms that were not available in years past; however, we must remain vigilant in ensuring that these liberties are protected from those who seek to take them away. We must remain ever-mindful of the fact that injustice and tyranny can arise at any time and place if left unchecked, and it is up to us all to ensure this does not happen.