Glen Cinema documents 30.10.19-2323-2

Despite the ongoing COVID Pandemic the this year’s Glen Cinema Commemoration Service will take place at 10:30am on Hogmanay at the new memorial in Dunn Square.

Glen Cinema documents 30.10.19-2323-2

Tony Lawler, who has led the annual Commemoration Service since 2009, said, “The COVID pandemic will not stop us from remembering the the tragic events that unfolded on Hogmanay 1929, but we have to keep people safe, as such we will observe the 2 metre social distancing between households and everyone will be asked to wear a mask or face covering. However, the current restrictions mean that there will be no tea and sandwiches after the service this year.

On the 31/12/29, 71 children died due to panic caused by smoke coming from a smouldering film reel. Since Hogmanay 2009, Paisley Buddies have been coming together at the Cenotaph in remembrance of the Children of the Glen.

Tony went on to say, “This will be the 12th year that Paisley Buddies have come together for the Commemoration Service. It is the first year where we will hold the service at the new dedicated memorial in Dunn Square. It is really important that we continue to remember the 71 kids that died on that tragic day. It’s our opportunity, both as individuals and, as a community, to offer our condolences to their families and loved ones. It is also and opportunity to show our continued support to the survivors and their families.”

The Commemoration Service this year, will take place at 10:30am in Dunn Square, Paisley poet Fred McNeill will recite his poem “Children of The Glen”, Paisley singers and songwriters, Carol Laula and Tom Urie will sing their song, “Hush Now, Happy New Year”, a song they were commissioned to write as part of the 90th Anniversary, followed by a prayer from Reverend Elspeth Mckay of Paisley Abbey.