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Paisley’s Food & Drink Map and Paisley’s Slug in the Bottle Trail


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Shining a Spotlight on Paisley town centre’s food and drink venues 

Paisley’s Food and Drink businesses are being celebrated this weekend with the  launch of two new projects shining a spotlight on the town’s fantastic hospitality  venues. 

To coincide with the return of the Paisley Food and Drink Festival, Paisley First has  published an illustrated Food and Drink map detailing all of the town’s hospitality  businesses. 

Putting food and drink firmly on the map, this handy guide highlights venues  including cafes, restaurants, bars and the town’s takeaway businesses. 

Paisley’s Food and Drink Map includes illustrations of more than 20 businesses representing the variety of food and drink on offer, as well as reflecting the  geographical spread of hospitality venues throughout the town. 

Friday will also see the launch of Paisley’s Slug in the Bottle Pub Trail, paying homage  to the landmark legal case which changed the world by establishing consumer  rights. 

May Donoghue successfully sued a local ginger beer manufacturer after finding a  decomposed slug in her bottle of ginger beer in a Paisley café in 1928. 

Almost 100 years on, our bars and pubs are host to traditional ales and spirits, craft  beers, premium gins and whiskies as well as classic and not so classic cocktails! 

With a variety of street food and great value pub food on offer as well as live music,  sports TV and a range of live entertainment, there’s a great night out in Paisley to suit  every taste and budget.  

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Colette Cardosi, Chair of Paisley First, said: “Paisley has a growing food and drink  scene and our fantastic hospitality venues are helping to put Paisley firmly on the  map. 

“We are grateful to our town centre businesses who help fund all our projects as we welcome back families and friends for those all-important days and nights out!” 

To take part in Paisley’s Slug in the Bottle Pub Trail, simply collect a slug stamp from  10 different participating pubs and bars.  

Once you have completed the trail, you will receive an exclusive Slug in the Bottle  Pin Badge and be entered into a monthly prize draw to win a £25 hospitality  voucher. 


Paisley Food and Drink Maps and Paisley’s Slug in the Bottle Pub Trail leaflets can be  picked up from the Paisley First leaflet racks in both the Piazza Shopping Centre and  the Paisley Centre.  

For more information, visit www.paisleyfirst.com



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